Heart Spell 心咒 The Magic Key

Heart Spells 心咒 (Saamlawnese: Sim Jiou) are important spells that any disciples in our lineage would need to learn. There are different heart spells for different purposes granted to the disciples when they ordain or advance to the next level in the system. This article will be a good read for you to understand how our heart spell works. You might need to read the articles from the hyperlinked text to get more knowledge on the special terms. Feel free to read more into the details, and don’t hesitate to e-mail us if you want to inquire about anything.

Importance of Heart Spells

Heart spells are recited in your heart like a phone number for reaching the god that can help you, which is what magic is all about – getting god’s help on things! No Taoists rely on themselves or their own Yuen Sun only; we all know that we can do better with extra help from the Tao, and the gods are there to give us that extra power to go beyond our limits.

When you get initiated into the lineage (free initiation), you are already a disciple of the lineage, which means you will be granted one heart spell for reaching the main god of the lineage – Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師. You can find him for anything, like the one god you can call for everything and anything! However, since you have not been ordained yet, you are not connected to the celestial court system. A god is sent to you and stays inside your heart as long as you have faith. This god inside you, the Saam Law Jo Si, is like a copy of the same god in the lineage system, which you will cultivate as you use it all the time.

Remember, after saying the spell in your heart, you stop the left foot once to send the message to the god. When you want the god to output power, stomp the right foot! Also, keep your eyes closed during the heart spell; it helps your spell connect better at the first stage.

Having a heart spell ensures that you are always connecting to the SAME god, and this god gets stronger and stronger as you use it more often. Read on “Magic and Gaming,” and you should see how beneficial this spell can be. Before you do something, do the HS0 and stomp your left foot to tell Saam Law Jo Si; whenever you need to pump power out, stomp your right foot!

Remember this rule, always recite a heart spell and then stomp the left or right foot according to the need. The left foot submit a message to the god, right foot output power! You can also read this in “the stomping” article to learn more about the details.

You can now do magic all the time; it’s very flexible about how you want to tell the god and where to give more power. Very easy!

Critical Point – Heart Spells Reciting Method

The critical point for you here. When practicing, your heart spell should be slow, clear and precise. It is just a “thought” of the heart spell and not recited slowly. Just like you have to think of your house, think of your friend, think of the phone number, you only need one split second to do it, and not to slowly “draw” it out like you have visualized and thought. Do not think; just go stomp; then the spell is done. This is how you USE heart spell, not by reciting it word by word. However, you cannot do this and not learn the words. Words should be recited many times to get them memorized too. The more it is in your heart, the better it is.

Read the article on “Memory” to learn more about how memorizing works! You need to make the heart spell something like your name or phone number, so you don’t need to think and can say it without hesitation. This is how you PRACTICE. When you use it, it is just a flash or clicks moment, and you are done, stomp the foot, and that’s it.

Are you going to buy groceries? Stomp left foot. Is the intention to tell god you are doing this now and at the supermarket picking things? Stomp the right foot to get help picking the best one. Stomp again to pick another item, and stomp for help finding something; keep using the power all the way!

Are you going to a job interview? Before you go out, stomp your left foot; the intention is to inform god. At the location, stomp your right foot for help to come in and make you perform better. Shaking hands, stomp again for power to go into the person who will judge you. When you are talking, stomp a few times to pump power out to reinforce and strengthen your speech. In the end, stomp and get up to shake hands so power can go to their body and influence them to mark you nicely.

When You Ordain

You get two more heart spells when you ordain into the first stage, Saam Law Stage, which puts you into the lineage’s system as a Taoist and not just a disciple. That gives you a lot more power and help because you are now related to the gods and not just the people, which means the gods can look out for you when you live your life.

The heart spells you get for being a Saam Law Stage disciple are HS1 and HS2. HS for “Heart spell.”

HS1 connects to the god inside you, which you call SIFU 師父, and this god stays inside you as an advisor. If you have anything you need advice on or help in decision-making, you can ask him. He can also help you remember things or relay a message to the celestial court to “send feedback” to the court for the gods to know of something. It’s like the email address you can send to submit a note to the lineage court. It is good to use whenever you want to “leave a note” for future reference, like you are jotting down more details for the gods to know your problem or situation, or maybe you want to tell them stuff.

Remember that god does not “talk” to you in voice; it shows you by changing your action. If you need help and advice on things such as planning and making decisions stomp your right foot to call up HS1; you will see that you can find the solution very soon. Do not try to “listen for a voice” inside.

HS2 connects to the JO SI YEH 祖師爺 which is the god in the celestial court that deals with disciples in general, it’s like the representative god, but he is above you. You call this god when you need empowerment, extra help, or call for more power above if your HS0 tried and needs more help on the problem. It’s also good for just “sprinkling more power” over things like icing over the cake. Always good to do to make it better.

For example, if you already did your essay and are about to submit it, do HS0 to put magic on it, and top it up with HS2, use a palm to deploy the power and stomp your right foot, then smudge the power over the paper to “spread” the magic power around. It’s easily done in a second.

Magic can be done easily; it’s all about your creativity in deploying it and understanding the purpose of the three heart spells. Showering and need a cleansing bath? Hold your showerhead and stomp your left foot to inform the god with HS0, then stomp your right foot again while holding the showerhead, and the water will be magicalized when coming down on you, giving you the cleanse! Are you putting on a coat and needing the coat to become magical? Take the coat in hand and stomp your left foot with the intention of HS0, wear it, then stomp your right foot to exert power; the coat will radiate the power and give you a golden shield already. Are you putting on your shoes? HS0, stomp your left foot, then put on the shoes, and then your right foot stomp to power up; now, your shoes are magicalized to protect you and guide you safely to the right place. Whatever you are doing, you can always put magic in it, and the more you use magic like this, the more powerful it gets as you witness the positive results! Remember to always give FEEDBACK to your god afterward by simply stomping the left foot with HS1 and giving an expression like “Yes!” or “Good!” or “Ha!” anything works to express your appreciation or feedback. If the result isn’t as you wanted, you can also say negative things like “aiya!” “oh no!” and so on. It’s just an expression to let god know how to help you better next time!

You would get more heart spells when you enter the other stages, opening you up to more powers and abilities with the gods you can connect to. However, for every heart spell you have, you must memorize and cultivate so that they will be etched into your heart forever.

Always remember that when you practice, go slow; when you use it, go fast. Don’t hesitate, doubt or question yourself. The spell is just a thought; it’s not in words. Knowing WHY you stomp the foot and do the magic is enough for the spell to work. Be faithful to yourself and the gods, and do not question or doubt; all magic will work well for you.

Get ordained to get started and learn how to do Taoist magic immediately; let magic change your life and bring this power to everyone you care for.