Tin Yat Stage Newbies

Welcome to this page for Tin Yat Stage disciples! Here, you'll find reference materials to stay focused, aligned, and informed about your goals. Use this page as a valuable resource to deepen your understanding and enhance your practice. Stay dedicated and may your journey bring you closer to enlightenment.

Main Focus

As a disciple of the Tin Yat Lineage, your focus is to achieve the "Tin Yat" state by harnessing the magic derived from your Yuen Sun's power. This entails maximizing your life's potential through the right mindset and effective application of learned magic. If you need assistance, consult your master, Ju Cia Juan. Embrace the transformative power of Tin Yat and be a dedicated disciple.

How to Do Well

To excel as a Tin Yat Stage disciple, it is crucial to adopt the behaviors and mindset of a dedicated disciple. Demonstrating respect, faith, and loyalty are essential qualities that bring joy and pride to your master. Expand your knowledge and integrate the magic into every aspect of your life. With consistent practice, you will enhance your proficiency. Remember, the more you utilize the magic, the more proficient you become.

Don't forget to read about "Heart Spell" and the "Proper Etiquette" page!

When to Ordain?

The purpose of ordaining as a Saam Law Taoist is to transcend your limitations and establish the Tao as the source of your power, in addition to your Yuen Sun. By aligning with the Tao, you receive its protection, safeguarding you against spiritual and magical attacks. Cultivating as a Taoist allows you to improve your life and provides a destination beyond this world.

As a Taoist, you avoid the fate of becoming a wandering ghost, vulnerable to being enslaved by spiritual tyrants and overlords seeking souls. The Tao always takes care of and protects those whose hearts are dedicated to it. It may even send signals or give you the green light on certain matters. When you sense these signs, it's important not to hesitate.

Please note that Tin Yat Stage is open to everyone without restrictions or commitments. However, the more committed and loyal you are, the greater your power becomes as a reward. Ordination can be pursued at any time; there's no requirement to stay in Tin Yat Stage until you become proficient in the magic or have acquired sufficient knowledge. Those who choose to ordain right away demonstrate determination and lack of hesitation, which is highly regarded by the gods.

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