Saam Ching 三清 The Three Pure Ones

Saam Ching 三清 is translated to be the Three Clears (Saamlawnese: Saam Chieong). It consists of three gods representing them, and their statues are usually put together as a set. In this article, we will teach about the concept of Saam Ching and what they represent in our lineage. It is a very important lesson for our disciples because it is a basic concept of Taoism. When your friend asks you about Taoism, they might bring up this topic since it is one of the common FAQs!

The Saam Ching Concept

Saam Ching means three clearing processes, which consist of the upper clears (Sheung Ching 上清), jade clears (Yuk Ching 玉清) and ultimate clears (Taai Ching 太清). These three phases explain how the natural system works as a whole. Looking at our world, you can see this system right before you.

The upper clear is when the elements in the sky clear; therefore, we have rain, light, and all sorts of things falling into the world here. The jade clears when the elements get absorbed by the ground, like rain being absorbed by the soil, then it gets processed over time, like how jade is born the same way, and it clears out of the ground later. The ultimate clear is when things are born from the ground, and a new life begins to perk out of the ground, grow and blossoms in the world above the ground, like how plants, animals, or human are born.

Another metaphor would be how a coffee machine works. Upper clear is when the beans and water are put into the processing system. Jade clear is when the coffee is being made. Ultimate clear is when the coffee comes out of the machine and into the cup. The three phases can be seen in all things in nature because it is a metaphysics rule in the “DNA” of all things.

Our energy-body also goes by this Saam Ching process. The top system will clear down the light, which gives us vision, and then we will have an idea of something. Then the bottom system will absorb and process the light, pushing us to think and ponder about the idea. Then the energy pushes upward to the heart, manifesting the thoughts into physical activity after making a decision. You can also see the same model with the physical body. We have an idea in our head, then we think about it and let it stay inside our gut; at last, we will take action and let the thoughts become a reality.

However, the statues are not worshiping a concept. You need to understand the concept as a foundation, but we must dig into the Saam Ching gods to understand more about the statues.

Saam Ching God

There are statues for the Saam Ching gods, commonly worshipped as a set. You can worship one too, just that it’s rare for people to buy them in single. As we have said in the other posts, Taoism sects all worship gods exclusive to their lineage/sect; even though the statue and names are the same, what’s inside is different. In this article, I will discuss the Saam Ching in our lineage; please do not mix it with other sects’ theories.

Saam Ching Gods

Sheung Ching, Ling Bo Tin Juen 上清靈寶天尊, its anniversary falls on the lunar June 9th. It relates to our main god Tin Law Jo Si. His energy colour is white. He holds a back-scratcher called a Yue Yee 如意; it symbolizes the power to reach where the hands cannot, taking resources from the preheaven. He is the god that can help you connect to the preheaven and get help from the gods above, like the antenna or modem that beams up to get help.

Yuk Ching, Yuen Chi Tin Juen 玉清元始天尊, its anniversary falls on the lunar Dec 15th or the winter solstice. It relates to our main god Dei Law Jo Si. His energy colour is black. He holds a magical fireball, which symbolizes the internal energy being burnt to cultivate and process what’s inside the ground, like how we ponder and think to process an idea. He is the god that gives you intelligence, helps you strategize, and assign the gods to work.

Taai Ching, Doe Duck Tin Juen 太清道德天尊, its anniversary falls on the lunar Feb 15th. It relates to our main god Daai Law Jo Si. His energy colour is yellow. He holds a whisk and a gourd, which symbolizes the power to cleanse with the duster (whisk) and give you power from the storage of power (gourd). He is the one which outputs the powers and empowers your magic for a better and stronger result. He is the god of justice and always empowers us to do magic work as a peacekeeper in nature.

Sometimes the Taai Ching will also be called Taai Sheung Lo Gwun 太上老君, or the Elder lord. It’s the same god with a different name.

The placement of these gods at the altar goes Sheung Ching, Yuk Ching, and Taai Ching, from the altar’s left to right, respectively. However, some people can say that they want one of the gods to be the main power for them, then they can put that statue in the center. For example, if you need help with exorcism, put the Taai Ching in the middle.

Saam Law Saam Ching

The Saam Ching gods at our altar are representatives of the Tin Law, Dei Law and Daai Law Jo Si. You can read up on them in their posts. Having these together is like you worship Saam Law Jo Si because Saam Law Jo Si combines the three. Our Saam Ching gods can do much more for you than just staying on the altar to “protect” your home.

Sheung Ching relates to the Tin Law Jo Si, which is born from the power of Tin Law. If you have read the article, you should know that Tin Law holds the resources that create everyone’s Yuen Sun (the spiritual planetary body). If your life lacks potential and resources, you can have Sheung Ching help you by getting the extra ingredients from Tin Law. It can help you open up opportunities and vision and give you a better direction and focus.

Yuk Ching relates to the Dei Law Jo Si, which has the power of Dei Law, capturing and locking the evils into the Dei Law prison, destroying them and returning them to nature’s raw and neutral form. He can help you absorb away the bad energies and evils.

Taai Ching relates to the Daai Law Jo Si, which relates to the Daai Law, the world where the gods of gods live and where all the magical powers come from. This power can also help you make changes to reality and make corrections and adjustments to reality. If you are facing bad luck, threats, or anything unpleasant, he can help you deal with those problems.

The Saam Ching is above the gods in the celestial court since they represent the Saam Law system in the preheaven. Our lineage considers them to be at the Sun Ting level. If you don’t understand this part, you can read up on our nine main gods, and it would have all the information to guide you to understand the structure of the gods and how everything comes together. Read these in order - Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.

People might not hear of Saam, Tin, Dei, or Daai Law, but they must have heard of Saam Ching and seen these statues. For a Saam Law Taoist to introduce their belief to outsiders, it is much easier to tell people that you believe in Saam Ching. They can always read our books and blogs to further dig into our exclusive content if they want to know more.

As a disciple, you must ask, "So, is the Saam Ching just another name for Tin Law, Dei Law and Daai Law Jo Si?"

No, they are not. The Saam Ching concept is a concept which is based on the metaphysics rules. Saam Ching gods are gods that represent these nature creation powers. The Saam Ching gods are gods; they are not a different name for Tin Law, Dei Law, Daai Law Jo Si. You can say that it is another god with similar property and rooted in the same source. Having the Saam Ching statues (gods) at the altar will help you greatly if you cultivate them. The Sheung Ching helps by improving your altar's connection to the preheaven (beams the signal to the celestial court). The Yuk Ching helps your altar to have better internal management so that the army is stronger and more organized; he will also help you to get ideas and strategize. The Taai Ching helps by empowering all the magical work you have done and strengthening them.

Saam Ching is a set of gods you must know about and can worship on the altar. You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of these gods in the Magic Foundation E-book!  If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!