Shedding Lights for Disciples

Roadmap Overview

Our sect offers various stages, each unlocking different powers for our disciples. Remember, it's not a race to the top; what matters is finding the stage that fits you best and how much you're willing to commit. And it's perfectly fine to stay at the first stage for life if that suits you. Here, we'll briefly go through the different stages and their unique powers. For more in-depth information, you can always check out our eBook.

Tin Yat Stage

Tin Yat Stage 天一教 – Initiated Disciples

This is the introductory stage. It welcomes you into the sect but not yet fully into the Tao. Here, you receive a basic transmission of magical power, which you can use for simple magic. Think of this as the 'believer stage,' ideal for those preparing to ordain. You can proceed with this stage in our initiation page.


subscriptionsaam law stage

Saam Law Stage 三羅教 – Ordained Taoists

This stage marks the official beginning of your journey, where you're ordained as a Saam Law Taoist. You gain access to the sect's power within the Religious Court, primarily for everyday life applications. You can get ordained here. There is also a subscription based plan for those who want to try, or those who need a period of time to save up for the offerings.


sun lung stage

Sun Lung Stage 神龍教 – Taoist Priests and Priestesses

For those aiming to delve deeper or become "battle-ready," this stage is key. It grants full access to the Religious Court's power, including the military forces for exorcism and magical combat. It's suited for serious learners. Disciples can request to promoted to Sun Lung Stage here.


tin ting stage

Tin Ting Stage 天庭教 – Senior and Apprentices

Selected disciples are invited to this stage to become apprentices, future masters in the making. They gain access to the higher and purer powers of the Celestial Court, enabling them to tackle more challenging situations and cases. This stage also opens up a whole new world for the disciple to explore and cultivate the Thunder Magic 雷法 in the system.


sun ting

Sun Ting Stage 神庭教 – Taoist Masters

When a disciple from the Tin Ting Stage qualifies, they ascend to this level, opening up a new realm of possibilities. They access the God's Court powers and receive direct transmissions from the gods. These individuals become teachers and experts, capable of handling a wide range of spiritual matters.


tin si stage

Tin Si Stage 天師教 – Gatekeeper of the Sect

Only a select few are chosen by the gods to enter this stage. These individuals represent the Tao for the sect and dedicate their lives to it, acting as the ultimate gatekeepers, protecting and securing the sect for their lifetime.

*Read more about the "courts system" in our lineage in our blog!

Before You Begin

Before embarking on any of these stages, it's crucial to have the right mindset and etiquette. This ensures a successful journey as a Taoist. Please proceed to the next page titled “Basic Etiquettes” to start your learning journey!beyond this earthly existence.