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Powerful FU Talisman

Try our Powerful FU talismans that we have selected for you. Each of these hand-crafted FU talismans will be infused with special Taoist magic powers of Saam Law Sun Gung for each personal order, and be customized internally for the work you want it to do. Every FU Talismans we shipped out is personally hand-crafted by our most experienced Sifu, Jee Si Gung, with the best power and effectiveness ensured for your every need.

These nine FUs below are “General FU” that we have selected for most general purposes. You can read the descriptions to see which category your need will fall into and you can purchase the corresponding FU. If you feel that your issue should need special attention, we welcome you to contact us to get a customized FU for your case. Rest assure that the price will not hike for a customized FU. You will get a quotation from us and given options to choose from.

Common FU Suggestions

If you are needing a FU for protection, try our Saam Law FU in conjunction with the Tin Yat Protection FU as a combo.

If you are needing a FU for luck of all sorts, try the Tin Law FU and the Potential Maximizing FU with the Wealth Luck FU as a combo!

If you are looking for something to cleanse your house’s energy or something for health related issue, try the Dai Law FU with the Positive Energy FU as a combo!

Specially Customized FU Talismans for You

We do customized FU Talismans upon requests. Contact us to tell us your need, and we will give you options to choose from. If you have a certain budget in mind, you can also let us know, so that we can provide you with options within your range.

For Fan Tai Sui and other personal issues, we will make the customized FU upon request, and you can provide us with your personal information such as your photo, name and date of birth and so on, for infusing into the FU and making it bonded to you securely and work only for you.

Customized FU Talismans are not always at a higher price range. We will charge reasonable for the work done, and there are options that fit all sorts of budget ranges. Those who got the FU Talisman and received the effect, our support us page is there for you to show your appreciation!