Saam Law Jo Si

Believers of Saam Law Tao

In Saam Law Tao, those who haven't yet been initiated or ordained but have chosen to place their faith in our teachings are considered believers. As a believer, you're welcome to worship, seek assistance, and establish a connection with our gods. Here, we'll cover the basics of worship at the novice level.

The God – Saam Law Jo Si

Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師 is the central deity representing our sect's Tao. As a believer, you can turn to him for any kind of assistance. If there's a more suitable god or goddess for your needs, rest assured, he will help relay your messages to them.

Understanding Saam Law Jo Si

Our main god, Saam Law Jo Si, is central to our beliefs, as captured in our incantation: “元始先天道,一炁化三清,三羅為本尊,千變萬化身.” In simple words, it means "The preheaven Tao before time, one energy transforming through the three clears, Saam Law as the principal deity, manifesting in thousands of forms." Saam Law Jo Si represents the highest and purest power from the primordial world, existing even before the concept of the Three Pure Ones or Saam Ching 三清.

Versatility of Saam Law Jo Si

Imagine a person who can be a police officer, a chef, or a doctor; that’s how versatile Saam Law Jo Si is. He can take on any form – god or goddess – to meet the needs of people. It's all about the faith behind the request; where there's genuine faith, there's always a response from Saam Law Jo Si.

The Gift of Time

We all start with the same wealth from nature – time. Everyone gets 24 hours a day, but not everyone experiences it the same way. Some feel their days are dreary and wasted, others feel rushed and stressed, and some can't find life's purpose. Saam Law Jo Si empowers us to see beyond the mundane aspects of life, to understand its deeper meaning and make positive changes. His power helps us smooth out life's rough patches, tackle challenges, and find new paths where none seem to exist.

The Promise of Saam Law Jo Si

Saam Law Jo Si's promise is clear: as long as a disciple has trust, faith, and determination, they will never be abandoned. There will always be light and guidance. His power isn't just about providing immediate solutions; it's about offering insight and strength to transform our lives for the better. This understanding of Saam Law Jo Si is fundamental to our practice, guiding us in our journey through life.


To worship Saam Law Jo Si means to believe in him unconditionally, akin to a child's unwavering trust in their parents. This faith must be expressed physically, not just mentally. By displaying a consecrated image of Saam Law Jo Si, you can offer your worship through various means.

Daily, we burn incense at the altar, dedicating our time to the god. Post-incense, we communicate with the gods, sharing our thoughts, requesting help, or expressing gratitude. This regular dialogue is essential for fostering a relationship and deepening your faith.

If burning incense isn't feasible, an hourglass can serve as a substitute. Flip it to mark the start of your communication session.

As a believer, it's crucial to worship Saam Law Jo Si at home, strengthening your bond with him. Simple offerings like incense (or an hourglass) and a cup of tea are sufficient. The tea symbolizes your desire for the god to “digest your thoughts,” much like tea aids in physical digestion.

Requesting Help

Seeking help from Saam Law Jo Si is also an expression of faith. Make regular requests, not just in times of crisis, to incorporate divine assistance into your daily life. Here are some examples:

  1. Help me find quality groceries today.
  2. Remind me to bring my keys.
  3. Inspire me with ideas for my essay.
  4. Guide my words during my client call.
  5. Aid me in controlling my spending.
  6. Help me manage my anger at work.
  7. Assist me in organizing my home.
  8. Inspire my dinner preparations.
  9. Empower me to overcome this obstacle.
  10. Show me which job offer to accept.

Regularly converse with Saam Law Jo Si using the consecrated picture. You'll be amazed at how practical and helpful this practice can be. While this is beneficial, ordaining opens up even more powerful opportunities.

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If you're ready to deepen your commitment, consider taking the next step to get ordained!