Ordain to Become a Taoist (Non-Refundable)

Special Deals
Add Pets to be Ordainin


Email us to discuss for special deals for group-ordains. Let us know the info of the people to be ordained, including name, photo and date of birth so we can ask the gods for approval.

Ordaining as a Saam Law Taoist is a life-changing decision, something you do just once in your lifetime! After you make your payment, you'll need to send us a few details by email to complete your registration:

  • Your Full Name
  • A Photo (just a headshot or selfie)
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Shipping Address (if it's different from your usual one)
  • Your Phone Number (this is optional, so no pressure)

Once we've got all your info, we'll conduct a special ceremony on our side to officially initiate and ordain you. After that, you'll get an email from us with your new Taoist name, some heart spells, and all the next steps you need to follow.

By purchasing, you will immediately reserve your spot in the lineage, and a Taoist name will be assigned. When all information is gathered, then the ceremony will take place to officially get you ordained.

If you have trouble contacting us via the normal email, please also try THIS email which reaches Jee Sifu directly too. Your ordain request will be put on-hold until we have received your information.

Special Option

Ordain on a subscription - This is for those who want to try before getting fully committed. You are paying a $38/mo subscription fee with a one time $108 ceremony fee. Then you will be ordained just like the "official version" and have full benefit, but once you want to quit or withdraw, just simply terminate the subscription and you are off the system.  If you wish to stay but cannot afford the payment, you can also be demoted to Tin Yat Stage and become a disciple only until you are ready again. If you wish to go with this plan, use the PayPal link below to get started. Submit your info the same way as said above to Jee Sifu to get started. *($146 first month, $38/month after that. Can terminate and quite anytime, no question asked.)


Why Choose to Ordain?

Ordaining is like taking refuge under the Tao – it's a commitment where you agree to trust, have faith in, and be determined to follow the Tao. This means you're under the guidance, blessings, and protection of the gods. And it doesn't stop with this life; even after a Taoist passes away, the gods guide them to the Religious Court, a sacred space for Taoists to continue their journey and cultivation after their human life.

Keep your heart aligned with the Tao, and even in the toughest times, the gods' celestial light will shine on your path. Use the heart spells we give you whenever you need some extra help!

Learning Opportunities

After you're ordained, you'll have the chance to join our LINE chat group for direct, hands-on learning. It's open to all disciples, but if you prefer to take things slow, that's cool too – you can be a passive learner until you're ready to dive deeper.

We offer a variety of learning resources. Right after you make your payment, you'll get a PDF to start learning from. Post-ordination, you're welcome to join our LINE group for direct lessons. We mainly teach in English, but we're also equipped to teach in Chinese (both Cantonese and Mandarin). There are eBooks, forums, videos, and a lot more. If you're keen to learn, we've got something that'll suit your style.

Guidance from Real Masters

I, Jee Sifu, or Ju Cia Juan as you'll call me after ordaining, will be your guide and teacher. By a 'real' master, we mean you're not learning from outdated books or fake experts. You're learning from someone with over 20 years of experience in cultivating and teaching Taoism – a real person who cares about the Tao, the truth, and especially about the disciples. This isn't just about joining a group; it's about building a meaningful relationship. I'm here to help and care for you because you've placed your trust in me. This kind of personal connection is rare, especially in larger organizations that are more focused on numbers than individuals.

Here's my promise to you: "You give your trust, faith, and determination, and I'll match it with equal love, energy, and care. I won't give up on a disciple unless they choose to leave first. Our disciple-master relationship is meant to last a lifetime and even beyond. I look forward to meeting all of you in our Taoist Heaven, Daai Law Tin, in the future."

*If you ever feel the need to withdraw, just send us an email. While we can't offer a refund, we'll remove you from the lineage immediately, no questions asked.