Heart Spell Cultivation

heart spell warrior

The practice of Channelling Cultivation 通靈功, also known as Heart Spell Cultivation, is an essential foundation for disciples at every level within our lineage. The primary objective of this cultivation is to strengthen your connection with the preheaven powers that your specific heart spells tap into. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned practitioner, you can always revisit this cultivation to fortify your foundational magical powers.

Visualize yourself as a modem, a transmitter of signals to the divine realm—similar to how your home modem connects to the internet. As a newly ordained disciple, your heart spells can indeed "work," but think of it as a weak Wi-Fi signal that needs boosting. The Channelling Cultivation acts as that power booster, making your connection stable, secure, and potent.

The 108-Day Commitment

This cultivation demands a commitment of 108 consecutive days of practice. Should you miss a day, you'll need to extend your practice by an additional three days. Miss a week? Then you'll have to start the 108-day schedule from scratch. More than 108 days is acceptable, but less is not an option. Keep a chart or a table to mark off each day of successful practice.

During these 108 days, remember that you're not alone. You're linked to the lineage's magical reservoir, the Religious Court, and a constant flow of magic power is directed towards you. This is why a high level of focus and concentration is crucial—it's not just about memorizing a spell.

Daily Rituals and Counting Methods

Each day involves reciting your chosen heart spell at least 108 times. You have the flexibility to cultivate all the heart spells you've acquired or focus on one at a time—starting with HS0 and progressing to HS1 and so forth. However, many disciples opt to practice all three primary heart spells daily to complete the cultivation cycle in 108 days.

For the act of counting, you can use your fingers or opt for prayer beads. These beads can later serve as a magical tool, imbued with the energy of your consistent practice. They can be particularly helpful for those who frequently experience spiritual disturbances during sleep. You can either wear these beads or place them under your pillow to harness their protective energy.

Staying Focused

A crucial point to remember is to not let any external perceptions distract you. Whether you see visions, hear sounds, or experience physical sensations, stay focused solely on completing your 108 recitations. Don't compromise your posture—maintain an upright and straight position throughout your practice.

Before diving into this cultivation practice, make sure to watch the accompanying video series in its entirety. Questions are always welcome—feel free to reach out via LINE or email if you are in the Tin Yat Stage of your learning journey.