Ordain to Become a Taoist (Non-Refundable)

Anyone is welcome to ordain to become a Saam Law Taoist and a Saam Law Stage disciple of Tin Yat Lineage! Upon payment, you will receive a FREE “Saam Law Stage Learning Guide PDF” as a welcome gift, and soon you will get a confirmation e-mail from Jee Sifu with instructions on how to proceed.

NOTE: You will be required to provide us with your full name, date of birth (format use: Mar 21, 2002), and a photo of yourself (clean and clear headshot), along with a valid ID to prove your identity. This information is used for registration and security purposes.

Once your information is verified, Jee Sifu will get approval from the gods for your ordination and get back to you with a result.

  • If the gods accept you, we will schedule your ordain ceremony and get you ordained.
  • You will get a full refund if the gods do not accept you. You can keep the PDF as a gift from the lineage.

The ordaining ceremony is a 1.5hr distance ceremony, so you would not need to be present. All you do is wait for the completion and confirmation e-mail. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the PDF (it is huge!). Remember to be a faithful, polite and humble disciple!

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

  • You DO NOT need to go through the free initiation process or finish learning in that stage before ordaining.
  • Initiation is included in the ordaining ceremony, and you will also be given the initiation PDF by email upon request.
  • By ordaining, you will agree to and accept to become a Saam Law Taoist, obeying and following the teachings and rules such as the Five Virtues and Ten Commandments. You are free to read our eBooks to understand more about our doctrines and content before you make your decisions.
  • Shall anyone choose to withdraw, politely request that you be removed from the lineage, and everything will be undone. However, there is no refund.
  • This payment you make is not for any service or product but is used as an offering to the gods to ask for acceptance. In the old days, this was called a “red packet,” which you offered to the master for accepting you.
  • Ordaining means becoming a Taoist, a Saam Law Tao family member. “Ordaining” does not include lessons or anything else. However, you are given a PDF as a gift, and access to our LINE chatroom for open learning, and if you wish to advance faster, you are always free to join our monthly classes and other activities.
  • We speak English and Chinese ONLY. Please do not ask for teachings or translations in other languages.
  • This is not a membership, and you are not "joining a group/forum/club."
  • Ordaining in Chinese is 皈依, which means to become a Taoist and make this your religion. It is a big decision, but also a great decision!
  • Trust, faith and determination are what make a successful Taoist. Learn proactively and always ask questions to open up more learning opportunities.