Preheaven vs Postheaven in Taoism

Prehaeven, Sin Tin (Cian Tian in Saamlawnese) is a term in Taoism that refers to things before the beginning of time, while PostHeaven, Hau Tin (Hau Tian in Saamlawnese), represents the period after the beginning of time. Although these terms are often translated as "heaven," they actually refer to the concept of "sky." However, the common translation uses the word "heaven" for the sake of simplicity and familiarity to the general public.

PreHeaven and PostHeaven concepts are utilized in various fields, including Chinese medicine, life charts, feng shui, philosophies, and Taoist magic. For instance, a doctor might attribute a baby's persistent illnesses after birth to preheaven issues, indicating that the factors causing the problems occurred before the baby's birth and before their "time" began. On the other hand, postheaven sickness could result from factors within this world, such as catching the flu from coworkers or contracting COVID-19.

By using these terms to describe a problem, it becomes easier to diagnose the issue and identify potential solutions. For example, if your computer malfunctions, a technician might ask you about the last action you took before it broke down. By pinpointing the starting point of the problem, one can distinguish between preheaven and postheaven elements.

For instance, if you respond, "It started acting up on Thursday night after I checked an email," the preheaven elements would encompass anything that occurred before Thursday, while the postheaven elements include everything afterward. By examining the events between Wednesday and Thursday night, such as the email or visiting a website with a virus, the computer technician can locate the cause of the problem. In this scenario, it was discovered that a malware attack had occurred since Wednesday, but it only started affecting the system after 12 hours. The malware was subsequently removed, and the system was restored efficiently.

Now that we have a clear understanding of PreHeaven and PostHeaven, let's delve into the deeper knowledge exclusive to Taoism.

The PreHeaven Worlds

If you've ever wondered about the existence of aliens and other civilizations, you're in the right place because the answer is a resounding YES! Numerous worlds house diverse civilizations and living beings, often referred to as aliens in modern terms, but they were known as gods and deities in ancient times. One reason why we don't perceive other forms of life on planets like ours is because of a protective mechanism employed by nature, which prevents extensive interactions among worlds and civilizations, thereby maintaining peace. While interactions are not entirely prohibited, they are strictly controlled, similar to how fish cannot survive on land, and humans cannot survive in the deep sea or air. Boundaries exist, but occasional crossovers or brief visits occur, much like humans exploring the ocean depths.

Different worlds and dimensions possess distinct properties and states of matter. To illustrate, let's imagine our world or dimension as consisting of red balls, while another dimension is composed of blue balls. We cannot see or touch each other because our elemental composition differs. For example, if there is a living civilization on the moon, we might perceive it as a barren gray sphere, but for the beings inhabiting that dimension, the moon could resemble another "earth."

You might wonder how I acquired this knowledge. In summary, through the ability to soul travel, I have witnessed diverse worlds, encountered living beings, and what we commonly refer to as "aliens." Over the past years before embracing Saam Law Tao, I had numerous experiences and interactions with different creatures and civilizations. However, sharing these stories with others proves challenging due to the potential stigma associated with being labeled as "crazy." Nevertheless, I can confidently assert that aliens are real, and other worlds do exist. However, physical methods cannot transport us there since our physical properties, including our bodies, are naturally restricted from traversing between different worlds. The soul body is the vehicle for travel, enabling individuals to die in one life, reincarnate in another world, and assume a different form of existence. Even the gods in Daai Law Tin can be considered aliens.

Many spiritual practitioners and highly cultivated masters in various religions have likely encountered similar experiences, bearing witness to aliens and other worlds. These encounters have enriched the content and knowledge found in other religions. Often, the term "god" is used instead of "alien" to emphasize the religious aspect rather than the scientific nature of these encounters.

Why PreHeaven Matters to Everyone

While you may not be interested in aliens, understanding the concept of PreHeaven is crucial for your personal life. Your spiritual planetary body, known as the Yuen Sun, is a PreHeaven matter. It exists prior to your arrival in this world.

