Soul Travel, Astral Projection and God Travelling

People often search this word of astral projection and soul travelling, leading them to false information and wrong paths, leading to nothing but danger. As a Taoist master with the knowledge and power to do these things, I must post something to educate everyone out there so they can avoid falling into the wrong path and destroying their whole life while ruining others by spreading bad information around like it’s gold. The world of western Taoism is toxic and contaminating rapidly; it’s too scary.

Astral Projection

The word “Astral Projection” means you are going out into “space,” as in like “astronauts.” However, that means you are projecting into your “ghost altar,” as we have explained in the “Secret Behind the Moon” and “Stepping Magic.” Once you can do that, you can easily align your soul power to something that needs attention and beam your Yuen Sun’s power to it, giving it more preheaven energies and elements, which is a natural way of doing magic. However, as we have explained in the previous article on Stepping Magic, this is only fine for doing magic for yourself; if you keep doing it for others, it will be draining your life out for others and not able to replenish your source, which results in killing yourself at rapid speed.

I wanted to point out to all of you who are searching for this that the ghost altar you go to is also where it can interact and crossover with the ghost world, as we have said in the “Moon” article. It also means that many evil tyrants and overloads can come to you and fool you into traps and scams, leading you to misinterpret things or even become your slave. Many people “teaching” these things are so crooked and off with their theories that they don’t even know what is happening and start teaching people things they “assumed” is right. I could tell you that 10 out of 10 is wrong and get people into a big disaster sooner or later because they are too ignorant and don’t realize that evil tyrants are in that area looking for fools wandering around for “mysterious things.” Those people who try these wrong methods are often with the mindset of trying to go into the wild and discover and see what’s there, like a blind duck walking in the wild doing nothing but see what can happen to them. You won’t even do that as a human; why would you do that in the spiritual realm? It’s crazy how people think that it is okay to do so without even thinking that you need a strong power to back you up, like we explore the world here with weapons in our hands, not just walking around like nothing will come at us, such as a bear, a fox or snake, or pirates. Living in the “perfect world” and thinking that the spiritual realm is all about love and peace? Wake up, guys; it’s not like that in reality. The spiritual realm there is much more dangerous than it seems, and that is why so many people go crazy and get killed by these so-called “gurus” spreading out toxic information.

For an astral project, your goal should be going to your Yuen Sun as the highest destination. However, as the moon article explains, your ghost altar is where your soul can go.  To project upward to the ghost altar, stand up and close your eyes, put your palms together at the heart, then focus on yourself, and look at the heart and visualize a ball of light there, white in colour, like a valley ball in the heart area, glowing yellow. Then open your mouth and say, “Oh my god” or “Yuen Sun,” stomp the left foot 3x. Walk forward three steps.

You have aligned the ghost altar to the Yuen Sun already. Focus on the ball of light and move it up to the forehead, then go high up and up and up; then you will align the Yuen Sun to your ghost altar too, or maybe even see your Yuen Sun already, depending on how well you do with this. It might not work the first time because you are still not confident or have enough faith in yourself; the “Spiritual Embryo” is too weak and cannot control this magic to work. However, if you do it more often and have more confidence in yourself, you should be able to see your Yuen Sun world one day. Now, what to do when arriving at the Yuen Sun? How to tell what is real and what is just an illusion? I don’t want to teach just a random person to do it because I cannot guide or help them if they get into trouble or hurdles. Just like you might arrive at the Yuen Sun tomorrow, and then what? You are just lost there, and this is where you can get into trouble because evils will come to you and drag you away, get you into a setup and ruin your life. Since you can travel to the Yuen Sun, you must also have travelled past that zone where evil lords are looking for prey. When I teach my disciples to do real travelling, they must be protected, and I must always be around to guide them or give them a protected route to travel on so they can ensure nothing can jam in and fool them etc.

Why do we even want to go to the Yuen Sun? As ordinary people, you don’t have to. There is no point in doing so. However, you can stay at the ghost altar and beam powers from the Yuen Sun down to things you need, as I have taught in the moon article; that would be a way to do natural magic on your own.  However, I strongly suggest you learn from me directly, don’t goof around and take my word for it. Failure in this can lead to a huge problem in life; it can also kill you and make you kill your family.

Soul Travelling

Soul travelling is not hard to do at a certain level, but it doesn’t require you to be unconscious or go into a “sleep state.” Your soul can extend its reach anytime, and you are 100% conscious and in control of your body.

Just close your eyes and think of someone or something; your soul is already reaching out to them and “travelling” to them. There is no distance in the soul’s dimension, which we call D6. You can arrive anywhere in one second, like how you are “thinking” of something, and it instantly appears. You can think of your child, wife, and house; the soul is immediately there.

