Gum Lung Sin Si 金龍仙師

Gum Lung Sin Si 金龍仙師 (Saamlawnese: Gim Nong Cian Cia) is one of the main gods in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar July 5th. This is an exclusive god of our lineage and is one of the nine main gods, which we call the Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真 (Yioh Fong Gew Jin). The energy colour of this god is golden yellow. This god is born after the celestial court, and so it is called a Sin Si and not Jo Si. He is closely related to the other five main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si (also called the five ancestor gods, 五祖 Ng Jo).  After the five Jo Si(s) were born, the celestial court opened a new chapter for the lineage, and there goes the Sin Si being born. You should read up on these gods to better understand the background. Read them in the order above so that the story will make sense to you.

Jo Si starts and creates something new; Sin Si helps when something has started, and they are there to give help. Gum Lung Sin Si is the god that helps out in the celestial court to bring people their “gold.”

Sun Lung Jo Si’s article talked about the celestial court and how disciples were ordained and accepted into the system. However, after a disciple has been ordained, how much power and knowledge are they getting, how does the court give them the power and blessings, and how to determine the amount of help and potential to give to each disciple? Gum Lung Sin Si was born to solve the problem and passes down the magical practice of FU consuming.

Everyone in the lineage will have a certain “payout” of magical powers and blessings every two weeks, and it is up to the disciple to grab their paycheques. If they want more power or help, they could request it, which will come in the next paycheque. Gum Lung Sin Si has taught us how to write the FU HEADs of different gods, and all we need to do is to open the altar and sanctify them upon the gods, then we will have to burn the FU HEADs and make FU water. This FU water will be drinking, and the power from the court will be inside our body. This method of FU drinking sets a basic routine for every disciple: to drink FU every lunar 1st and 15th if they want to get the “gold” from the court, which is their magical powers.

This system is very nice because it encourages people to be proactive and sets them on disciplined training with a ceremony to be done every two weeks. Some disciples left after this was implemented because many people wanted the easy way out, and somehow writing FU was too hard for them.

The Alchemy System

With the FU drinking practice installed into the lineage system, we have started learning about the alchemy system. The theory is very simple. Daai Law world puts their power into the celestial court; then we can write FU and request the court to give us the power. After we sanctify the FU, the court will put the powers into them, and we will burn the FU into FU water, drink it, and let the power goes into our body. After that, we will cultivate at the altar every day to put our powers back into the altar and build our gods at the altar. When we need to use magical powers for things, we can use the powers in the body if we are outside, but we can also directly use the altar’s power if we are home. After a while, the process repeats. The court empowers us, and we empower the altar; then, the altar empowers us in return.

Some disciples are very slow with building their altar; then they could do the FU HEAD and request the power from the court, then drink it to empower themselves. This is fine, but you might ask, why do we even need an altar?

The Sacred Altar

An altar is more important than you think. Gum Lung Sin Si has taught us the secret behind the altar, and it is foolish to drag this project. After learning about it, this should be the first thing to be done after ordaining. However, it’s unrealistic because people won’t be able to do it that fast, and many have commitment issues; they don’t want to invest until they have learned more.

The altar is called Taan Ting 壇庭, the altar court, like a celestial court, Tin Ting, or the higher one in Daai law Tin, Sun Ting. It serves as another station that can act like another station which is parked permanently at a location. The Sun Ting can deliver things to the Tin Ting for us, and we can take them whenever we want. That means the Tin Ting can also deliver things to our Taan Ting (altar) whenever it is ready, and then we can take it from the altar when needed. Imagine the court has powers to give you, but you are not doing anything yet. The court can send the powers to the altar first, and then when you do your ceremony later, these powers are all already there for you.

Local Deities and Altar Visits

Gum Lung Sin Si's birth also welcomed many local deities and gods to be born in the celestial court. These gods are sent to the different altars to help the disciples by managing their altar’s army, giving help, protection and guidance whenever needed. For example, the landlord deity would help to bring information from the altar back to the court through the Ground Emperor. The whole system allows the court and the disciples’ altar to stay connected and know what each altar needs or lacks, etc.

Sometimes the court would foresee that you might have danger; they can send the powers and celestial troops to your altar before you even realize the problem. Then when you see the threat, you can easily deal with it because the people and powers are already at your altar.

