Dei Law Jo Si 地羅祖師

Dei Law Jo Si 地羅祖師 (Saamlawnese: Di Noh Ju Cia) is one of the most important gods in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar Mar 6th. This is an exclusive god of our lineage and is one of the nine main gods, which we call the Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真 (Yioh Fong Gew Jin). The energy colour of this god is black, which might surprise you because most people relate black to “bad” energy. However, black is just one of the many colours in nature; even if our hair is black, it doesn’t mean we are bad!

If you can “zoom out” from our world and go beyond all the galaxy and space, going to the most ancient dimension and world, you will see that our world is just one of the many worlds inside the Dei Law system of nature. Take two rice bowls and place them on the table with their bottom touching each other. The bowl on the bottom will cover up some space and fill the space with darkness; the top is like an exposed bowl. Take a ping pong ball or something that size and put it between the two bowls; now, you have built a mini model of the Saam Law system. The bottom is the Dei Law zone. The top is the Tin Law, and the ball is Daai Law. Together, they are called Saam Law; Saam is three laws or three systems.

Imagine you have two bowls in different sizes, from big to small, and they fit inside the bottom bowl like a stack but with some space between each bowl. The gap is a layer or world of its own. Counting from the biggest and most outer layer to the smallest one, we have three different layers, which are Sun Law 神羅, Ling Law 靈羅, and Jung Law 中羅. The smallest space, Jung Law, is where we are now, and our world is just one “dot” inside this space, with many other worlds in the same space we might not be able to see or touch. It’s hard to imagine, but the point is that our world here is just a micro-size world, and many other worlds co-exist around ours. Yet, even if you count all the other worlds, we are just a small fraction of the whole system. Mind-blowing, right?

The purpose of the whole Dei Law zone is like a belly of nature; it digests and breaks down the elements that were pushed into the Dei Law zone. Daai Law (the ball area) is where the most ancient beings live and where our gods of gods are. When anything dies from the Daai Law zone, it will turn into energy and flow down into the center of the Dei Law zone. It will slowly go through the different laws and gets broken down through different “lives,” which are just one of the many processes to break down the elements further and further until it is done at Jung Law zone. After all the human dies, we enter a few more layers and eventually will be destroyed to the point that we cannot be destroyed anymore; then we will be absorbed into the bottom of the Dei Law, which will contain us in an energy form for a while, then when the time comes, Dei Law will spin and squeezes our energy out the system and we will then flow out of the Dei Law’s outer layer and follow a path to go up to the top, and be sucked into the top system (Tin Law). The top of the bowl facing upward will represent the Tin Law, and we will be swirled into it, through some tumbling and processing, and then be pushed downward into the Daai Law world again and be born again into the original world that we were once in. The point is, regardless of religion, we are all from the same world and will eventually be in the same world again at one point. Going through lives in different worlds in the Dei Law layers is just part of the process; being broken down, destroyed, and returning to a state that allows nature to accept us into the creation funnel again. The purpose of Dei Law is to break down, destroy, and absorb things, just like the inside of our body and the digestive system.

Please note that Saam Law Taoists are cultivating to not go through the whole process of being broken down and destroyed and then go back to the Daai Law world with everything “erased.” We are cultivating to go to Daai Law after we die, directly going there, keeping our memory and everything and not being “reset” to a new life.

Dei Law Jo Si is a god that represents the Dei Law system. The black energy he uses is called Yuen Gung 玄功 (Xuan Gong), which is extremely powerful for its suction power, like the black hole that sucks away everything.

The Hell and Prison

Dei Law Jo Si can help us capture and sucks away anything bad and evil, just like a vacuum. It can help us break down obstructive forces and obstacles, making it easier to be “swallowed” by nature. A team of bad guys is strong, but breaking them up into individuals makes it easier to defeat them. After they are controlled and restrained, they will be captured in nature’s prison, the bottom of Dei Law.

The bottom of Dei Law is a “flat” layer which we call the Dei Yuk 地獄 (Di Yioh), and it means “Hell” in English, but to be exact, it is a prison. The purpose of a prison is to capture and restrain the prisoner so they can go through a correction stage to neutralize them and bring them back to a positive state.

Evil spirits or energies, negative and obstructive forces, are all negative and bad to nature because they have so many elements inside that push them to obstruct nature’s flow. When they are around, they cause trouble and harm to nature; just like some bad food being consumed, the bacteria will damage the intestine and even the stomach wall. Therefore, the Dei Law’s prison will need to capture and lock up these bad elements, be they spirits or just energies, and correct them by removing all the harmful elements inside them.  As we say, cook them in hell and let them burn off all the negatives.  After they are done with the correction period and returned to a positive state, they will float back up to the Tin Law zone and be recycled in nature.

