Magic of Faith for Saam Law Believers

Welcome to the "Magic of Faith" segment, dedicated to the believers of our primary deity, Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師. This platform is designed for those eager to explore and practice the Taoist magic from our lineage, yet aren't prepared to commit to initiation or ordination. Following your initial offerings to the god, you're invited to learn and apply the teachings found within this section.

If you want to read about Saam Law Jo Si in great details, we welcome you to read the eBook of our Gods and Deities 101.

Remember, gratitude towards our god is essential. Regular thanks given on every lunar 1st and 15th, or a set monthly date, are recommended. By expressing your appreciation, you make the god aware of your genuine gratitude, thereby encouraging the god to continue providing magical power and assistance. This practice, known as "extending the connection," is as simple as thanking someone for their help, but it plays a significant role in building a strong relationship with our god. You can do so in our worshipping page.

Lesson 1 – Connecting with Saam Law Jo Si

Your connection with Saam Law Jo Si will be established through my altar. You'll need to close your eyes and envision the altar. For initial practice, try to delve into the details, but when it comes to the actual execution of real magic, a quick flash of this image in your mind will suffice. This brief recall of the altar's picture is enough to establish a connection with the god.

HA altar

Bonus for Lesson 1 - Even Better

You might think that visualizing and such is too hard and time consuming, maybe even hard to do at work.No worry, you can use an object, like a coin or something, and infuse this Saam Law Jo Si FU into it, then this becomes the god from the HQ at your location. You can now face this coin and do the magic or simply wear the coin on you!

Lesson 2 – Greeting the Deity

Building a daily connection with Saam Law Jo Si can be as simple as saying 'good morning' and 'good evening.' Begin by holding the heart incense handsign at heart level, close your eyes and establish a connection with Saam Law Jo Si, stamping your left foot once. Then raise your hand to the forehead level and articulate your message internally. Once you've conveyed your thoughts, stamp your left foot again and bow once to signify leaving a message. By following this routine daily, both in the morning and at night, you can maintain a close bond with Saam Law Jo Si. Feel free to express your thoughts just as you would to a close acquaintance. During these interactions, address yourself as "believer XXX."

heart incense handsign

Lesson 3 – Seeking Internal Assistance

Internal assistance refers to matters related to feelings and thoughts, such as boosting your confidence, enhancing your performance in an interview, inspiring creativity for writing, or improving communication skills. To request Saam Law Jo Si's aid, close your eyes, connect with him, and transmit your message internally, then stomp your left foot to send the request. When you require the power to be activated, stomp your right foot to call for its manifestation. If the power needs to be instantaneously exerted, stomp your right foot three times. In urgent situations, stomp seven times.

Lesson 4 – Seeking External Assistance

In situations where you need external assistance, it involves invoking a spiritual embodiment of Saam Law Jo Si outside of yourself. This process requires creating a spiritual embryo (Sun Toy). The instructional video below will guide you on how to accomplish this.

@chiinnature Dive into the world of #TaoistMagic as we reveal a powerful technique for space cleansing and energy purification. 🌀 Use this tool daily to refresh your surroundings and invite positive vibes into your life. Ideal for anyone, anywhere. #Taoism #EnergyCleanse #SpacePurification #EverydayMagic ♬ original sound - Chi in Nature - Tin Yat Dragon

Lesson 5 – Implementing the Spells

Despite not being a disciple, you can still harness the spells found in our spell books, as you'll be using Saam Law Jo Si's power to perform these spells. Always remember to first connect with Saam Law Jo Si before casting any spell. Start with the cleansing and purification spells available in our Daily Rite. These spells can be learned in either Chinese or English; regardless of language, their effect remains the same, serving your daily needs well.

Lesson 6 – Mastering the FU HEAD

We offer an ebook that teaches the Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD, along with corresponding spells and prayers. Purchase it and start learning the FU HEAD. This symbol, which represents Saam Law Jo Si's signature, can be drawn by you. Once the symbol is created, request Saam Law Jo Si to infuse it with power, instantly providing you with a protective FU.

Lesson 7 – Manifesting a Wish

The idea of making a wish and having a god assist in its fruition isn't far-fetched, but it requires thoughtfulness and reasonableness on your part. For instance, making a vague wish like "make me rich" won't yield results as it doesn't provide a clear pathway for the god to assist you. However, if your wish is specific, such as asking for assistance with your online T-shirt business to increase sales, then Saam Law Jo Si can help by guiding you to select a more appealing website theme.

Consider your wish or request like a prompt to an AI. If it's unclear, vague, or asking for something outside the god's capability, you likely won't see the desired results. To optimize outcomes, learn to articulate your requests with precision and clarity.

Let's look at an example: "Please help me write this email so that the client would like me more." Here, the help you're seeking is internal, so all you need to do is connect to Saam Law Jo Si and communicate your request using the heart incense handsign. Once you finish expressing your needs, stomp your left foot once and your right foot thrice. With this, the magic is ignited internally.

Stay tuned for more teachings on our TikTok channel, and feel free to reach out via email with any questions. If you're seeking guidance on how to achieve specific results with magic, I'm here to help.

Feel free to also visit this lesson I have made for my disciples. It also applies to believers as well, just skip the heart spell and use the visualization connecting method only then it's all good! The Seven Star Sword Finger doesn't apply to believers, but the rest of the lesson can be applied.

When you're ready, consider initiation or ordination to unlock greater magical abilities. Welcome to our magical journey!