A big misunderstanding is that people think you can soul travel, then you must be able to “see” something in the physical reality like you have a spiritual spy cam. You must be able to see something in another place in real-time, like what they call “remote viewing.” That is not true. The soul travels in a dimension of its property, which is not where we physically see and touch; you need to be viewing from someone’s body to “see” things from their eyes; in other words, you must possess that person to “see” from their view], but we are not a ghost, we cannot do that! Those who claim they can do it are 100% sure to be con artist, or they could be doing it because another evil spirit, such as a ghost or something, is helping them, which allow them to send the ghost to possess something and get the information from that person’s view, then deliver it back to the so-called psychic, who is nothing but a medium looking for troubles. Why would the ghost help them to do this? They do not want to help the psychic but use the psychic to get themselves a chance to return to their Yuen Sun. The psychic could already be an enslaved person working for the ghost instead of the ghost working for them. We have explained this in the “Moon” article too. We are human, and no matter what magic you do, you are not supposed to enter someone’s body and view from their end; it’s not allowed by nature, and it is impossible to do unless it is another evil spirit from the above doing it, breaking the law of nature. I only see humans doing this as poor victims of evil tyrants, and it only leads them to nothing but more problems later.

Soul travel can be done anytime by anyone, and the purpose is to contact someone or something in the spiritual dimension, which allows you to “touch” with the other subject, and it will promote thoughts or influence your action. For example, you are thinking of your wife while you are on the trip, while your soul travels to her and “visits” her in the spiritual dimension; you are pushing some soul energy into her, and she would benefit from it because your intention was positive. She would feel happier, less worried, and so on. We think of people and things all the time, which means our souls travel here and there all the time naturally; it’s nothing that crazy stunning, but there is a real effect being caused by it.

While your friend or spouse is on a trip, think of them every night before you sleep and have good intentions for them; after a few minutes, your friend or spouse will get your soul energy, which will help them have a better day tomorrow. Better mood, better physical encounters, and better day in general. That is why we must learn to “think of each other” often, as friends or relatives. You see, it is not like you have to meditate and go into a lotus position to do that.

God Travelling

For our magic battles, travelling in different worlds, just like I said in the “Tin Yat” stage, it is not “soul travel” to be exact, we call it 出神 (Chuo Sin) and 神行 (Sin Hong), which means out the god and walking with the god. We have to cultivate our “god” with a spiritual embryo to start with, then create the god at the altar. After that, we can have the god possess our soul body, and so we become the god as one, and then we can do magic and travel to different worlds to witness them and work in those worlds, such as repairing the Yuen Sun or battling the evils for a client etc.

This method is called 請神上身 invoking the gods to go into the body. The personal god that goes into us for doing work is called our 僮身 (Tong Sin), which is like the god created to help us do work, and it is a personal god cultivated with a special profile. Some Taoist sects specializing in magic will do this too, but they might do it differently. One is that the god goes in, and they become in a trance like they are “possessed and not themselves anymore,” another type is that they still know what they are doing and are in full control.

To do magic, like travelling to different worlds and fighting, only requires the second type, which you can still control your body 100%. The god is an 暗僮 (Um Tong), a hidden god helper. The other type that makes you do things without knowing what you are doing is called 明僮 (Miong Tong), which helps you do things to execute a task you don’t know how to do. However, you can control when to use that mode and when to not. For example, if I want to write a FU in the middle of a ceremony, but I don’t know how to do it, then I can call up my Miong Tong, and it will go into me for a bit to write the FU for me.

In our lineage, we practice both types, and they are taught only at a higher level when the practitioner is stable with their heart and has a strong altar built for the cultivation. The god can stay at their altar or be in the ground emperor’s altar (in the above). The court can beam their things and leave them packages, which they can then enter the disciple later and teach the disciple stuff that is sent down from the court. For example, teaching them a new Kungfu set, a new FU or magic, or having them type out much knowledge they don’t know. Since this god is inside you, it is often called a “Yum Si” 陰師 (Yim Cia) as the teacher in the unseen world. Remember that this god is not your own heart and not yourself; it is granted from the court and given to you. Therefore, things are cultivated into it, making it better and smarter than you.

If the practitioner gets possessed by the god and cannot control themselves, they need to wait for the god to “get out” to get their body back – that is not any god but an evil spirit that possesses them instead. These evil gods are there to enslave them and use them as a tool to loot soul energy only by putting on a show and feat to make people believe them so that they can suck up the energies from the people during the process. These people who got possessed usually felt completely drained afterward, and that is the sign that tells you they got completely sucked dry by the evil thing while they still think it is a “god” for them. Too bad, there are so much of this toxic stuff out there now, and people still cannot differentiate between the real one and evils.

Ordain today to start learning; one day, you can do all these too. Soul travelling is easy; Astral projection is also not that hard, but being able to do god travelling is something special you might want to learn and achieve one day. You can reach out and travel to the other worlds and Yuen Sun(s) outside of yours and help others fix their problems.