As Taoists, we must be a peacekeeper of nature. If we encounter evils and obstructive forces, we should use our magical powers to exorcise them. Whenever evils are busted, they will be automatically sucked back to the preheaven dimension and transported to the Dei Law’s prison.  This is also why evils cannot “come back” after being busted by Saam Law Taoist magic, because they will be captured and imprisoned. Unlike other paths that only “ward off” the evils and let them escape elsewhere or even find other prey. Sometimes we can directly use the Dei Law Jo Si’s power to open a sucking portal and suck away the evils, directly sending them to hell.

The Dei Law prison is very powerful. It has five main powers that spin around like the blade in your washing machine, which grinds and tortures the prisoners and destroys the positive and negative powers of their nine types of preheaven energies. Every preheaven energy has the negative power to help it regenerate and the positive power to help it exert and manifest its powers. With both being destroyed, then what is left is the most neutral and balanced state, which is the unharmful type that nature wants. There are nine preheaven energies, with negative and positives, 9x2 = 18. That is why we call it the eighteen levels of hell.

Vision, hearing, senses, thinking, feeling, motivation, expression, physical growth and taking action to do what you want – these are the nine main categories that will be destroyed. The hell goes backward, so the torture starts from the last one.

First, you will not be able to move or do anything. You will feel the starving and weakening of the body, and then you will lose your power to talk and express yourself. You will lose your motivation and memory; your feelings will be destroyed, which will put you into depression, then you will lose the power to think. Then you will lose all your senses and creativity, you will not be able to hear, and your desires will be all gone; at last, you will lose your vision, and you will not be able to see the future again.  If you want a more physical metaphor, you can imagine yourself entering the hell prison, and this is what you would go through.

First, someone would lock you up so you cannot move or do anything. Then you will go through some beatings to disable your body. After that, you will be locked up, starved and beaten repeatedly to make you feel weaker and weaker. After a while, you will be numb and exhausted; someone will come to cut your tongue and pour liquid iron into your throat to disable your speaking ability. You will be transferred to another place to be stabbed by sharp pikes that go through your body, and your body will be like a balloon with holes all over. You will lose your memory, and your body cannot hold onto any energy, so you will lose the power to build motivation! Like a broken tire, it cannot hold any air inside, no matter how much you try to pump!  Then, you will be taken to the next station to be humiliated, and your heart will be tortured with everything that makes you feel bad. You must face all the guilt and ego issues again and look at what you have done wrong in the past. Now that you have been through this, someone will take you to have your head pounded and smashed to destroy your ability to think. Then, you will start to lose your senses one by one, and you will not even be able to hear or see. Your hearing will be gone from some ear-smashing torture, and your eyes will be hooked. It is awful even to imagine it, but of course, this is just a visual metaphor of what it would be like if it were done to a human being. The evils in prison it’s not like that because they are not human beings. Get ready for it – the actual treatment is just worse!

Maybe it sounds kind of evil with all that torturing and destruction but think about your digestive system. Didn’t your body do all that to the food that went into the system to create your poop too? These are necessary steps to break down the elements for the body to absorb. For nature to absorb the living souls back, a similar process is needed to get them neutralized.

If we face evil magic attacks, we can also put the sorcerer’s soul into the miniature version of the Dei Law prison and use the Dei Law Jo Si’s power to destroy their preheaven energies. This will destroy their vision in life, their desire to be alive, their inspirations and senses of energy, their power to think, their feelings and confidence, their motivation to take action, their ability to take action, their physical strength that supports their health and also their physical power to carry out the tasks, and so much more.

Learning and Business

Besides torturing and destructive things, Dei Law Jo Si’s black energy can also help us in a “negative” way, such as helping us to learn and absorb information. With black energy inside, we will have a stronger desire to learn and become “hungrier” for knowledge.

If you are opening a store, you would want to use Dei Law Jo Si’s energy to suck in customers and usher the people your way. This is a good way to use the dark force with the “negative” power!

For those who work in an office environment, packing on black energy can help you stay attractive and make people feel you are interesting and loveable. Your “black” energy can also attract the “white,” the bosses and beneficial friends who can shed light and give you a good future! It opens up opportunities and pushes wealth your way!  Dei Law Jo Si is also like a god of wealth to help you suck in the wealth from all directions!

Dei Law Jo Si is a powerful god who can help us take away evils and unwanted things, absorb impact, and imprison evils or negative things. His energy can also be deployed to help us in learning and career, sucking in beneficial people and wealth!  You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this god in the Magic Foundation E-book!  If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!