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Da Luo Tian / Dai Law Tin 大羅天 the Heaven of Taoism

Tin Jee Learning Theory

Da Luo Tian / Dai Law Tin the Heaven of Taoism

What is the heaven of Taoism? A lot of people asked this question because they want to know where Taoist go after death if they do well. A lot of people are very strongly educated or influenced by the western religions, which always have a heaven and a hell like two worlds of the extremes. In Heaven you go happy and jolly, then in hell, you suffer and get a crappy life.

In Taoism, we do not believe something like that. In fact, a lot of things are only a “metaphoric” device to show what’s really going on in the Pre-Heaven world, and not what it seems like on the surface. Just like we have said in the “secret” article, a lot of things in Taoism are not exposed to the outsiders or even the normal average disciples. A lot of people only get the surface of it and not told the inner secrets until they have proven themselves to be trustworthy to their sifu.

For example, in the article of “The Three Pure Ones” we have already discussed what it really means. They are all a pattern of how things circulate and how energies push from here to there and not even related to any “person” in history like most would have thought.

A lot of people today still thinks that the three pure ones are really three old dudes that Taoist “worship”, which is totally not the case in reality. If you read up on our article on “Taoist statues and their purpose”, you will learn that they are not for worshipping or praying like what most people have mistaken them for.

So what does Taoism believes in and what is the Heaven in Taoism about?  This article will explain it all to you with good juicy links, don’t forget to click them for more in-depth readings.

What is Heaven in Taoism

The word for Heaven is often the word for sky, 天 Tin or Tian. Just like most would have learned from the article of ”Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven”, this word have nothing to do with any “Heaven” like you used to hear from the western religion. The word Tin or heaven here means a place where there resources and elements for things to be born. Pre-Heaven is before things happened, and Post-Heaven is after things happened or started. It does not have to be applied to before or after this world is born, it can be about anything just like we said in the article.  You got a party at 12 pm tomorrow, then anything you do before that party is considered Pre-Heaven for the situation, and anything after that time is Post-Heaven if your party started. Pretty simple idea, right?

Another disappointment for all of you here – there is no gods or deities in Taoism in reality, but all about energy work and such. However, there are “people” or “beings” in the other dimensions or worlds, yet none of them need us to pray or worship them, just like we don’t need people worshipping us in life unless we are a control freak.

Before this world we live in was born, or even before this whole universe and many other universes are born, there is the most original, or the first universe system, the first world, which is what we call the Da Luo Tian or Dai Law Tin (Cantonese). This place is beyond the “celestial realm” or what we call Sun-Siu / Shen Xiao 神霄天 and it is a totally different system or world, yet our universe here is contained inside the lower portion of this system. You will understand more as you read onward.

The Heaven - Da Luo Tian or Dai Law Tin

There are 3 different system in this original universe or world, and you can see it as 3 major parts to it.  There is the Tin Law (Tian Luo 天羅) at the top portion, and a Dei Law (Di Luo 地羅). Both of them are like a bunch of elements in a “bell” shape or form. In between the two, there is a Dai Law (Da Luo 大羅) that is like a sphere, and that sphere inside is the original world with the original complete “beings” in there which we call them 大羅金仙 Dai Law Gum Sin.

In the article of “Taoism and death” and “Funerals for Taoist disciples”, you have seen this term already and it’s pretty much meaning that you are back to your most original and complete form of life, the form that you were once like.

We were all once a being in this world, but due to the evolution and how things work, there will be people who “died” there and cycle down the system into the Dei Law zone, and there goes their trip to the cycle of life. After they are done cycling, they get completely destroyed and out the Dei Law zone, and circulate back up to the Tin Law zone and be contained back as energies. These energies then go through a transformation in the Tin Law and go back down into the Dai Law to be reborn again. This is basically the brief outline of how life started to finish and recycle again. In another word, there is no death forever, because death is just a transition to another place, and eventually you will cycle back to the original place too. The question is – how you want to go back to square one.

You can go back there with everything lost and naked, or you can go back there with a nice healthy looking body and such. You can go back home no matter you are successful or a total fail, it’s just that one guy got his nice car and stuff, the other guy only has nothing but underwear, which one do you prefer to be?

