Preheaven vs Postheaven in Taoism

Prehaeven, Sin Tin 先天 (Saamlawnese: Cian Tian) is a special term in Taoism which describes things before time begins. On the other side is PostHeaven, Hau Tin 後天 (Saamlawnese: Hau Tian), which is after the beginning of time. These words have nothing to do with heaven; the correct word should be “sky,” but the common translation goes by “heaven,” so we used the same word for ordinary people searching for answers.

PreHeaven is used in many subjects such as Chinese medicine, life charts, fung shui, philosophies and Taoist magic. For example, the doctor would say that this baby has many preheaven issues, which is why he is always sick after birth. It means that factors caused the issues before he was born and before “his time” began. PostHeaven sickness would be like catching the flu from your coworkers or getting hit by the covid because the factors in this world cause it.

Using these words to describe a problem would help us diagnose the problem and know where to look for solutions. For example, your computer is broken, and you would get a computer guy to help you fix it. The computer guy would immediately ask you, “what is the last thing you do before it is broken?” Finding the mark on “when did it start to have these problems” allows the PreHeaven and PostHeaven elements to be found.

“Oh, it started to act up on Thursday when I checked an email at night, then things started to go weird.”

The Preheaven elements would be anything before Thursday, and Postheaven would be anything after that. To find out the cause of the problem, look at the Preheaven matters. Check what happened between Wednesday and Thursday night, maybe the email, or it could be a website with a virus or something else. The computer guy pulled up the history and saw that the computer had gotten a virus attack since Wednesday, it was malware, but it just started to cause trouble after 12 hours. That email was safe. The malware got removed, and the system was restored. Quick and easy!

Now that you are clear about PreHeaven and PostHeaven let’s take a step into the deeper knowledge exclusive to Taoism.

The PreHeaven Worlds

If you have wondered if there are aliens and other civilizations, you have come to the right place. The answer is a YES! There are many worlds, with many other civilizations and living beings, like aliens, but they might have been called something else in ancient times, like gods and deities. The one thing that most people would not understand is why can’t we see another form of life on the other “planets,” It seems like we are the only living being in the universe. This is a protection system of nature, which blocks all the worlds and civilizations from interacting with each other and keeping every one of them at peace. They are not completely blocked, but at least in a very controlled manner, like how fishes in the deep sea cannot live on the ground and humans cannot live in the deep sea or the air. We have our boundaries, but sometimes there would be some crossovers or short visits, like how humans would dive into the sea for exploration.

The different worlds and “dimensions” do not share the same property and state of matter. Imagine our world or dimension is made of red balls, and the other is made of blue balls; we cannot touch or see each other because our elements are different. For example, if there is a living civilization on the moon, you might see the moon as a bare grey sphere, but when you are in that dimension as a living being, you would see the whole place differently, maybe like another “earth.”

You might ask, how did I know all this?

To make a long story short, I have been able to soul travel and witness different worlds, living beings, and what you might call “aliens.” Different creatures and living beings with real civilizations have gotten in contact with me, and I had much experience with them in the past years before Saam Law Tao came into my life. Maybe people would call me crazy, so I don’t know where to start telling others my stories. All I can say is that aliens are real, and the other worlds do exist; it’s just that you cannot go there using any physical methods because it’s the wrong direction. Our physical properties, including the body, are restricted from travelling between the different worlds in nature. You can only travel with the soul body, which is why you can die in this life, reincarnate in another world, and become another type of living being. We often say even the gods in Daai Law Tin could be categorized as aliens too.

Many spiritual practitioners or highly cultivated masters in other religions might have had the same experience as I did, witnessing aliens and other worlds. That is how the other religions have gotten their content or knowledge too. It’s just that people use the word “god” instead of “alien,” so it sounds more religious than science.

Why PreHeaven Matters to Everyone

You might not care about aliens, but you should care about your life. Your spiritual planetary body is a PreHeaven matter. It is born before you are in this world, and your spiritual planetary body is called the Yuen Sun 元神.

Again, how did I know about this?

