Da Luo Tian / Dai Law Tin 大羅天 the Heaven of Taoism

Dai Law Tin (DLT) is the “heaven” of Taoism, it is where the gods are, and also where we all originated from. We were all once there as a living being as well, and today we are here. Taoists cultivate to go back to this world after the death here. This is our goal, and our destination.

The word Dai Law Tin is referring to the whole space in that realm, which consist of three parts. Tin Law, Dei Law, and Daai Law. Together they are called Saam Law (Saam is 3, Law is a system that envelops everything in its category). You guessed it right, Saam Law Taoism – that is where our Tao is!

Dai Law Tin and Gods

You came to this post to find out about the “heaven” of Taoism, then you must be curious about the gods of Taoism. Are there gods and “people” in that world?  I am not a history book machine, so I don’t write by quoting other people’s writing. However, from personal experience, yes there are gods or beings in that world. We have encountered them, and my own master is there as well which we still communicate daily.

The gods in that world have given us the power, knowledge and guidance to run the lineage, so we represent them to pass on what Is given to us and teach the people in the lineage.

These gods do not interact with just anyone, they choose the person and there goes the stream of power and wisdom being passed down. We are very grateful for the special opportunity to have this opportunity to inherit the true Taoism power and wisdom from them too. However, the gods are always looking out for the lineage, since we carry their "bloodline" and spread the Tao of Saam Law.

How is the World Like?

There are three system in Dai Law Tin. The Tin Law above, Dei Law below, and Dai Law is the actual world that the gods and everyone lives in. The Dai Law is like a light ball in the middle between the two other “law”(s). The system operates like an hourglass, energy from the Dai Law in the center will flow downward into the Dei Law, and once it is finished processing, the energy or elements exits the Dei Law and back up to the Tin Law, then it cycles downward back to the Dai Law again. Our world here, is inside the Dei Law area. To know more and understand the details, you need to be ordained to learn from our lessons, it’s too much to digest in a short post!

The world in DLT is very unique, it has a side of life like here, it’s a physical world that you need to work and eat too. Then there is a second side of life which replaced our “sleep time”, and that time they enter a spiritual world and live in it like it’s a real world too. In the spiritual world they can do many crazy things like how you can fly and do stunts in a dream. Once you are tired in the physical realm, you can enter the spiritual realm and feel very energized. After you gets tired there, you will just “wake up” and go back to the physical realm and feel fully charged. It’s a never-tired and never-stopping world. You never have to “black out for nothing” again to just get “recharged”.

Whatever that is happening in Dai Law Tin, it becomes a history of nature, a form of energy that passes downward to the Dei Law, and soon we will have the same kind of things happening in our world too. For example, someone invented a plane in DLT, then soon we will have that idea here as well. We are just replaying their history in a way.

Rest assures, the world in DLT is not a low-tech and old fashion world. Instead, it has everything we have here, plus more advanced and better than ours. Comparing the two worlds, DLT is really a heaven.

Witnessing the Celestial Beings

Many people say they see ghosts, but not many can see the gods. Well, fortunately I was one of those who can see the gods, and I communicate with them daily to learn and to do my job as a Taoist master.

It is not about how long you cultivated to be able to see or witness these celestial beings, or gods, it’s about do you have the connection, were you picked and just “the one”. There are so many smart people out there, and not many became the next big star who host a big company in the market. Those new stars are not old too, they are just special.

To witness Dai Law Tin, you have to have trust, faith and determination to cultivate. When you have completed your life here, you will be going there to witness it yourself. There is no way to bring you there before you die. However, if you want to witness the gods, that is possible. I have taught disciples who have been able to witness the gods and communicate with them. Even you could be one of these disciples too. As long as you start building your altar, learn and cultivate, you will start to witness the gods and deities at your local altar. Eventually you will understand how everything works.

We cannot bring you to DLT directly, but by witnessing every smaller portioned bit and piece here, you can understand DLT and see how DLT does exist (or else how can every other thing be there).

Ordain to get started, and you will witness by learning what’s passed down from Dai Law Tin to us. By learning it, applying it, using it for real, you will see it all come together for you.