What are Souls and Spirits in Taoism

What are Hun and Po of Taoism

Most of you might have heard of the Hun Po魂魄or what we call Wun Paak in Cantonese, but what exactly defines the two word of Wun and Paak, or souls and spirits? Taoism does not put any words in this world to a fixed definition because all words are just seen as a pattern, and when the pattern matches, it will fall into the same word like a category. Just like the concept of yin and yang, five elements, it’s all a way of categorizing things in nature. When we can understand the true meaning of the world, the pattern that is hidden behind the word, then we know how to analyze things in this world and understand how to work around elements, taking full control of things around us by utilizing the principle of nature with Taoist magic, such as Saam Law Sun Gung.

The definition of Hun and Po魂魄(Wun and Paak) is not hard to understand. If you can break up the two Chinese words into left and right, you will be able to understand it easily. They are both words that are composed of something on the left and a ghost on the right.

The word ghostdoes not mean the ghost that we usually refer to (like the spirits of dead people). The ghost here, just by the word itself, means that it is when something is used up and done with a process, it goes out of the processing ground and into another place, and be born in the next location onward.

Let’s say you are eating a piece of chicken, the mouth is the first system that processes it. When your mouth is done with its chewing and such, you swallows it and the chicken falls down the chute and will go into your stomach. The “chicken” that is inside the stomach is born in the “stomach world” and is about to be processed onward. Therefore, you can say that the chicken is the ghost of the mouth system now. It’s a very simple pattern, it means that something is done here and went to be born in the next station. That’s how this world of “ghost” is defined in Taoismand Taoist magic. When you see the word of ghost used in Taoism FU, the FU Talismans, you will know that is has nothing to do with the “ghost” as in the dead spirits!  Words are used as a container with a pattern, and there is no absolute subject set to it.

You can use the pattern for ghost above to refer to a ghost in the family of three too.  A father and mother gave birth to a son. The son is the ghost of the parents, because it is something born from the process of “making-baby” between the two parents, and now this is born in the next “stage”.  Therefore, the child is often called a “small ghost小鬼” in Chinese as a slang. It doesn’t mean that the child is dead, it’s just that the same pattern for the word fits to describe the child’s property.


What is Hun and Po, Soul and Spirit

Hun(Wun) is often referred to as the “soul”, but in this case, it means much more than what most people would have thought. The word for soul(Hun / Wun in Caontese) is composed of the action on the left side –Wun, meaning to gather up essences to give birth to things.  Then, as a result, there is a ghost born on the other side.

yin and yangRelating to our article on “Yuen Sun”, we talked about the spiritual planetary body of ourselves, which is what pumps us the essence of life and gives us the potentials. In short, you can say that Taoist believes in the theory of opposite, or binary. Everything has an exact opposite in order to exist for real. For example, you need to have dark in order to have light, you need to have low in order to have high, everything can be compared to having the two extremes. It’s a simple theory that everyone understands clearly, but you might not have thought as far as the Taoist who deals with it seriously. What about yourself and your life?

In Taoism, we say that you are a single living being living being contained in a physical planet that contains other beings as well. Your job here is to move around and build things on the planet. On the other end of the universe, then there is an exact opposite of you, meaning that you are a spiritual planet, with many beings being contained by you. The better you do, the better the beings will “live” inside your planet, pretty cool, huh? That is what we have talked about in the “Yuen Sun” article.

Your Yuen-Sun元神pumps it’s energy to your body here. While it keeps on doing so, as you can see, it gathers up essence from the Yuen Sun, and the “ghost” is created on the other end which is your physical body here. You are the ghost of your Yuen Sun! 

The soul or Hun/Wun of you is the “energies” that is accumulated between you and your Yuen Sun. It’s a bunch of energies in which we call the dimension 6,六白真靈空間. This is the post-heaven spiritual dimension, or what we call the “yin” dimension of this post-heaven world.

The soul is energies, but energies do not define it completely. There are 3 types of energies that composed of a complete soul.

One type is neutral, which we call Tin Wun天魂and that is what we used to call it the soul-celestial. The neutral soul energy gives birth to the “yin” property soul energies, which is the Yin-Soul or Yum-Wun陰魂, which has a negative property. Then this will give birth to the next which is the Yang-Soul or Yeung-Wun陽魂, which has a positive property to it. With 3 souls combined, there goes a full soul composition. As you can see, it’s 3 “categories” of energies, and energies are made of little “bits” of essences, like cells or particles that combine to form the gas. 

If you try to compare this to science, it is like how atoms combine together to form other forms of matters or energies. It’s kind of like the neutron, photons, and electrons too. It’s not the same, but it’s alike and a good comparison.

Po or Paakis often referred to as the spirits, and it is the “light” generated from the soul. When there are enough soul fragments (3 in total for a full soul to be born), it will be combined together and a little “wrapping” or ‘shell’ will be formed to contain the 3 soul fragments together into one piece. The first layer of it will be a faint white color energy that is the first layer of “light” for this “cell” in the soul dimension, which we call dimension 6. As the soul gets stronger and more developed, the energies inside this “bubble” will build up and start to get multiply its cellular structure, and the energies then get denser and more actively moving inside. This then pumps the cell to grow bigger and another layer is formed on top, creating the second layer of “light”. There are 7 layers of these “light” in a total of a complete soul structure, then the soul is complete in dimension 6, which allows it to be born in dimension 8 – reality, the physical world.

