Gum Lung Sin Si 金龍仙師

Lunar July 5th, which is also August 23rd of 2020, is the anniversary of our lineage’s deity, Gum Lung Sin Si – 金龍仙師 – the Golden Dragon Deity.  This deity’s power is very important for everyone, and here you will get to know more about it. During the anniversary time, you should make the best use of this day and request help from Gum Lung Sin Si, as well as give back to show your appreciation towards it.

The power of Gum Lung Sin Si is all about bringing in the golden power, which is what we call the “d5” power, or the 元始祖炁 – which is basically one of the three major ingredients for the nature’s creation power. This energy is yellow, and with light, it shines gold. The word dragon is describing the channeling power, just like a pipe or a cable that connects into something, and then pushes this golden power into the subject, charging it up, and energizing it, bringing in that power to whatever it connects to. In the pre-heaven side, Gum Lung Sin Si has the power to gather up the attention of all deities in the court, like a huge bell that can ring and summon everyone to group up. Therefore, it is also a very powerful deity who can summon and invoke any gods and deities, making them gather up and bring them to pay attention to you. If the power of your altar is not enough to do the job you want, Gum Lung Sin Si is also the one to help you gather in resources and request help from the celestial court, making the impossible become possible.

Once the Gum Lung Sin Si comes down and reaches the post-heaven side, the dragon always finds the place to dive into, and injects the golden power into the subject. When you are the one invoking this deity, it will go into you and its power will be injected into you, like filling up a car with gasoline once the nozzle is plugged in. This golden elixir goes in and energizes your heart, bringing in more golden juice, the d5 power, and what it does is that it will increase your magic power, or refuel you with the magic power you need, as well as boosting your own heart power. If this deity goes into your altar, your house, a FU, a magical tool, or even someone else, it will do the same thing and inject the golden power into them. When an altar has more golden power, it will be stronger and less vulnerable to intruders and invasive forces. When a FU or magical tool has more of this golden power, it will be able to do the job better, like how you give more money to a group of people working for you, they can finish the job better. When a person gets the golden power injected into them, it can help them to be more confident and even strengthen their courage, make them braver, and promote self-esteem.  As we all know, if you do not trust your own magic, or if you have doubt in yourself, then magic will not work well. With this deity’s empowerment, it boosts your confident and make up for that lack of “trust” to yourself, which boosts your FUs and ensures their effectiveness!

Whenever we need a boost in the heart, which promotes our confident, courage, and even wipes out doubts and skeptical vibes, or even when we are facing some hardships and need some golden juice to make us pull through the situation, the power of Gum Lung Sin Si is always there for us. If you do not know of how magic battle works, when two sides are fighting, it is all about the HEART of the altars fighting to see which one has more “golden” power. The more you have, the more likely you will win and the other side will eat its own medicine when the magic backfires. Therefore, when you are facing any evil attacks, you should need the boost from Gum Lung Sin Si to upgrade your leveraging power in the battle!

Golden power is like money, the more you have, the better it is for doing anything. The Gum Lung Sin Si power is always a necessity, just like saying it takes money to do anything. Not only it is a deity for protection, but it is also like a deity of wealth, and also the deity of “SOS,” because when you are trying to invoke the deities in the court, this deity will be the ultimate SOS beeping force that gathers everyone together too! With Gum Lung Sin Si FU HEAD or FU taped in your house or anywhere, it is just like building a satellite tower; it allows the place to be seen and connected to the court’s power at all times, and it is a magic power gathering deity! Always cultivate this deity’s power for channelling!!!


You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book and here is a demo in video.


There is also a whole list of prayers for all the different gods in our e-book too. Here is the prayer for Gum Lung Sin Si. There is also a special channel spell in our e-book for this god.


Gum Lung Sin Si Prayer

Jia Seem Gwei Miong Li
Seen Nong Tian Ha,
Chuan Whua Geem Daan,
Xuan Chia Ju Ki,
Daai Doe Jia Jieong,
Seem Jung Wei Geem,
Gong Ki Chue Seen,
Geem Nong Soh Doe,
Daai Fu Gi Jiang,
Waan Su Yu Yi,
Bye Su Lip Hieong,
Seem Seen Soh Doe,
Whua Seen Chuan Xieong,
Tung Nieng Whuo Gaan,
Chue Chia Fu Jieong,
Chuan Whua Jia Seen,
Geem Nong Cian Cia.
Determined to trust and believe for the rest of my life.
The celestial dragon flying down the sky, passing on the golden pill and the ancient preheaven energy, the essence of the Tao, the sword of wisdom in the heart, the positive energy that follows the body. Anywhere the golden dragon goes, there will always be fortune and auspicious energy all around, all things will go as you wish, everything will prosper. Anywhere the heart focuses to, it will beam its power over and contain into the body. It connects to things like as if there is no distance or boundary, it helps to remove the evil and support the positive energy. The god that passes on the magical power, Golden Dragon Deity.