Classic Must-Read Blog Posts

These are blog posts highlights from our official "long posts" blog. If you are new here and you want to ask "where should I start reading?" then this page is for you. All the blog posts below should be read in the order I posted them or else you would find it hard to understand some of the deeper content which are interlinked with the previous articles.

  1. What is Taoism / Daoism - 道教
  2. What is Wu Wei 無為
  3. Religions vs Cult
  4. Preheaven vs Postheaven in Taoism
  5. Souls and Spirits, Hun and Po 魂魄
  6. Secret Behind the Moon in Taoism
  7. Yuan Shen / Yuen Sun 元神 Taoism Knowledge
  8. Secrets and Cultivation of the Yuen Sun 元神
  9. What is God 神 In Taoism
  10. Worshipping 拜神 in Taoism with Wisdom
  11. Sacrifices 祭祀 Explained Deeply
  12. Taoist Wisdom on Dreams
  13. Daai Law Tin 大羅天 (Da Luo Tian) Heaven of Taoism
  14. Tin Law Jo Si 天羅祖師
  15. Dei Law Jo Si 地羅祖師
  16. Daai Law Jo Si 大羅祖師
  17. Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師
  18. Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師
  19. Gum Lung Sin Si 金龍仙師
  20. Jee Lung Sin Si 紫龍仙師
  21. Ng Lui Sin Si 五雷仙師
  22. Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師
  23. Bagwa Jo Si 八卦祖師
  24. Saam Ching 三清 The Three Pure Ones
  25. Investiture of Gods 封神
  26. Spiritual Embryo in Taoism – Sun Toy 神胎
  27. Taoism FU Talismans Magic Explained
  28. Secrets to Opening of the Dragon Gate in Taoism
  29. What is Tin Yat 天一 in Taoism
  30. Metaphysics Secrets - Source of Life and Birthday
  31. Metaphysics Secret of the Memory System
  32. Taoist's Dragon Energy and Metaphysics
  33. Danger of Public Temples and Worshiping
  34. Killing People with Taoist Magic
  35. Taoist Wisdom on Playing Game
  36. Saamlawnese 三羅話 the God's Language
  37. Heart Spell 心咒 The Magic Key
  38. The Five Courts System of Saam Law Tao
  39. Religious Court 教庭
  40. The Taoism Celestial Court 天庭
  41. God’s Court 神庭
  42. What is a Real Taoist Immortal
  43. Taoism vs Euthanasia
  44. What is Chi and Chi Kung
  45. Qi Gong Mysteries and Misunderstandings
  46. The Truth of Marrow Washing and Tendon Changing Qi Gong
  47. Soul Travel, Astral Projection and God Travelling
  48. Palmistry and Face Reading in Taoism
  49. Taoist Stomp and Stepping Magic Explained
  50. The Dirtiest Taoist Magic Curse
  51. Secret Power of Cursing, Swearing and Oath