The Complete Beings

What is a complete being in our definition? How is life for a person in Dai Law Tin or Da Luo Tian like? First, we must understand the theory of Yuan Shen (Yuen Sun) and the spiritual soul, or even the spiritual embryo and such. After those articles are read, then you can understand this better. In our article of What is Taoism, we also talked about these essential pieces of knowledge too. Let me try to sum it up in a short passage here. If you feel confused, feel free to dig into the articles in the links.

You have a physical body here, and on the other side of the universe, you have a spiritual planetary body. The midway between goes your soul body. In order to die well as mentioned in “Taoism and death”, Taoist aim to have all their stuff in this life, except the physical body, to be packed back into the spiritual planetary body. The more advanced stage is to use your own Yuan Shen (the planet) to carry your soul and out of this lower system of Dei Law and back up instead of going downward. When you can go up, you can exit the lower bell system and go into the Dai Law zone above and your form is then transformed back to the complete being’s stage.

A complete being should have all 9x9 dimensions combined into one piece, instead of it being separated like us here. We are detached from our spiritual planet, and we only have a transaction with it when we sleep. The planet charges us up and we get energy from it, then there goes off your own for a day of work, use up the battery and you sleep to recharge again. Why can we connect to our spiritual planetary body when we sleep? 

The theory of Tai Chi in Taoism tells you this already, while people don’t realize it when they read it. “When move, they separate. When still, it comes together”.

Your Pre-and-Post-Heaven body is like this. When you wake up and do work here, you start moving, then your Pre-Heaven will be detached from you. When you stop and get quiet, still, not move, then your Pre-heaven will start to connect to you and come together. It does not take much time for you to connect to the spiritual planet even it’s far away because this spiritual planet is in the Pre-Heaven dimension and not this Post-Heaven dimension.  Everything is very fast in that dimension because we are the extreme opposite.

We have a distance that requires us to use the time to travel to get closer in this world. In that dimension, distance does not need time to travel to get closer, it just snaps and goes very instant. The best way to tell you how fast it gets is like when you look at something, now try to close your eyes and visualize it, you might be able to see it already. That is how fast it gets. Try something simple first, maybe draw the sun with a smiley face on it. Then color it. Now, look at blink a few times as if your eyes are the camera shutters. Now close your eyes and try to visualize or “see” it again. You can see how fast it gets in dimension one now. Things can change very fast in that world, and also can connect with you almost simultaneously. If you want to see this kind of effect in the post-heaven world, quantum physics have taught us this with the theory on how they analyze light particles and sub-atomic structures of things too. It’s pretty alike.

So, a complete being is the being with their own planet, soul, body and such. Everything combined together is a complete being. We were once like that too, but because we went down here in this lower world, our parts have been pulled apart and distanced away from each other.

Life in Heaven, Da Luo Tian

The life of a complete being in Dai Law Tin or Da Luo Tian is pretty hard to imagine because we are not one of them there right now, but there can be a way to have you put this to a picture in your own head to imagine how it is like. Here, in this world, we will have to sleep and get recharged. In that world, the sleep is not a blank out or blackout stage, it’s just like you go into another dimension, another world, to live your side-B of life. Then when you are tired in side-B, you will go back to side-A and so you keep on flip and flopping between 2 lives, 2 worlds, and you live in a binary world that interacts with each other. You can say that you can see your mom here in the side A world, and later go into side B together and continue the chat or doing whatever you are doing there.

The simulation we have in this world is like the internet and our normal physical life. They are very alike in a way. You cannot say life on the internet is “fake”, just because things are not solid. You can post the nude pictures of your girlfriend on the internet and get in big trouble in the physical life too. As you can see they are two worlds that are linked and closely related. In Dai Law Tin or Da Luo Tian (same thing), it is the same. You have your side A and side B of life, which is related and linked.

Side A of life is what we call dimension 6, the spiritual life (???). In professional term, we call this the 真靈空間 Junn Ling Hung Gaan. This world has everything in light matter, everything is like a self-glowing thing. Everything is born from particles and particles group together for form energy, energy then creates light, and light is what makes you exist there. In most people’s dictionary, they call this the “light beings”, because you glow. Everything around you “absorbs the light” and digest you or consume you up. As you age and get weaker in this world, you will be consumed and vanish.

