Saam Ching 三清 The Three Pure Ones

In our tradition of Saam Law Taoism, we hold deep reverence for the Three Clears Heavenly Lords (aka Three Pure Ones), or Saam Ching Tin Juen (三清天尊), also known as Saam Chieong Tin Juan in Saamlawnese. These three deities are pivotal to our disciples' journey. Upon ordination, a unique process occurs where these deities replicate themselves into the disciples' Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body). This act bestows upon the disciples the necessary empowerment for all their magical endeavors.

The anniversaries of these divine beings, marked by lunar dates, are as follows:

Upper Clears Ling Bo Tin Juen on June 22 (六月廿二),

Jade Clear Yuen Chi Tin Juen on December 29 (十二月廿九),

Ultimate Clear Do Duck Tin Juen (Elder Lord) on February 15 (二月十五).

Who Needs This God?

Ordained disciples are the primary beneficiaries. Whether you're seeking guidance in life's direction, grappling with complex problems, or needing an extra surge of power to ward off malevolent spirits or magical attacks, the Saam Ching's powers are your go-to resource. Their powers are seamlessly integrated into your system, ensuring immediate accessibility whenever needed.

The God’s Power

The Upper Clears play a guardian role within your Yuen Sun, overseeing your magic power reserves in the preheaven. They facilitate the reception of energies from the sect's Religious Court, enabling you to accumulate magical powers in your spiritual "bank account" and craft new magical FU, incantations, and methodologies for your personal magic system.

The Jade Clears find their abode in your Ghost Altar (the soul's base), assisting in the downward channeling of powers, akin to withdrawing funds from a bank.

The Ultimate Clears dwell within your local energy body, overseeing all local magical executions. They empower you to deploy magical forces to address life's challenges effectively.

A True Story

A vivid example of their potency unfolded when a disciple, under attack, required urgent magical intervention. Leveraging the Saam Ching powers, I crafted and activated a FU talisman in under three minutes—a task that typically spans at least 30 minutes. This swift resolution was not just a testament to the powers' efficacy but also showcased their ability to bridge language barriers for disciples. Through these divine powers, disciples with difficulties in learning Chinese can now formulate new spells that serve as shortcuts to traditional incantations, ensuring the same effectiveness. This innovation has significantly eased the learning process and enhanced the efficiency and speed of creating FU talismans, proving invaluable in various situations.

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