What are Souls and Spirits in Taoism

Souls and Spirits are often said to be “Hun and Po” which is from the Mandarin pinyin. It’s “Wun Paak” in Cantonese. To make it easy for everyone, we will use the English word Souls and Spirits, which is very similar and should be able to bring the message across. Let’s dig into this article, to understand how it works and what they are.

Souls and the Spirits

Souls are the energies and with more energies, the spirits are formed in the form of “light”. You cannot see the soul because you are not a ghost living in the spiritual realm, but you can understand it by seeing the results such as your condition in this physical world. The souls are closely related to your Yuen Sun which we have talked about in the other article. Yuen Sun give its energy to the soul and the soul give birth to the spirit, which shows on your physical body as spiritual, mental and physical health.

Three Souls

First of all, you got to know that it is not three “things”. Three souls are like the three elements in the whole soul body. The soul is like a gas form in the spiritual dimension, like a cloud, and that is a mix of all 3 elements, not three balls of “soul”. It is kind of like the “atoms” where it has neutrons, photons, and electrons! (But it is not the atom)

Neutral Soul

The neutral soul is the balanced energy from the Yuen Sun at its most raw form. These soul energy sets our connection and alignment between the preheaven and postheaven. It sets how well we connect with the Yuen Sun too. If this soul is lacking, you will feel like your sleep are kind of useless, they don’t charge you up, and don’t really give you any replenishment. Your luck will also be kind of stuck too, since your Yuen Sun’s energy cannot be delivered to you properly. If you are under attack by evil spirits or evil magic, you might get this soul busted, and that can lead to you wanting to suicide and give up your life. It feels like life is so pointless and hopeless.

Negative Soul

This is when the soul energy first got transformed from the neutral type, and this kind of energy stays within your body’s area. They are negative, meaning that they are for helping your body to process, break down information, think and ponder, or to even digest and contain information. They do all the internal work!  When this soul is weakened, you don’t want to think and you don’t want to learn.  Some people have trouble learning no matter how hard they try. For sure their negative soul is very weak.

Positive Soul

This type of soul helps you to pump the body up and make you physically move and do the action. This soul also reflects your physical health and grow too. If your body is not growing much since the young age, your positive soul might be very weak or suppressed. If you find yourself acting like a sloth, like you just don’t want to move at all, that is your positive soul being weakened. However, the positive is fueled by the negatives, so if this is showing weakness, then it means the negative soul must be also weak and lacking power.

Seven Spirits

The 7 spirits are like the 7 phases of how your soul body “glows” and radiate the light (power) because of the development of the 3 souls. Some people like to describe them like 7 layers of “energies” on top of the human body, but they are really not like that. Even with celestial vision, you can only see the soul body of someone shining off one color of light, like glowing lights, and that color shows the spirit’s property at that moment, which can change all the time.

  • First spirit – Intention is born, color is white and looks foggy.
  • Second spirit – Desire is born, color is grey because of the black energy into the white layer
  • Third spirit – Senses is born, color is in a glow-in-the-dark green
  • Fourth spirit – Thinking power is born, color is dark green
  • Fifth spirit – Decision power is born, color is yellow
  • Sixth spirit – Comparison power is born, color is blue and it gets stronger then becomes cyan and then turns into cold white
  • Seventh spirit – Physical action power is born, color is red, and it get can pinkish depending on the power. When fully blossoming, it can turn orange and red.

Three Souls and Taoist Magic?

The three souls directly affect the effectiveness and power of the Taoist magic you do. If the souls are not strong enough, the spiritual power (SP) decreases, then your body cannot pull out the “magic power” (MP) from the preheaven, leading to your work being physically done, but it has no actual power being drawn out, just like firing an empty gun. Therefore, as a Taoist, you must watch out for your soul body’s health and live a healthy life!

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