Every lunar 1st and 15th, all disciple with altars and at Sun Lung Stage and up should do their Cheng Sun ceremony to invoke the gods to their altar. This will allow the court to send new powers and gods to their altar, keeping their altar strong and powerful. At the same time, the disciples would have to do more work to earn their paycheques from the court. It helps build discipline with the bi-weekly ceremony and quickly pushes the lazy disciples away. Many people have quit because of the work required. It’s okay; my teacher has told me that it is normal to see people leaving because it just means they don’t fit the culture here. Yet, these changes are necessary.

God of Wealth

“What is the benefit of being ordained?” This is a question that my teacher has asked me and told me to think about. All I was thinking about was the magical powers and how the power is so useful to deal with evil magic attacks and such. He said, “That is YOUR hurdle, but what about the ordinary people? Not everyone would have all these crazy attacks in their life.”

My teacher continued, “Time is the wealth of nature, and there is always a difference in quality for the time you have. For example, you would have 2 hours; all you can do is sit and stare at the wall. You can also have 2 hours of joy, productivity, and achievements.” I felt like I just got a lightbulb moment; it was awakening! I begged my teacher to continue the lesson, and he gave me a 30 pages lesson that day. My finger was on fire; I could even see smoke filling the air because those little fingers were like chubby hotdog sausages after typing so much.

The god of wealth was introduced to me, and we had a few gods of wealth in the lineage; Munn Choy Sun, Mo Choy Sun, the Five Direction Choy Sun and more. You can read about them in the other articles.

The main point of this lesson is to set the main benefits that a disciple should be getting from the lineage for being a good disciple. Why are you consuming the FU HEADs or FUs? What are the gods giving you besides the magical powers? This era sets the standard for what the gods give all disciples if they behave well according to the lineage’s teachings and doctrines. You can see how much Gum Lung Sin Si has opened up for us quickly.

Three ordains and twelve wishes were taught to us, and this sets the basics for the Saam Law Stage disciples who just ordained. The three benefits you get are the Tao, Ging and Si. The Tao gave you the direction and focused in life which sets you to a goal of being reborn in the world of Daai Law Tin. By then, you can witness god’s world yourself!  The ging refers to the methods and contents that serve as the tools you can use to solve problems on your journey to achieve the goal. In other words, it allows all the magical methods you can access in this lineage to “work” for you. The Si refers to the master, which gives you the guidance and teachings to lead you the way and correct you when you need corrections.

The Sun Lung Stage disciples will benefit more if they fulfill their obligation for that stage. Since they are supposed to be more knowledgeable and can use the FUs and magic, they should use the magic to help spread the Tao to more people. As they work for the gods, they will have more benefits to help them achieve the goal of being reborn in the Daai Law world. That could include making their life better, improving their career and financial situation, or even getting them a happier and better lifestyle so they can reach their goal with fewer hurdles and roughness.

Gum Lung Sin Si has set many new rules, commandments, and doctrines into the system, which you can read in our eBooks. It lays out a clear system for the disciple to follow and shows them the benefit of being a lineage member. It has clarified why we are in this lineage and what we are cultivating for. It once again reminded us about the purpose of life, and we are not just done here after death. It’s not like we black out and “game over.” This also led to much knowledge being taught about the after-death subject, how we are transitioning to Daai Law Tin, etc.

This era further emphasizes the teaching of virtues, which polished the quality of our disciples and welcomed better disciples into the lineage. Those who refuse to change and learn to become better disciples have also withdrawn from the lineage. This period was like blood-washing because many people were unwilling to adapt to the new virtue teachings, so we would have to let them go.

The lineage has grown a lot in a direction I never expected. I only focused on the magic battles, saving our lives, fighting evils, etc. However, this upgrade has further expanded my vision to see the importance of virtue, the cycle of give and take, and how to improve the quality of life, which is so important because of the ultimate goal that we want to achieve – going to Daai Law Tin when we are done here! The teachings have led me to see my problems in the past as being bad in virtue too, and that has brought me many enemies and bad-mouthing on the internet. To patch the holes I have created, I would have to spend my life cultivating these virtues I have learned from the gods and spread them to more people. I am grateful for the wealth that Gum Lung Sin Si has gifted us; besides money and magical powers, we have learned so much and improved quickly because of these teachings.

Gum Lung Sin Si is a powerful god who can help our altar to stay connected to the court and bring us gifts from heaven! Whenever we need empowerment, blessings or more magical powers, we can call this god for help!  You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this god in the Magic Foundation E-book!  If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!