Ordain to Become a Taoist (Non-Refundable)

Upon the initiation, which is FREE! You can advance to the ordaining process. By clicking this button, you are submitting your offerings to the lineage for accepting you as a Saam Law Stage Taoist. (it is NOT a purchase of service or product)

Traditionally, disciples who are ordaining would hand the sifu a "red pocket" with money inside as offerings. This is what you are doing now.

There are no restrictions for ordaining, and you do not need to visit any local temples. All you need to do is fill out the form you are redirected to after your checkout is complete. Once the ceremony is completed, you will be notified by email and be guided on how to proceed onward.

Note:  If you are not redirected to fill out the form after checkout, click this link.

Once your email is submitted, you have 24 hours to withdraw your request. After the 24 hours, we will begin the ceremony; therefore, there will be no refund once the work has begun. However, you are still free to request for termination or withdrawal at any time.

Things to Prepare

Upon the ordination, you will be starting to learn by using apps LINE and Skype for communication and learning. This is an online learning path, and you are expected to be able to use a smartphone/tablet/pc for a true two-way communication. Download the apps and create an account using your TAO-NAME for learning in the lineage!

After setting up your altar, you will also be GIFTED a set of the Altar Fus needed to empower your altar!