Side B of life is the dimension B, the physical life, we call this the 真實空間 Junn Sut Hung Gaan. This world is the exact opposite of the dimension 6 world. Everything in this world is an absorbent of light because we are solid, we absorb the light and energies into ourselves just like all physical matters. We live in a pool of “light” or energies and things around us will empower us all the time.

The crazy and hard to imagine this side of thing is that in dimension 6, there is no gravity, no distance, no senses of mass, weight, or any physical external senses. However, you can see, hear, feel things too. Please try to think about the last time you got a vivid dream, you can for sure understand how it feels in a dream that feels super-real. You can feel completely real in a dream but things just get so wild and crazy, you can be flying in the sky, jumping around planets or doing many things you can’t do in this world.

Dimension 6 is a world like this, a world that is full of fantasy. Everything can be created almost instantly. As long as you can imagine it, bling and it will appear, however, it will use up your own “particles” to create things or do these crazy actions too. So, it is not like you have unlimited quota to override everything in nature. The more you create and power up, the less healthy you are, because you have used up your own light-particles to make things. As you can see, things that are made of light will burn itself to empower other things or to cause effect!

The life of a Da Luo Tian or Dai Law Tin being consist of 2 worlds, 2 lives, and they do not have to rest, sleep or have dreams much. It’s pretty much great if you hate the fact that 24 hours is too little for one day. You can do all the things you want in the world there because you have no limits and won’t get tired much. Tired in side A, you go to side B, and vice versa.

People there utilize the spiritual world life to create things, invent with crazy ideas and make more things out of their imagination, invent crazy technologies and such. Then in the physical life, they will also work physically to find elements and resources in the world and see if they can recreate their spiritual creation in this world, making the physical world better and better. Both worlds will interact with each other, benefit each other, and such. 

Basically, that’s how the life is like there, and it’s pretty easy to understand. Your dream can come true, only if you work hard to do it for real, same as the life here. But then, in the life of Dai Law Tin, you can control your “dream” life 100% like it is just another real life, and so there are a lot more things there that you cannot imagine. For example, you can imagine every night you go back to the same dream and continue doing what you are doing, with things staying the same place as if they were before.  You can be typing an email in the dream last night, today you go back to the dream and can continue typing, isn’t that cool?

How to Witness

What’s being described above is witnessed by Gum and Jee sifu of the lineage, who have achieved to cultivate high enough to get connected to the dimension there. Connecting there is not anything easy to do, and it takes a lot of time, effort and fate to reach there. We cannot guarantee that one can witness Dai Law Tin yet, since we don’t have a disciple who can soul travel that far at the moment. Yet, we can for sure tell you that you can achieve to witness your own Yuan Shen (spiritual planet) before your die, which isn’t THAT hard to do. We have sifu(s) in the lineage who can do it already and it’s not as hard as it seems. However, witnessing the Dai Law Tin by soul traveling is another level that is much higher to achieve. 

You don’t need to soul travel to witness or see this world of Dai Law Tin to witness it, though. The knowledge, cultivation, Taoist magic and all the stuff in Saam Law Sun Gung is already a treasure directly from this Dai Law Tin itself. By ordaining and learning in the lineage, you can already start to witness the awesomeness.  Those who have the fate and does dedicate their time and effort to the cultivation might also be able to connect with the grandmasters who have contributed to the lineage before us too, and they, are in Dai Law Tin, the pre-heaven world.  

The bottomline is, we don’t pray or worship anyone from this world, but there is such a world that you can go to “after your death”. The statues and things you see in Taoism are often misleading people to think that they pray to gods and deities, which is not the case in reality. With the lack of direct teachings from a sifu, no one can understand all that stuff behind the cover, because it is too complex, complicated and not friendly for the normal average people with average wisdom. If you tell them something too hard, they will often reject it and take the “fake ones” which is easier and more “straight forward”. Just like telling people about science in the old days is impossible, because it is too complex and too hard to understand. Most people love the simple explanation more, such as just one god above and a demon king below controlling the world. 

To know the Taoism’s inner secret, it is not as hard as how it is in the ancient days, ordain and get started today, then you will start to see the puzzle pieces come together.

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