Daai Law Tin 大羅天 (Da Luo Tian) Heaven of Taoism

Daai Law Tin 大羅天 (Saamlawnese: Daai Noh Tian) is the most ancient space and world where everything begins before time exists; it is also the “heaven” of our lineage and where our gods and higher powers are. You can also say this is the most “PreHeaven” place of nature; it existed before our world did and is where all life began.

Daai Law Tin consists of many parts that work as a system, which we described in a series of blog posts. You can read in the following order and understand how it works and how we have learned about it. Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.

In this article, we will discuss why a Taoist in our lineage would want to know about the Daai Law Tin and what it has to do with us.

The Tao and Daai Law Tin (DLT)

As we have explained in the article “What is Taoism,” every sect of Taoism has its Tao which leads them the way. Daai Law Tin is where our Tao is and where we will go as our final destination. We are cultivating as Taoists to get to this world and continue our life there. It is like our heaven, where our gods are; we will witness it later. In our scripture, we call this 與道合真 (Yu Doe Hip Jin), which means being with the Tao for real. When we are in Daai Law Tin, this is going to happen!

The gods at Daai Law Tin are called 大羅金仙 (Daai Noh Gim Cian), meaning the golden immortals of Daai Law. They reside in the Daai Law portion of the system, which we have explained in the Daai Law Jo Si article. They are also called 真靈子 (Jin Nieong Ju), meaning complete living beings. They are in the most original and complete form, which allows them to be unrestricted by nature’s boundary and travel between worlds and dimensions at will.

Life in Daai Law Tin

According to my teacher from Daai Law Tin and what I have witnessed during my experience in soul travelling and interacting with the people in this world, life in Daai Law Tin is awesome and much better than life in our world. You can call it paradise, too.

First, you don't need to sleep and waste time lying on the bed. No one would get tired and have to “take a break.” No need for energy drinks or coffee, no dozing off during driving, and no more jet lag.

There are three dimensions and three sides to life. We call them D1, D6 and D8 as code names. The official names are D1 for the real-time PreHeaven dimension 真元空間, D6 real-spiritual dimension 真靈空間 and D8 for the real-physical dimension 真實空間. Everyone in Daai Law Tin can jump between D1, D6 and D8 at will, like changing tracks on your music player with a click. These three dimensions are what we can experience in this world too, but we cannot jump between them.

D1 has no restriction on time, and D6 has no restriction on distance, while D8 is the worse, which has both restrictions. The physical reality here is D8, so we need to use the time to travel somewhere far away. D6 is like where our soul is, so you can think of someone and immediately “reach” them regardless of distance. Yet it still takes time to think and process or create the details. D1 is like our heart; it takes no time to feel. Love or hate, want or not want, comes in a flash; no processing time is required. Our Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) is in a postheaven D1 world, and that is why things on that planet can appear and disappear in a flash, like opening a file on the computer. We can experience D6 or D1 in dreams depending on how deep we are in the dreams. The world is often like a fantasy; you can fly, do crazy things and appear or disappear in a flash.

The people in Daai Law Tin live a normal physical life like ours here but can travel into their D6 side anytime. For us, D6 is like sleeping and dreaming, but to them, the D6 world is just as “solid” as the physical one. They can build things and work on things in D6, get out of the world and go back inside to continue where they left off. It’s like going into a VR game, exiting it, and then going back inside to continue it. Everything won’t disappear or reset; you are entering the same world. Continue your things there from where you left off. The D6 world is just as real as it is in the D8 world for them; business and life continue, and they link between D6 and D8, just like our world on the internet and in reality. You cannot say that’s D6 and escape from the consequence of what you did. It is like how we cannot do bad things online and escape the legal system. Police will find you in D8!

When they are tired in D8, they just need to enter D6 and will feel extremely energized. The energy of these people in Daai Law Tin is like an hourglass; once used up in one dimension, the energy is pushed to the other. All you need to do is to flip the hourglass. That is why we say they are never tired or need to sleep. If they go between D6 and D8 while still not tired, then it will seem like they are always energetic and never tired.

The second special thing about life in Daai Law Tin is that they never age or die from aging. People will grow up and mature to a certain stage, and they will look like how humans are in their 30s. After that, they will keep their appearance like that forever and never age or get “old” looking. Lifespan is much longer than human beings because of their advanced knowledge in healthcare and medicine. Humans would say they are almost like never-dying, so we often say they live a life of eternity, which means they never die. However, they can be killed or die because of accidents, war, or anything other than aging. It’s just that the “aging” factor is non-exist in that world. This would be happy news for all beauty lovers because you will never look like an old crippled person and always look good in your prettiest stage. Always looking young and happy that’s a dream for everyone!

