Practice vs Application

Tin Yat Stage Newbie Guide

Welcome to the Tin Yat Lineage as a newly initiated disciple! Your focus should be on three key areas:

1. Master Your Heart Spell: First, get comfortable with your heart spell. Once you've got it down, start your heart spell cultivation to build foundational powers.

2. Learn and Apply Cleansing Spells: Incorporate cleansing spells into your daily routine. If you're up for more learning, dive into Tin Yat Water Magic too.

3. Worship and Support Your Lineage: Make it a habit to offer support via the website, akin to visiting a temple to burn incense and make offerings. This strengthens your connection with the lineage. Keep an eye on our anniversaries list; we honor the gods on the first day of each lunar month.

Understanding Tin Yat

"Tin Yat" 天一, or Sky One, represents your initial connection and alignment with a higher power source in our lineage. Initially, your 'sky' is your Yuen Sun 元神, your spiritual planetary body. After ordination, it becomes the Religious Court, our lineage’s power source. As you advance, your 'sky' reaches higher realms, tapping into more potent and purer energies.

Meaning of Your Name

Your name, "Tin-X," is a starting point. It's up to you to define its significance. Names are typically chosen by Ju Cia Juan under divine guidance, often hinting at a disciple's focus areas or potential future strengths. However, these potentials can only manifest if you actively follow the teachings!

Next Step - Getting Ordained

Taking the step to get ordained is about more than just learning; it's a demonstration of your determination and faith. By becoming a Saam Law Taoist, you open yourself up to greater guidance, blessings, and protection. Don’t feel you need to learn everything at the Tin Yat Stage before moving on. It's your commitment and faith that count!