Qi Gong Mysteries and Misunderstandings

Qi Gong / Chi Kung 氣功 (Saamlawnese: Ki Gong) is a kind of exercise that is practiced to utilize your inner energies, and most people misunderstand it to be done for “health improvements only,” which is why this post is created to bring you the truth and wisdom behind this mysterious Taoist practice. Saying that this is for health improvement only is an understatement because it can do much more for a greater purpose beyond your imagination. Don’t waste time learning from a “master” who doesn’t know what he is doing, because you could be just imitating what people have stolen or copied from ancient books and get the surface of it only. At the same time, the movements are all hollow and replaced with a “modernized” version of junk which was done to “make sense” to the people who copied from the books and don’t know what it is about.

It reminds me of the westerner’s version of Taoism, which is a disaster, with many self-claimed teachers spreading their version of the junk they created from “observation” and not real practice. Read more about Taoism in my “What is Taoism” post. Let’s dig into the subject and reveal some of the most mysterious things that confuse many people.

If you need clarification about the terms I use below, please click the hyperlinked text to read the article on the subjects. A few that you might already need to read would be “Yuen Sun,” “Souls and Spirits,” “Why We Dream,” and “Dragon Gate,” “Preheaven,” and “Celestial Court.”

Tapping Teeth

Search “Tapping Teeth” chi kung or qi gong on Google, and you will see many people teaching or talking about it. Gently tap the teeth 36x and swallow the saliva etc. It’s simple, and no one knows what it is about because they started talking about blood circulation and whatever is related to your physical body. That is all nonsense.

The article “Why We Dream” discusses how your three bodies and the micro/macrocosmic orbit cycle. In short, your physical body has a soul body and an energy body attached like you and your shadow. They stick together in the same location and move around as you walk around. Anything you do with the physical body could trigger the energy body to have a certain reaction and do the corresponding thing, with one condition: you must know what you are doing and want that to happen. Suppose you don’t even know about the purpose of the movement or the energy body. Nothing can work for you in that case because your heart isn’t intended to “reverse control” the preheaven energy body.

Our body is set to be controlled by the heart in the energy body by default, so we always act based on feeling. We feel, then think, and then act. That’s an order that cannot be reversed. However, we are doing it the other way with Chi Kung. We act to control the energy body like we are the master and the energy body is the slave. That way, we can utilize the energy body to remote control and communicate with our spiritual planetary body (Yuen Sun 元神) in real-time.

Your body has all the parts corresponding to different things in the preheaven. The head resembles the Yuen Sun, which is round like a planet. By controlling different parts of the head, you can communicate with the Yuen Sun in real-time.

In “Dragon Gate,” we talked about the different parts of the Yuen Sun, such as the north and south poles. The top of the Yuen Sun is the planet’s entrance, and the bottom is the exit. If you look at your head, the mouth resembles the exit of the Yuen Sun, which goes down into your soul body. Therefore, when your mouth is doing anything, that’s like the exit of the Yuen Sun is doing something corresponding to your intention.

Biting the teeth is an action that is like you are typing on the keyboard to hammer in your intention to the exit of the Yuen Sun, telling it what to do for the soul. By biting the teeth 36x, you are telling the Yuen Sun to do “3 for 6,” which means to rain down resources to the soul for staying in the soul body. This number coding system is based on the metaphysics theory of nine stars, which we have explained in the eBook of “Flying Stars” and much other related content. 

Swallowing your saliva is to gather the goods and push it out of the Yuen Sun to go down to the “ground,” the soul body. This will tell your Yuen Sun to flow down the resources out of the “dragon gate” for you so your soul can get it. In other words, tapping the teeth types the message, and swallowing the saliva submits the message and lets things be done, like clicking enter.

Why do you do this in Chi Kung? Because you are working with the Yuen Sun to bring down preheaven energies into your body and working with those energies to replenish the postheaven body. It’s not for blood circulation or whatever nonsense.

