Saam Ching 三清 The Three Pure Ones

Saam Ching: Understanding the Three Clears

The notion of Saam Ching 三清 is a complex and profound element in Taoism, often misconstrued and translated as the "Three Pure Ones." In the Saam Law Tao, we realize that this term should be appropriately understood as the "Three Clears." Let us embark on a journey to explore this concept, understanding its essence, and recognizing its relevance to our spiritual path.

The Misconception: Pure versus Clear

The term Ching 清, which signifies "to clear," is commonly misunderstood as meaning "pure." While purity denotes a state devoid of flaws or contaminants, to clear means to remove something, transferring it elsewhere. The metaphor of clearing a table, for instance, encapsulates the essence of this concept.

The Three Clears Explained

In our lineage, the concept of the three clears is rich with meanings, and it includes three specific phases:

1. Upper Clears: Clears from the "sky." This is the stage where the preheaven essence descends from the Yuen Sun, reaching the atmosphere level we term the "ground" zone.
2. Jade Clears: Clears from the "ground." The energy is transmitted from the ghost altar, the home base of the soul, down to the physical body.

3. Ultimate Clears: Clears from the "human." This phase enables you to act, witness, and convert experiences into memories and feelings, pushing these energies back to the Yuen Sun.

*Note that Sky, Ground, Human are three phases, a metaphysics concept, and not relating to the actual sky with clouds or ground with the rocks etc.

The Three Clears in Human Life

To contextualize these concepts in human life, we can draw an analogy as follows:

- Upper Clears: The beginning of life when the spiritual planetary body (Yuen Sun) emits preheaven essence.
- Jade Clears: The soul energy's clearance down to our physical selves.
- Ultimate Clears: The energy expenditure in actions that translates into memories and feelings, eventually returning to the Yuen Sun.

The Saam Ching in the Celestial Court

The Saam Ching are not merely about the Yuen Sun and the soul. They are three revered gods in Taoism, known as Tin Juen 天尊, residing in the Celestial Court level as heavenly lords bestowing us with empowerments. These empowerments extend to various aspects of life, such as enhancing potentials, improving thought processes, and refining physical actions.

The Three Heavenly Lords in Our Sect

In the Saam Law lineage, the three heavenly lords hold specific purposes:

1. Ling Bo Tin Juen (Upper Clear): Ensures strong connectivity and pulls down resources from the Celestial Court to the Religious Court.
2. Yuen Chi Tin Juen (Jade Clear): Energizes and supports cultivation, building magic power.
3. Ultimate Clear:Helps exert power from the altar court to deal with worldly matters and cultivate the source with the lineage.

The Three Clears in Your Taoist Journey

By worshiping these three gods at the altar, you are not only seeking personal growth and wisdom but also aligning yourself with the grand mechanism that supports our magic work.

To deepen your understanding of the Three Clears, you can explore their FU HEADs, prayers, and more in our available ebooks. If you wish to embark on this extraordinary path, ordain through our website and initiate your journey as a Taoist.

Conclusion: A Path of Clarity and Wisdom

The Saam Ching is not just a philosophy but a living practice that intertwines with our daily existence and spiritual endeavors. By comprehending the three clears, you connect with a higher order of being and align with the wisdom and empowerment of the heavenly lords. May this understanding guide you towards a path filled with clarity, wisdom, and the grace of Taoist magic.