Ordain to Become a Taoist (Non-Refundable)

Unlock the wisdom of Saam Law Taoism and become a Saam Law Stage disciple of the Tin Yat Lineage. Our doors are open to anyone who desires to ordain and embrace the path of Taoism.

Upon payment, you'll receive a complimentary "Saam Law Stage Learning Guide PDF" and detailed instructions from Jee Sifu, our dedicated guide.

To register, please provide your full name, date of birth (in the format: Mar 21, 2002), a clear headshot photo of yourself, a valid ID for verification purposes, shipping address, and your contact phone number.

Once your details have been verified, Jee Sifu will seek divine approval for your ordination and notify you of the outcome. If accepted, we'll arrange a solemn and sacred ordination ceremony exclusively for you. If not accepted, we'll issue a full refund, and you may keep the PDF as an invaluable gift from our lineage.

Our 1.5-hour distance ordination ceremony eliminates the need for your physical presence. Immerse yourself in the vast knowledge in the extensive PDF while maintaining faithfulness, politeness, and humility as a devoted disciple.

Before proceeding with payment, please acquaint yourself with the OATH post—a testament to our principles and values.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. No prerequisite: You are not required to undergo the free initiation process or complete a specific learning stage before ordaining.
  2. Comprehensive initiation: The ordination ceremony encompasses the initiation process, ensuring a seamless progression. We'll gladly provide you with the initiation PDF via email upon request.
  3. Embrace the teachings: By ordaining, you willingly embrace the identity of a Saam Law Taoist and commit to abiding by our teachings and principles, including the Five Virtues and Ten Commandments. We encourage you to explore our enlightening eBooks to gain a deeper understanding before deciding.
  4. Withdrawal process: Should you ever choose to withdraw, a polite request to be removed from the lineage will suffice. Please note that refunds are not applicable in such cases.
  5. Offering to the gods: Your payment represents a heartfelt offering to the gods, seeking their acceptance—a traditional practice known as a "red packet" presented to the master in ancient times.
  6. Ordination essentials: Ordaining solidifies your place as a Taoist and a cherished Saam Law Tao family member. While ordination does not include additional lessons or benefits, you will receive a complimentary PDF and gain access to our LINE chatroom for open learning. To expedite your progress, consider joining our monthly classes and engaging in various enriching activities.
  7. Language support: We provide teachings and support exclusively in English and Chinese, enabling focused and immersive learning experiences.
  8. No membership, but belonging: We do not operate as a conventional membership-based group or forum. Instead, we foster a deep sense of belonging within our Taoist community.
  9. Embrace the significance: In Chinese, ordaining is known as 皈依, signifying the embrace of Taoism as your religion. It's a momentous decision, brimming with profound possibilities!
  10. Cultivate success: Success as a Taoist stems from trust, unwavering faith, and resolute determination. Take an active role in your personal growth by proactively seeking knowledge and fearlessly asking questions to unlock new avenues of learning.

We trust that this comprehensive information addresses your queries and instills confidence in the ordination process. Should you require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us. Begin your journey toward enlightenment—seize this extraordinary opportunity today!