The third thing very nice about life in Daai Law Tin is the ability to time travel or work around with time in nature. People can enter D1 and travel in the most PreHeaven dimension that doesn’t have “time.” One of the things we lack here is time, which is why we have to cramp and rush to finish work on time. Ever tried cramping your essays or report in a night? No more of that in DLT. Once you enter D1, you can do whatever you want and take as much time as you need to finish things. Once you are done, snap back into D6 or D8 and continue your “reality” side of life, and it will be just a few seconds gone. To the people in Daai Law Tin, this is mostly used for thinking of ideas and sorting out their problems in the head.  When they need to figure out something, they would enter D1 and return when finished; that way, they will not have to waste time doing that in the D6 and D8 dimensions. It would seem like they are fast and wise because they take almost no time to develop great ideas using this ability.

Many business owners would love this ability so that they could figure out the solutions for their business without wasting time in the board room or hosting meetings on Zoom that do nothing but bounce the ball around. You could have brought all the people at work to the same place in D1, and have a meeting in D1, then come back to D8 to work.

Value and Mindset

The people in Daai Law Tin are living beings like us who have feelings and thoughts with real physical bodies and the soul. However, they are much more sensitive to nature and the PreHeaven elements, such as the Yuen Sun and all the other dimensions. They can travel between dimensions and worlds, like how we can travel into the ocean or the sky. They naturally travel around dimensions and live a life that interacts with the different dimensions within their world.

Due to their ability to be so sensitive to nature, they know their role in nature and cherish and love nature more than we do. Things they do benefit nature; they love nature and care for nature’s system. Their mindset is always pro-nature because they know that going the other way is only a self-destruction path.

Religion exists in Daai Law Tin, just like in this world, but it is part of their ordinary life and not labelled as a “superstitious belief.”  To them, education and religion are combined, work and religion are combined, and politics and religion are combined because religion is just about working with nature’s creative forces. Since everything is part of nature, what is not related to religion? Religion is how to learn to communicate with nature’s system and the source of wisdom.

There are “money” and business in Daai Law Tin, as well as education, politics, etc. It’s a world with a society, which means they also have what we have here, such as weapons, wars, technology, medicine, etc. It’s a world with people, some people choose to behave and do the right thing, but some lawbreakers decide to challenge the system and do bad things. The world in Daai Law Tin is not “perfect,” as everything is only positive and good. My teacher has always said, “problems are there to push you to find more answers; it’s the thing that gives us wisdom and knowledge.” While we can say those lawbreakers are bad, it is what makes us better and bring new improvements to the system too. To the Daai Law Tin people, the bad ones are just part of the system, and it is needed for their world to improve and advance.

The focus and goal of life in Daai Law Tin are to do what you are meant to do in nature, find out your mission in life and do a good job at it, create and invent new things for nature’s system and keep the system growing while helping the system to repair, upkeep and do maintenance. Imagine that nature’s system is a house; people living in the house needs to keep improving the house and do maintenance job like cleaning and renovating etc.

Eating is a big deal in Daai Law Tin because nature’s system is about consuming things like our digestive system. They follow how nature works, so they are all a big foodie! If you enjoyed eating in this world, you would not despair in Daai Law Tin later. They are not vegan and do not like to starve themselves because nature loves eating everything with life, as explained in the Dei Law Jo Si article!

Daai Law Tin is like a paradise for us, but it is not like a world with nothing “bad” or “negative.” You would still need to learn and work to earn your living, and some powers are leading the world, like a ruler. As explained in the article “Wu Wei,” nature’s theory is about following a bigger power as a leader. The people in Daai Law Tin also follow this rule of nature, and their way of running the society is by following a ruler in their society as their Tao. Then on top of that, they have nature’s power as the highest Tao above the ruler in the society. If the ruler cannot decide, then he or she will consult the higher power above them.

As Taoists in our lineage, we aim to cultivate and get to Daai Law Tin when we die. We would face many hurdles and hardships on the way, but Taoist magic is what we can use to help us go through these hurdles. As long as we keep our trust, faith and determination in alignment with the Tao, the goal can be accomplished, as my teacher from Daai Law Tin assured. Many tests of faith will be on the way because Daai Law Tin doesn’t accept people with poor qualities. If the disciple fails in virtue and has bad qualities in the heart, they will drop out and cannot make it to the end. Cultivating the Tao is simple, but maybe not easy for everyone.

For reference, I have drawn a diagram of Daai Law Tin world. It's a structural diagram to illustrate the system. Disciples, feel free to ask questions in class!

Ordain today to become a Taoist and cultivate to go to Daai Law Tin after this life!  If this article sparked your heart and interested you, Daai Law Tin might be beaming a signal to you already. Please take the opportunity and cherish it while it’s still open!