The word for spirit or pu/paakis the action ofwhich means white. This word is not referring to the color of white, but the action of white, the property of this energy. White, in energy, it contains essences, expands itself, pumps up itself internally, while staying still and not move around, it expands and radiates itself, to give off powers and affects the things surrounding it – just like the white sun we see above the sky. The Pu/Paak or spirit of you is exactly formed like this. When your soul starts to build up and get contained within a structure, the energies inside gets pumped up. The soul gets stronger, denser and there goes the light that’s it will be giving off. As the light reaches the 7th layer or stages, it is ready to be born in reality.

We do not see these lights with our naked eyes because they are not “visible lights”. It’s so great that we have science today which explains how there are visible and non-visible lights in this dimension, and in Taoism, we know that there are even more beyond what science have discovered, because there are things you cannot even detect by using a physical machine or medium, such as love, feelings, and thinking inside your brain.

Your souls and spirits, or Hun and Po, or Wun Paak, is not on your physical body, nor overlapping your body like a bunch of energies around your body as most would have thought. Most people who researched into things like “aura” and such are only looking at what we call your “ling gwong”靈光from your local energy body, it’s not your soul. Your soul is in the high-atmosphere level, where the clouds are, and it’s in the dimension 6 (spiritual dimension, post-heaven Yin) of that location, while the clouds are in dimension 8 (physical dimension, post-heaven Yang). You cannot see the souls even you travel to the clouds because it’s not in the same layer. While you cannot see it, we sense it and is being affected by it all the time.


How are this Soul and Spirit Important to us?

Now that you know what you know what a soul is, you might wonder how it affects you and why you should care to cultivate your soul, or even how to cultivate your soul. First of all, you need to understand what the soul does to your body and life in reality. 

Your soul is like a bridge between your Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) and your physical body here. You can say that the soul is responsible for intaking, processing and delivering your potentials to you for your life in reality. If your soul is not doing well, then it’s like the postal service being jammed up, interrupted or even on strike, what happens to your packages? 

Your Yuen Sun stores all your essences of life, and it contains your potentials in life, giving you the direction and focus in life, plus giving you the potentials to do things and success in life. How important is that? If your soul is having issues, then you cannot have all these things delivered to you on time, or even missing some of the things that you are supposed to have in life. A package that came in late can result in a disaster – such as a government mail for you to sign or you will be audited/punished. 

Your Yuen Sun can be trying to save your life here by delivering you some good essence to dissolve a big disastrous disease, such as cancer or something like that, but your soul isn’t working nicely at the moment, and so you are going to suffer or even die from the disease just because of a late delivery from the postal service of the soul! We all know how important the postal service is, and we all get mad about packages coming in late or not on-time, and that is exactly how important your soul is to your body here, which can affect everything in your life, including your health, wealth, career, love, and all kinds of things in your physical life.


How to Take Care of the Soul?

Yuen Sun feedingYour soul and spirits are important, and they need to be kept strong. In order to cultivate your soul, you need to know how they function. In nature, you can see that root feeds the plant through the stems and branches, then give birth to flowers. Our Yuen Sun is the roots of us, and it feeds us through the soul and gives birth to the physical you here. In order to have a stronger soul, like a strong planet with stronger branches, you must water and fertilize the ground for water to soak into the roots.  In another word, we must put things back to the Yuen Sun, in order for it to pump to the soul and empowers it.

Most people are not aware of their Yuen Sun, but they are being fed by it all the time, it’s just the matter of how much and how well they are being fed. Some people have “bad luck” and the connections are not flowing smoothly.

In order to fix up the flowing of this system, for it to circulate properly, and for us to put things back to the Yuen Sun, we must have a method that allows us to cultivate for this power, such as our Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung. 

By cultivating Saam Law Sun Gung, it allows you to strengthen your soul and improves the flow between your Yuen Sun to your body. Furthermore, it allows you to build a magic altar, which serves as a processing plant, which processes the essences that you will be accumulating in this physical world and convert them back to the pre-heaven state. These pre-heaven essences created by you is then the wealth of your Yuen Sun, which you can push it back to your own Yuen Sun and fertilize your own spiritual planet. As a result, your souls and spirits will be pumped and there goes a stronger soul.This is the cultivation of “Te” as mentioned in the “What is Taoism” article. 

A real Taoist does not only acknowledge the theories of Tao and Te, but also deals with their real Tao and Te workings, which is to make sure the Yuen Sun (which is their Tao) can be pumping resources to them all the time, and to make sure you put things back to the Yuen Sun for the future to have things to take again.   

In order to do all these things, and get a better life, one must start by ordaining into a lineage, which provides you the power, methods, and support to guide you through all the dedicated practices.  No one can just figure it all out by themselves with the limited knowledge and wisdom of themselves. That is why you ordain and learn under a lineage who have found the way to do it for you, and you go into the lineage to follow a system that has been discovered and cultivated before you. Take care of your soul for a healthier and better life, it’s as simple as that. More importantly, learn to protect your soul from surprises, such as luck-stealing magic, or some other evil doings from people around you that might be doing harm to you at the back because of jealousy or hate. 

Just being good and behaving is not enough in nature, as you might have realized – the good people often gets bullied by the bad guys even they didn’t do anything wrong. We got to quit the fantasy way of thinking how the world works – be a good boy and everything will be good in life. That’s not how reality works. Being a good boy is good, but it won’t stop the punks from bullying you for their own enjoyment purposes. There are many people in this world who go around and hurt people just for laugh and their own stupid reasons.

If you have issues with your luck, your soul, and your life… maybe it’s not really your fault. You could be a victim too. If you are in doubt, you can always have tried a distance spiritual diagnosis with us, and see if you got any of these punks tagging around!