During the time I was still running my local temple, I had been facing many magic attacks that were done to kill my wife and me. We were constantly fighting back and exhausted because the traditional sect’s magic was not powerful enough and not working to save us. There was a night of breakthrough when we discovered how to soul travel and reach into the different worlds, including the Yuen Sun and explore those crazy realms. Throughout years of experience, we have learned much about how Yuen Sun works and how it affects life here. After Saam Law Tao came into my life, we further polished our understanding of the Yuen Sun, and that is why you see, we are talking about it all the time now.

Yuen Sun is your spiritual planetary body, cultivated by yourself by sending things you consumed into the preheaven in this world to the planet when you sleep. What went into the preheaven? Your memories from seeing, hearing, eating, touching, sensing and feeling. All these elements will create a package of energy with a pattern, which will influence the world on the Yuen Sun to change for the better or worse, shaping the package for you to take back to the body when you wake up. This energy from the Yuen Sun shapes your life pattern for the day after you wake up, which we call Yuen Hei 元氣 (Xuan Ki).

The Gods World

Being able to witness and soul travel to the different worlds has taught us about how the other worlds work and what are those “gods” that contact human beings and create religions all over the world. What happens to people with a special “vision” who can become the village shaman to speak out the words of gods? All these mysteries have been revealed. Best of all, we have gotten in contact with our gods from Daai Law Tin and became Taoists of Saam Law Tao.

The gods are also in another PreHeaven dimension, a dimension that exists before our world, and that is why you cannot go there with any physical methods such as a spacecraft. You can only see them if you can soul travel. The celestial court and gods are all in the PreHeaven dimension, and that is why you cannot see them, but they can help us. We can also interact with them.

Time Travel is Real

In the PreHeaven dimensions, some very ancient ones can time travel! The gods can give us answers quickly because they can flash and jump here or there, like skipping to a certain timeframe in video editing software. To the gods, time doesn’t exist because they can go back and forth in time, yet there are also restrictions. What is happening in our reality now sets the potential of the future, and so the future has not existed or happened yet. However, the gods can jump to the future, foresee what’s there, and come back with answers to predict what is most likely to happen. This can be done but is not always accurate because many variables can change future results. The gods can only give the best advice for the possible route.

Time travel also has limitations and restrictions because nature has its own rules. For example, you cannot cheat in nature by seeing what is ahead and then telling people about it so they can skip all the hurdles. There are things that the gods can tell us and a lot that they cannot. Even if they try to tell us, it will be “blurred” out by nature, and we will hear something else. The gods can often guide us to know something but cannot tell us things directly. Even for me to learn something from the gods, it could take a few years to refine and repolish the message to get the actual message. However, as long as you have faith in the gods, the process is just a learning process and will always be good.

After achieving the celestial vision, I also could see through time for some things, but the fact is that if it is a hurdle meant to be for me, the vision ability is banned and will not work. I can help others and see into their future sometimes and help them avoid problems or save them from big disasters, yet it also requires the person to have faith in me and believe my words. I have tried many times on my disciples and believers, and many people cannot listen and follow what I said; my words didn’t help but just pushed them to crash harder. All I can say is that even if you can “cheat” in nature, nature will also make it impossible for others to get the cheat working. This experience and ability I had just taught me more about nature, and it is not like I got this ability and can do whatever I want. Knowing more about how nature and time work is the fruit of these priceless experiences, which could not even be found in books.  I am so grateful for all these experiences!

One might challenge and say what about predicting numbers or a result from rolling the dice? I must tell you upfront that if you try to “play” and “test” with these abilities, they will all fail because the mindset is already wrong. These abilities have rules that you need to follow, or they will not work or even have negative damage to you for breaking the rules of nature. I have tasted the consequences of breaking the rules, which are physical and very painful.

“No one told me about it” or “I am new to this” doesn’t work with nature. These lame excuses might not even work when used on human beings. Nature said, “if you don’t know, I will teach you through pain.“

Ordain to learn more, and most importantly, to get the connection with the Tao and celestial court established. You can only be connected and related to the gods when you are a part of the system and a disciple of the lineage!