You might be curious about how I gained insight into this. During my time managing a local temple, my wife and I faced numerous magical attacks intended to harm us. Despite our constant struggle and exhaustion, the traditional sect's magic proved insufficient to protect us. However, there was a breakthrough one night when we discovered how to soul travel and explore different worlds, including the Yuen Sun. Over the years, we have deepened our understanding of the Yuen Sun, particularly after embracing Saam Law Tao.

The Yuen Sun represents your spiritual planetary body, which you cultivate by sending the experiences you accumulate in this world to the preheaven realm during sleep. These experiences include what you see, hear, eat, touch, sense, and feel. All these elements combine to create an energy package with a unique pattern that influences the world of the Yuen Sun. This energy package shapes your life pattern upon waking up, known as Yuen Hei (Xuan Ki).

The Gods' World

Exploring different worlds through soul travel has provided us with insights into how these realms operate and sheds light on the gods that interact with humans, inspiring the creation of religions worldwide. We have unveiled the mysteries surrounding individuals with special visions who become village shamans, speaking on behalf of gods. Most importantly, we have established a connection with our gods from Daai Law Tin and become Taoists of Saam Law Tao.

The gods reside in another PreHeaven dimension that predates our world, making it impossible to reach using physical means such as spacecraft. Only through soul travel can we perceive them. The celestial court and gods exist in the PreHeaven dimension, rendering them invisible to us, but they can assist us, and we can interact with them.

Time Travel is Real

Within the PreHeaven dimensions, certain ancient realms possess the ability to time travel! The gods can provide swift answers because they can leap through time, much like skipping to a specific timeframe in video editing software. Time holds no meaning to the gods, allowing them to travel back and forth in time. However, there are limitations. The potential of the future is determined by our present reality, which means that the future has not yet materialized. Nevertheless, the gods can glimpse into the future, foresee likely outcomes, and provide us with answers. Nonetheless, the accuracy of these predictions is not guaranteed, as various factors can alter future results. The gods can only offer the best advice based on the most probable course of events.

Time travel also operates within certain constraints and rules set by nature. For instance, you cannot exploit the ability to gain foresight and share future knowledge to bypass obstacles. There are aspects that the gods can reveal to us, and many others that they cannot. Even if they attempt to convey information, nature often distorts it, resulting in us hearing something different. The gods can guide us in acquiring knowledge but cannot communicate it directly. Even in my own journey of learning from the gods, refining and reinterpreting their messages often takes years to grasp the intended meaning. However, as long as you maintain faith in the gods, the learning process will be positive.

Since achieving celestial vision, I have occasionally been able to see into the future. However, if a particular challenge is meant for me to experience, the vision ability is deactivated and rendered ineffective. I can help others by occasionally glimpsing into their future and assisting them in avoiding problems or averting major disasters. Nevertheless, the individuals involved must have faith in me and believe in my words. Many times, my advice has gone unheeded, leading individuals to experience even greater hardships. It's important to note that even if you can "cheat" nature, nature itself will create obstacles to prevent others from exploiting such cheats. These experiences and abilities have taught me more about nature, an understanding that cannot be found solely in books. I am immensely grateful for these invaluable experiences.

Some might question the possibility of predicting numbers or the outcome of rolling dice. I must emphasize that if you attempt to "test" or "play" with these abilities, they will invariably fail because the mindset behind such actions is inherently flawed. These abilities operate according to specific rules that must be adhered to; otherwise, they will not function, and in some cases, they can have negative consequences for breaking nature's rules. I have personally experienced the painful consequences of violating these rules.

Excuses such as "no one informed me" or "I am new to this" hold no sway with nature. Nature teaches us through pain when we lack knowledge or understanding.

To delve deeper into these matters, it is crucial to pursue further spiritual development and, most importantly, establish a connection with the Tao and the celestial court. Only by becoming part of the system and a disciple of the lineage can you forge a meaningful relationship with the gods.