Heart Spell 心咒 The Magic Key

Heart Spells, known as Sim Jiou (心咒) in Saamlawnese, hold a vital place in our lineage. These powerful spells are bestowed upon disciples during their ordination or as they advance in their spiritual journey. This article serves as an enlightening read, offering a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of our heart spells. For a deeper exploration of the subject, follow the hyperlinked text to access additional information on specialized terms. Should you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us via email. Gain profound insights and enhance your knowledge of the transformative power of Heart Spells.

Importance of Heart Spells

Heart spells serve as direct lines of communication to the gods, akin to dialing a phone number for divine assistance. Magic, at its core, revolves around seeking help from higher powers. As Taoists, we understand that relying solely on our own Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) can be enhanced with the support of the Tao and the gods, granting us extraordinary capabilities beyond our limits.

Upon initiation into our lineage (free initiation), you become a disciple with access to a heart spell. This spell connects you to the primary god of our lineage, Saam Law Jo Si (三羅祖師). Consider Saam Law Jo Si as the ultimate god you can call upon for any matter. Although not yet ordained within the religious court system, a god is assigned to reside within your heart as long as you maintain faith. This god, Saam Law Jo Si, mirrors the same god within the lineage system and grows stronger as you regularly invoke it.

Remember, recite the heart spell in your heart and tap your left foot once to relay your message to the god. To unleash the god's power, stomp your right foot! Keeping your eyes closed during the heart spell enhances the connection during the initial stages.

Having a heart spell ensures a consistent connection with the SAME god, and its strength amplifies with repeated use. Explore our article on "Magic and Gaming" to discover the incredible benefits of this spell. Before undertaking any action, perform the HS0 heart spell and tap your left foot to communicate with Saam Law Jo Si. When you need to channel power, stomp your right foot!

Remember this golden rule: recite a heart spell and tap your left or right foot accordingly. The left foot communicates your message to the god, while the right foot unleashes its power. Find further insights in our "The Stomping" article for a deeper understanding of these practices.

With the flexibility to connect with the gods at any time, you can embrace the wonders of magic. It's remarkably simple to convey your intentions and direct divine power. Empower yourself and embark on an extraordinary journey.

Critical Point – Heart Spells Reciting Method

The key principle to remember is that when practicing heart spells, they should be executed with deliberate slowness, clarity, and precision. Rather than reciting them slowly, it is akin to a fleeting thought in your mind. Just as you effortlessly think of your home, your friend, or a phone number, a split second is all it takes—no need to prolong or visualize the process. Think, stomp, and the spell is complete. This is how heart spells are utilized, not by meticulously reciting them word by word. However, it is crucial to learn and memorize the words by repeated recitation. The more ingrained they become in your heart, the more effective they will be.

Delve into our article on "Memory" to gain insights into the art of memorization. Transform the heart spell into something as familiar as your own name or phone number, enabling you to effortlessly recite it without hesitation. This is how you practice. When you put it into use, it becomes a momentary flash or a swift click, and you're done—stomp your foot, and the magic is activated.

Are you heading to the grocery store? Stomp your left foot—a signal to inform the god that this is your current activity. Need assistance in selecting the best items? Stomp your right foot to invoke help in choosing wisely. Keep utilizing the power as you pick more items and seek guidance within the store.

Preparing for a job interview? Before stepping out, stomp your left foot—a sign to notify the god of your intentions. Upon arrival, stomp your right foot, seeking divine aid to perform at your best. When shaking hands, stomp again, empowering the person who will assess you. While speaking, punctuate your words with multiple stomps, fortifying and reinforcing your communication. Finally, as you conclude, rise and shake hands, allowing the power to influence their impression of you positively.

Mastery of heart spells lies in their seamless integration into your daily endeavors. With practice, they become second nature, enhancing your actions with divine assistance. Embrace this transformative power and manifest greatness in every aspect of your life.

When You Ordain

Embarking on the path of the Saam Law Stage brings forth a profound transformation in your journey as a Taoist practitioner. As you ordain into this stage, you receive two additional heart spells—HS1 and HS2—enabling a deeper connection with the gods themselves. Now, not only are you aligned with the people of the lineage, but you are embraced by divine protection and support as you navigate through life.

HS1 links you to the god residing within you, known as SIFU 師父, who becomes your trusted advisor. Whenever you seek guidance, assistance in decision-making, or wish to convey a message to the religious court for future reference, SIFU is there to lend a guiding hand. Simply stomp your right foot to invoke HS1 when you require advice. Remember, the god communicates not through words but by subtly influencing your actions. Trust in the process and refrain from searching for a literal voice within.

HS2 establishes a connection to the Saam Law Palace within the religious court, serving as an additional wellspring of power from the lineage. Whenever your primary god associated with HS0 requires additional support, HS2 acts as the source of amplified energy, empowering your magical endeavors.

For instance, if you have completed an essay and are about to submit it, infuse it with magic using HS0, and further enhance its potency with HS2. Employing your palm, channel the power and stomp your right foot, gently smudging the magical essence onto the paper. This simple yet swift action completes the process in a matter of seconds.

The art of magic lies in its simplicity and your creativity in its deployment, guided by the purpose of these three heart spells. Picture yourself showering and desiring a cleansing bath. Hold the showerhead, stomp your left foot to inform the god through HS0, then stomp your right foot while still gripping the showerhead. As the water cascades down, it becomes infused with magical properties, purifying and revitalizing your being. Donning a coat and seeking its protective enchantment? Take hold of the coat, stomp your left foot with the intention of HS0, put it on, and stomp your right foot to activate its power. Your coat now radiates a golden shield of magical energy, safeguarding and guiding you on your journey. Likewise, with every action you undertake, be it putting on your shoes or engaging in any task, infuse it with magic. Through repetition and observance of positive results, the potency of your magic amplifies. Remember to express your gratitude or provide feedback to your god through HS1 by stomping your left foot and conveying your appreciation or response. Even expressing disappointment or dissatisfaction can serve as valuable feedback, aiding the god in assisting you better in the future.

As you progress through the stages, you will unlock further heart spells, expanding your connection to various gods and unlocking new powers and abilities. However, it is essential to memorize and cultivate each heart spell diligently, etching them into the very fabric of your being.

In your practice, remember to proceed with deliberation, embracing a slow and contemplative approach. However, when you unleash the magic in your daily life, do so swiftly and confidently. Banish any doubt or hesitation, for the true essence of the heart spell lies in your intention, not in the recitation of words. Understanding the purpose behind each foot stomp and the magic it invokes is sufficient to make the spell work wonders. Embrace unwavering faith in yourself and the gods, refraining from questioning or doubting. With this unwavering trust, the realm of magic will open doors and transform your life.

Take the first step on this enchanting journey by receiving ordination, allowing Taoist magic to infuse your existence. Let the power of magic permeate your life and extend its blessings to all those you hold dear.