Jade Seal Nine Gods

Main Gods of Saam Law Tao

In Saam Law Tao, our principal deity is Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師. He embodies the essence of the Tao for us. "Saam Law" signifies the three systems, and he represents the primordial force preceding their inception. As the god of creation, he wields the powers of time, energy and life. Accompanying him are eight other gods, collectively known as the Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真, forming the core powers of Saam Law Tao.

Tin Law Jo Si 天羅祖師 - The Sky God, bestowing potential and guidance, illuminating our paths with opportunities.

Dei Law Jo Si 地羅祖師 - The Ground Goddess, offering protection and absorbing negative impacts to keep us safe.

Daai Law Jo Si 大羅祖師 - The God of Life, manifesting our dreams into reality and empowering FU talismans to positively transform our lives.

Sun Lung Jo Si 神龍祖師 - The God of Transmission and Magic Delivery, enabling us to receive divine powers and perform distant magic.

Gum Lung Sin Si 金龍仙師 - The Golden Dragon Goddess, blessing us with wealth, knowledge, and continuous magical support.

Jee Lung Sin Si 紫龍仙師 - The Purple Dragon God, ensuring our safety and equipping us to combat evil forces.

Ng Lui Sin Si 五雷仙師 - The God of Five Thunders, commanding military might to help us conquer life's challenges.

Baak Hork Sin Si 白鶴仙師 - The Messenger Goddess, conveying our wishes and prayers to the divine realms, ensuring our voices are heard.

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Other Gods

Beyond these, we honor additional deities. The Celestial Court hosts 49 main gods, detailed on our anniversary page. While some names might sound familiar, the gods in our sect are unique and not associated with other sects' pantheons. It's important not to draw comparisons, as each Taoist sect has its exclusive versions of gods, even if they share similar names. You can explore more about our gods in the eBook!

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Magical Guardians of Our Sect

In our sect, we're blessed with seven magical guardians, granted by the divines. They're like spiritual animals, each with unique powers. Thanks to technology, we've been able to create visuals to bring these guardians to life.

Green Qilin (K-Lun / Ki Luan)

Resembling a flying horse with dog-like features, this guardian radiates green light. Its role is to secure the gateway between preheaven and postheaven, particularly in dimension three (D3). It's a protector, warding off evil spirits and performing exorcisms around our property.

Green Ki Luan

Red Qilin (K-Lun / Ki Luan)

Similar to its green counterpart, the Red Qilin appears as a flaming horse. It guards dimension seven, the divide between yin and yang in postheaven. Its power is linked to manifesting desires in the physical world and is often associated with bringing good fortune and eliminating negative forces.

red qilin

Thunder Dragon

Armed with a jade brush, this dragon channels preheaven energies into objects to animate them. It’s like a magic radar, pinpointing where our efforts are needed and ensuring positive outcomes.

thunder dragon

Fire Phoenix

A fiery bird that spreads red flames into the air, this phoenix symbolizes activation and growth. Its energy, akin to sunlight, fosters growth and can also burn away unwanted elements.

fire pheonix

Wind Tiger

Fierce and powerful, the Wind Tiger delivers magic swiftly and decisively, like a bomb dropping its payload. It’s our go-to guardian for boosting magic power and deploying spells.

wind tiger

Saam Ching Dragon

Named after the Saam Ching, this dragon ensures a smooth flow of divine blessings from preheaven to our courts. It's essential for maintaining our connection with the divine realm and ensuring we have what we need.

saam ching dragon

Light Lion

The king of lions, radiating golden light, this guardian strengthens the heart, fosters faith and courage, and empowers you to overcome challenges with an indomitable spirit.

light lion

Bonus: White Qilin (K-Lun / Ki Luan)

While not one of the main seven, the White Qilin is a fusion of the Green and Red Qilins, embodying the energy of both sky and land. It enhances creation and emits a positive energy, but it's often hidden, making it a lesser-known guardian in our sect.

white qilin

If you wish to learn more about them and use their powers, feel free to ordained to get started.

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