Beating the Heavenly Drums

Another one that confuses many people is beating the heavenly drums 鳴天鼓. People believe it is good for ringing in the ears, kidneys, and blood pressure, waking up the “brain,” and promoting awareness, whatever… it’s all nonsense.

Put your palms over the ears and finger pointing backward, and push press the palms so that your ears feel like two toilet plungers are blocking them. Press the middle finger down harder, so they don’t leave up, then put the index finger on top of it and then slip downward to “snap” the finger down to hit the head. This will create a drum-like noise as if you are drumming the head.

The head resembles the Yuen Sun, and the drumming creates a noise into the Yuen Sun’s core, which shakes the heart of the Yuen Sun Central, as we have described in the “Yuen Sun Secret.”  This action allows you to command the Yuen Sun to do something directly because the heart is responsible for “commanding.” You are telling the Yuen Sun to execute something, giving out a command, and directly telling the gods in the Yuen Sun to start doing something for you. It is often said to do drumming 36x because you are telling the Yuen Sun to output the command to the gods and powers there, “hey everyone, it is time to go down into the soul.” That is also why you must drum 36x before you tap your teeth 36x and swallow 3x. If you do the teeth tapping first, it doesn’t make sense. Think about it this way; the boss must tell everyone they are going on a trip, then gather the people and send them out. You don’t send them out first; the boss gives instructions.

The typical classic Chi Kung books always start with drumming, tapping the teeth, swallowing saliva etc. It’s done for a purpose: to command the Yuen Sun to bring down the essence of the physical body. It’s not done to improve blood circulation or whatever reasons ordinary people think.

Taoist Magic Relationship

For our disciples, you might also realize that we have magic tools such as the wooden fish, hing, yunn hing, bells, etc. These tools can resemble the same action as we have said above; replace Yuen Sun with the Celestial Court or your local altar as the “source,” and you will understand what it is about.

When chanting, we hammer the wooden fish like tapping our teeth. Then we hit the Hing, which is the same as swallowing saliva. Then we hit the drum, which is the heaven drumming. We ring the bells, which can be done by the body when you wave your hand or handsigns and make a sound such as “Ah~” When we hit the yunn hing, it means something enters the “entrance” of the source like some god came to the entrance and is giving attention etc. When you do a ceremony locally, the instrument treats your altar as the Yuen Sun. When you open the altar and invoke the gods, the celestial court is the Yuen Sun. The same concept but a different subject replaced the “sky” factor.

For example, when a ceremony is about to begin, we will always start with bells to bring people to attend, then we hit the drums to give out a command on behalf of the boss (Jo Si) who lead the team. When doing god invoking, there is the need to use Yunn Hing to summon the god into the court’s “sky door” and get them ready for the job. When we need the gods to work, we will hit the fish and hing. When the hing is hit, the messages go into the working force, and work is done. That is why we must have these instruments at the altar, or we don’t have a tool to command the preheaven elements. It’s a way to communicate with the gods and the celestial court.

In our martial art chi kung form, there is a form called “Doubble Dragon Out the Ocean Fist,” and there is a move where you wave the hand near the ear and say “AH~~~~~~!” If you have learned the form, you can understand why the movement is like that now. You are ringing the bell, calling the gods in the Yuen Sun to attention. Imagine you are ringing the magic bells at the altar to call the gods to attention. Same idea, but this is done for your Yuen Sun instead of the gods in the court.

You can understand many more things better once you know the relationship between the body and the Yuen Sun and how the “remote control” on your body works. This also leads to why we have “pressure points” and meridians etc. It’s something that many people who study traditional Chinese medicine still don’t understand truly because they lack the key to unlocking the whole puzzle—the key to knowing about the Yuen Sun, Soul body and so on.

Ordain now to learn more and practice the real Chi Kung that works! I am sure you are starving for the truth and wisdom that opens you up to another world of fun. Life is short, don’t waste time; get moving!