God’s Court 神庭


The God's Court, known as Sun Ting 神庭 in Saamlawnese (Sin Tieng), represents the highest court in our lineage, situated in the Taoist heaven known as "Daai Law Tin" or the Great Heavenly Court. This divine court differs from other ceremonial courts as it resides in a distant realm, overseen by the lords of gods, referred to as Sun Juen 神尊 (Sin Juan).

The Nature of Gods:

While we have previously discussed the concept of gods and how they may be perceived as mere energies created by humans, it is important to acknowledge that gods or higher-dimensional beings exist and are interconnected with us. They are real living entities in a world separate from our own, and they are not mere floating energies in the air. Although it may sound absurd, this notion is akin to the idea of encountering extraterrestrial beings, which some might refer to as aliens.

Exploring the Lineage:

To gain a deeper understanding of our lineage, you can read about the nine main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.. Our lineage encompasses a rich and extensive journey, but for now, let us focus on the subject at hand—the "court."

The Purpose of God's Court:

The primary purpose of the God's Court is to serve as the source of our lineage. It provides us with wisdom, power, and knowledge that are essential to our existence. Whenever we encounter troubles or challenges, we can always turn to the God's Court for assistance. However, similar to a company structure, not everyone can directly approach the headquarters to voice their concerns or make requests.

God's Court is located at the highest realm and primarily communicates with a select few individuals in the highest levels of our lineage. Most individuals within the lineage should seek help from the Religious Court, which is closer to the human world. In case further assistance is required, the Celestial Court, positioned above the Religious Court, acts as an intermediary and channels support from the God's Court. This knowledge of higher powers supporting us brings a sense of safety and security, assuring us that we are never alone.

The Lords of Gods:

The individuals who oversee the God's Court in Daai Law Tin are known as the Sun Juen 神尊 (Sin Juan). They are real beings operating within a world that is beyond our comprehension. Just as it would be challenging for people from 5000 years ago to understand our present-day reality, explaining their world to us would sound equally perplexing. However, what remains certain is that they communicate with us and provide daily assistance.

The Reciprocal Relationship:

One may wonder why these lords of gods feel compelled to help us and what they gain from doing so. The truth is, they are not solely working for our benefit. Saam Law Tao has existed in their world since ancient times, and our current actions involve inheriting and adapting it to fit the needs of our human world. By learning from the source and contributing to its growth, we strengthen the reciprocal relationship between our two worlds.

Cultural Differences and Adjustments:

Given the different cultural backgrounds and languages in our respective worlds, adjustments are necessary for the teachings and practices to function effectively in our reality. This is why I emphasize to my disciples that I did not create this lineage/sect/religion; instead, I inherited it from the world above. Every day, I continue to learn from them, making the journey of learning in this lineage truly exciting. If you have questions, feel free to ask, and I will provide answers. If I cannot answer, I can consult my teacher in the God's Court, who always has the answers.

Contrasting Approaches:

In many "traditional" Taoist sects, the knowledge they possess is derived solely from ancient texts. If their masters cannot provide answers, they are left with no choice but to refer to these texts. However, books are static and do not provide feedback or guidance when one goes astray. If one master errs, future generations may also be led astray. This explains the abundance of questionable Taoist and Chi Kung practices available today. In our lineage, if I make a mistake, my teachers rectify it promptly, ensuring that we stay on the correct path. There is no fear of veering off course.

Structure of the God's Court:

god's court

The God's Court in Daai Law Tin comprises five key components: Tin Law, Dei Law, Daai Law, the heart of Daai Law (Tin Sum), and the outer "ring" known as Tin Yat Sun Fu.

The lords of gods operate within the Daai Law world, with the main altar situated in the heart of that realm. This heart serves as a portal for channeling their powers downwards through the sky pillar, reaching the different worlds within the Dei Law area. Our world, Jung Law, is one of many worlds within the lower layer of the Dei Law system.

The ring surrounding the Daai Law world is a realm of "Yuen Sun" for the lords of gods. It provides them with an environment where they can cultivate and act without being bound by time.

Tin Law, positioned above Daai Law, is considered a resource pool with its own master Yuen Sun. While we all have our Yuen Sun near our world, there is a "master" Yuen Sun in the Tin Law system that connects to our Yuen Sun in this life. If required, the lords of gods can access our Yuen Sun through the Tin Law system and bestow blessings directly.

Dei Law represents the core of nature, where everything serves the purpose of being broken down, recycled, and absorbed back into the natural system. The lords of gods have the ability to control the power of Dei Law, redirecting negative energies and spirits into the depths of Dei Law, known as the Dei Law Prison or hell. Troublesome spirits are often confined here to prevent them from reincarnating and subjecting them to appropriate consequences.

The Lei Law Zone, situated outside the various systems, contains a multitude of potential essence particles awaiting conversion and activation. These particles contribute to the birth of new elements within nature's system, ascending from the bottom and entering the Tin Law's entrance, known as Tin Chi or the sky pool.

The God's Court and You:

As a disciple of our lineage, the God's Court holds a significant position for you. However, it is sufficient to acknowledge its existence. Most of the time, you will interact with the Religious Court, and expressing your gratitude and devotion towards the Religious Court will effectively reach the highest lords of gods.

The lords of gods have assigned the gods they have cultivated and created to the Celestial Court, which aids in managing our lineage. If a disciple's heart becomes corrupted and their actions become unmanageable for humans, the gods within the court will intervene and "expel" them. The disciple will suddenly feel detached and inclined to withdraw. Instances of such intervention have been witnessed throughout our lineage's history. This serves as a relief since we often remain unaware of the true nature of a disciple's corruption, as humans are adept at concealing their true selves. Now that we know the gods are observing, it is essential to be a disciplined and sincere disciple.

At the same time, disciples receive rewards from the gods for their virtuous actions. For instance, if a disciple demonstrates unwavering faith and dedication, even if we are unaware of their individual efforts, the gods above will recognize and reward them accordingly. These rewards manifest as assistance in areas where the disciple requires help, without the need for them to perform any magic. For instance, if you are in need of a job and contemplate using magic to increase your chances, the gods may intervene and bestow their powers, resulting in you securing a job the next day, even before planning any magical rituals.

According to the lords of gods, awards and punishments serve to maintain justice within the system. Since human beings cannot possess complete knowledge and understanding, the gods ensure true justice prevails. Wrongdoers are dealt with severely, while those who exhibit goodness are rewarded generously. The God's Court holds immense importance as it dispatches gods to our Celestial Court, facilitating this process.

To embark on the journey of learning and seek protection under the God's Court, I encourage you to ordain today. If you sense a connection or resonance with this calling, it may already be a signal from the gods above, and it is best not to keep them waiting.