Tin Yat Stage Newbies

Welcome to this page; it is open for the Tin Yat Stage disciples! This will be a page where you can come back anytime to check for reference materials and keep yourself focused and aligned so you know what you are doing and where you are going as the goal.

Main Focus

You are an initiated disciple of Tin Yat Lineage. Your focus is to be a good disciple who can achieve the “Tin Yat” state, which is knowing how to use the magic which utilizes your Yuen Sun’s power. The whole point of Tin Yat is being able to maximize your life’s potential. This is achieved by having the right mindset and deploying the power with the magic you learn here. Knowing what magic is and using it always makes you a good disciple. If you don’t know how to apply it, ask your master – Ju Cia Juan!

How to Do Well

To become a good Tin Yat Stage disciple, one must start to learn to behave like a disciple and have the mindset of a disciple. Respect, faith, and loyalty are good qualities of a good disciple, which makes the master happy and proud of them. Learn more and apply the magic to everything in your life. The more you use it, the better you get.

Don't forget to read about "Heart Spell" and the "Proper Etiquette" page!

When to Ordain?

The reason for ordaining to become a Saam Law Taoist is because you want to go beyond your normal limit, to have the Tao become your source of power that feeds you on top of your Yuen Sun. You will get protected by the Tao, which helps you shield off many spiritual attacks and magic attacks. At the same time, you can cultivate to improve your life and have a place to go after your journey ends in this world. As Taoists, you don’t need to become a wandering ghost and be at risk of being kidnapped by spiritual tyrants and overlords who always look for souls to enslave. The Tao will always take care of you and protect you as long as your heart is in the Tao. Sometimes the Tao will signal to you and give you the green light. If you feel it, don’t hesitate!

NOTE: Tin Yat Stage is a stage we open for free, everyone can join, and there is no restriction or commitment required. However, the more committed and loyal you are, the better your power is as an award. Ordaining can be done anytime; you do not have to stay in Tin Yat Stage until you are “good at” the magic or have learned enough. Those who can get ordained right away are just saving their time and going straight to the main dish. It shows the gods that you are determined and not hesitating, which is always good!

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