Saam Law Tao

Saam Law Tao: Faith is the Key

No matter how high one ascends in the system, all power becomes futile without faith. Faith is the act of investing one's heart into something, believing in it without the need for evidence, much like a baby's unconditional trust in their parents. It is an incredibly potent force, allowing babies to learn new languages faster than adults. Babies never question, doubt, judge, or resist their parents. They simply accept and learn. This childlike mindset, known as 赤子之心 (Chia Ju Jia Sim), holds no resistance, processing only acceptance and complete learning.

Anything that obstructs this "baby mind" is considered impure and hinders the learning process, referred to as 業煞 (Yiep Xia). There are three types of obstructive forces: those from the body, mouth, and heart. The body resists following instructions, the mouth refuses to accept teachings and may result in talking back, and the mind loses faith, giving rise to betrayal, rebellion, and disbelief. Removing these obstructions is crucial to regaining the "baby heart" and improving learning. Make sure to also read "Proper Etiquette" for further guidance.

Initiation vs. Ordination

Initiation 入門 (Yip Moon) involves the process of 拜師 (Bye Cia), which means worshiping one's master or teacher. Worshiping entails putting faith and investing one's heart into someone or something, as explained in our article "Worshiping." Through this process, individuals enter the human-created lineage system and establish a relationship with their teacher. In this case, Ju Cia Juan will accept you as a disciple 弟子 (Di Ju), and after the ceremony, you will be connected to him and his altar. The lineage system will provide you with a registered name, known as your magic name 法號 (Whua Hoe), granting access to the lineage's magical power.

Ordination 皈依 (Gwei Yea) involves the process of 求道 (Kew Doe), which means seeking acceptance from the Tao. Upon acceptance, individuals are registered in the Tao's system, becoming part of the Religious Court with a Taoist name as their identity—referred to as your Taoist name 道號 (Doe Hoe). Initiation must precede ordination since your master or teacher acts as your guarantor 保舉師 (Bu Jue Cia) for ordination. Without a guarantor, the Tao does not accept just anyone. Breaking your promise to the guarantor also results in removal from the lineage on the PreHeaven side.

What motivates one to seek ordination? For many Taoists, it centers around cultivating their afterlife, ensuring they have a place to go instead of becoming wandering souls or ghosts. If you value your life and what comes after, ordination becomes a necessity.

Different Stages of the Tin Yat Lineage System

Different stages grant access to varying powers within the Tin Yat Lineage System. It begins with the Tin Yat Stage, followed by the Saam Law Stage and the Sun Lung Stage. Once a disciple is ready for a higher commitment, they may be promoted to the Tin Ting Stage, Sun Ting Stage, or even the Tin Si Stage. Ascending the stages entails increased power and responsibilities. However, it is not a race or a hurried climb up the ladder. It is about finding a stage where you feel comfortable and remaining there.


Since the March 2023 update, our lineage allows individuals with multiple religious or spiritual paths to reach up to the Saam Law Stage. However, progressing to the Sun Lung Stage requires cutting ties with all other paths and focusing solely on Saam Law Tao as one's lifetime religion. If a disciple is not yet ready, they can remain in a lower stage and continue their learning.

Tin Yat Stage 天一教

In the Tin Yat Stage, our main deity Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師 (Saam Noh Ju Cia) will clone itself into your heart. Whenever you require assistance, you can call upon this deity for help, protection, and empowerment—everything becomes possible! Use the heart spell (HS0) to communicate with this god, deploying its power or requesting aid.

Saam Law Stage 三羅教

Upon ordination, you become a Saam Law Taoist. Two additional heart spells (HS1 and HS2) are granted to you. If the god residing within you is not strong enough, these heart spells allow you to channel power from the Religious Court and utilize the lineage's pool of energy. Simultaneously, you can communicate with the court to submit feedback or requests. Accessing the lineage's power enables you to cultivate and strengthen your own abilities. This power level is generally sufficient for most everyday needs.

Sun Lung Stage 神龍教

The Sun Lung Stage represents a significant advancement, granting three additional heart spells and access to the entire Religious Court system. This unlocks the military power required to deal with spiritual attacks, perform exorcisms, engage in magical battles, and even send magic over long distances. The Sun Lung Stage is generally adequate for handling most situations and spiritual attacks, making it the stage where most individuals choose to remain throughout their lives.

Tin Ting Stage 天庭教

The gods select special individuals for promotion to the Tin Ting Stage, where they undergo training to become masters. Disciples in this stage gain access to the Celestial Court above the Religious Court. This enables them to delve deeper into magical practices, enhancing their abilities, and preparing for the journey after death.

Sun Ting Stage 神庭教

Those qualified to become masters are promoted to the Sun Ting Stage, connecting them to the highest court in Daai Law Tin's domain—the Sun Ting, God's Court. These disciples take on the responsibility of teaching other disciples and managing the operation of the lineage. As a reward, they are guaranteed direct ascension to the Taoist Heaven (Daai Law Tin) after their earthly life comes to an end.

Tin Si Stage 天師教

The ultimate stage, offered only to those representing the lineage and the Tao, is the Tin Si Stage. The celestial master, known as Tin Si, teaches on behalf of the gods and acts as their direct representative, establishing a direct connection with the highest heavens.

Choosing the Right Stage for You

The Tin Yat Stage is ideal for those who wish to explore without commitment or restrictions. It is suitable for everyone but is also the least powerful stage. Some individuals may be on other paths and use the Tin Yat Stage to explore Saam Law Tao; this is permitted. However, the more loyal and focused you are, the stronger your connection will become.

The Saam Law Stage serves as the official stage to begin one's journey, suitable for newcomers. Most average Taoists find that progressing up to the Sun Lung Stage provides sufficient power to handle life's challenges and help those around them. A commitment wall will be in place, requiring disciples to remain loyal to Saam Law Tao and disconnect from other religions. If disciples are not yet ready, they can remain in the Tin Yat Stage.

The Tin Ting Stage caters to those interested in delving deeper into the system and becoming professionals. The Sun Ting Stage, on the other hand, is for those who aspire to become masters and pass on the system to the next generation. Disciples in these stages should possess a passion for growing the lineage and spreading the Tao. They must have strong faith, consistently caring for their disciples, guiding them through their actions to become good Taoists and dedicated disciples.

The Tin Si Stage is reserved for leaders who bear the greatest responsibility and demonstrate unwavering faith and passion for the lineage. It requires a life sacrificed to the lineage, with individuals becoming full-time Taoists, constantly providing love and care to the people within the lineage whenever possible.

Establishing an Altar

When you build your altar and ignite it, you gain the ability to connect with our lineage's altar network. This connection allows the Religious Court to provide you with resources, and it enables you to cultivate the gods at the altar for further development and growth in magical power. Anyone can build an altar starting from the Tin Yat Stage.

However, it's important to note that a disciple doesn't necessarily need an altar to perform magic. With the use of heart spells and their system as an altar, disciples can connect to the celestial court or even higher courts. Heart spells possess incredible power, serving as a constant flame that can save your life in any situation. Even if everything else is gone or your house is flooded, a heart spell allows you to connect with the source of power.

The Ultimate Goal

Learning within our lineage entails two main goals:

  1. For initiates, the goal is to acquire wisdom and magic that can enhance their lives and help them overcome obstacles. This leads to a better life and overall well-being.
  1. For ordained Taoists, the goal is to live well, die well, and transition to the next phase, ultimately reaching the final destination—the Taoist heaven, Daai Law Tin. This journey ensures that one's life is not merely spent in this short-lived world but continues in the next realm.

These goals bring great benefits, as they allow for a continuation of the journey beyond this earthly existence.