Tin Yat Stage Newbies

This page is for those who JUST decided to initiate and have done everything to get started already.

What to Memorize

  1. Your identity as a Taoist of Saam Law Tin Si Tao 三羅天師道
  2. Your identity as a Tin Yat Stage disciple of Tin Yat Lineage 天一派
  3. Your main god which is Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師.
  4. Your Taoist Temple is HERE – Tin Yat Dragon temple 天一神龍宮
  5. You agreed and accepted to follow the 5 virtues.
  6. Your Heart Spell (one)
  7. Your Heart Spell’s Sun Kuet
  8. Always have trust, faith and determination on the Tao, the lineage, and the masters!
  9. Worship the gods!

What to DO?

  1. Read and enjoy content on the website, especially the download page that gets updated often.
  2. Read the "Enter the Dragon Gate" book!
  3. Watch from our YouTube channels (Chi in Nature for English, Tin Yat Dragon for Cantonese)
  4. Feel the power as you practice what you have learned.
  5. Want to learn more? E-mail us and get hooked up on LINE to join our LINE chatroom for Tin Yat Stage!
  6. Love everything? Ordainto Saam Law Stage!

Basically, that’s it!

Being a Tin Yat Stage disciple is very casual, you are like a newbie, a believer, and you are learning on your own and at your own pace. If you want to get going on some real direct teachings, your next step is ordainingand go up to Saam Law Stage.