Da Luo Tian / Dai Law Tin 大羅天 the Heaven of Taoism

Da Luo Tian

Da Luo Tian or Dai Law Tin (Cantonese)大羅天is “like” the heaven of Taoism, yet it is not like Heaven as most would have thought in western culture. To put it short, it is another world in the deepest side of nature, and it is where everything started before the universe here even existed.

In our lineage, we are connected to the power of Saam Law, which are the ternary forces of nature that drive everything that exists. These forces consist of the Tin Law天羅, Dei Law地羅and Dai Law大羅. The best picture you can find today that makes it easier to understand might be the conjunction of an hourglass and pulsar star graphics. 

taoist hourglassTin Law is the top portion of this Saam Law system, and Dei Law is at the bottom, with Daai Law like a ball in the middle between the two opposite facing “bells”. Saam Law三羅means the three law(s), and the word “Law” 羅 here means a system of creation. The three systems work as a whole, and they actually contain everything in the world, and it never stops circulating and recycling. It’s a never-ending system that just keeps cycling forever, and expanding forever.

Da Luo Tian (Daai Law Tin) is the world in the center, inside Daai Law, which contains the “people” and things who live inside the most original world, the world that exists first before anything else.

Everything started from the Da Luo Tian world, and when people and things are done processing in that world, some will be pushed down to exit the system and go into the Dei Law zone. This Dei Law is like a processing plant, it will break down anything that got in, and so every “world” and things that appear inside the Dei Law system seem to be “born”, but they are indeed en-route to die and to be destroyed. Just like our world here, the human world, is one of the many worlds inside this Dei Law zone.

After we have died enough times and broken down enough in this Dei Law zone, we will circulate to the next station. We exit the bottom of the Dei Law system and float back up to the highest point – reaching the Tin Law system and there goes the recycling process. Things in the Tin Law all get to circulate back into the most neutral form, the energy form, and then get pushed down back to the Dai Law zone for another round of “birth” in the original world again.

A good visual aid here is the science graphic below, but we have to flip it upside down to fit what we are trying to describe:


Flip and here goes the new picture, imagine the bright flare point is where Daai Law Tin is and it expands down to the "bell" system which contains all the universes and galaxies and such. However, the space around is not "black" there. It's just a visual aid for helping you put the picture in your mind.

flipped universe

Da Luo Tian / Daai Law Tin and Us

Why do we care about the Da Luo Tian / Daai Law Tin in Taoism?  It’s because we know, and we believe, that humans are all undergoing a process, a transition, and our next station is to be broken down and be destroyed. When we are broken down enough, everything goes back to a reset point and we start all over again. However, we all want to keep our good stuff and not lose all the success, so what can we do to prevent going down the destruction plant? It’s sort of like saying we all know we will get sick and die later on, so how can we not go that way?

It is impossible for a physical body to be alive and healthy forever, but it is possible if we do not only look at the physical body. The spiritual side of us does not die. Our consciousness, our soul, does not die even when the body does. For a normal person, their consciousness energy basically circulates back to space, or back to nature, and it recycles. For us, we know we can do better.

In the article of “Yuen Sun” 元神, we mentioned the spiritual planetary body, and that what we cultivate in Taoism. This personal planet is where we will go after we die, and so our soul does not just evaporate back to space, or to nature. We want to go back to our own planet, and then let this planet take us back “up” to the Dai Law Tin zone, to the original world, so that we can continue our journey there, as our after-death destination. Being back to Dai Law Tin and becoming back to our most original and most complete form of being, is what we call the Dai Law Gum Sin大羅金仙, which can be roughly translate to the Dai Law’s essence immortal.

However, this goal is not possible to achieve if one does not have any relationship with Dai Law Tin or the Saam Law powers. If you do not have a relationship with a family, you cannot go into the house of this family. Therefore, one must be connected and submit themselves to Saam Law, in order to have the opportunity to achieve this goal. In our lineage, we are connected to the power of Saam Law, which contains Dai Law, and that is why we can have the opportunity to succeed in this path.

In our theory, and belief, we were once from this "original world", and so by going back there, you can say we are reconnecting, and reuniting back with nature, back to where we were once from.


Life in Da Luo Tian / Dai Law Tin

Da Luo Tian / Daai Law Tin大羅天 is not like a “paradise”, it is another world, with life and things there. However, we call these beings a “complete being”, Junn Ling Jee真靈子.  The reason is that they do not only live in their physical life, but also a spiritual world kind of life. 

The best way to imagine the life of these Dai Law beings is to imagine yourself here, and replace your sleep time with a side-B of life. You are tired in this world (side-A), then you “go to sleep” which gets you into side-B, and this world is not like how we entered the dream here, it’s like another world, a real one that you can go back to anytime and things just stay the same as if you just went back to continue your saved game.  If you are the type who doesn’t like the idea of having so few hours to work in this world, you will love life in Dai Law Tin. There is no time to waste, you can keep going on and on without really going “blackout” to get recharged.

At the same time, Dai Law beings can also visit and interact with their Yuen Sun, unlike humans who all have no idea about this until they get to cultivation methods like we do in Taoism. Everyone in the Dai Law Tin world knows about their Yuen Sun just like we all know we have a head here. They can see it, visit it, and even live on it for a while like a vacation on your own planet.  

We are ignorant humans who only look at things from the surface all the time, because we can’t “see” the spiritual side of things. Imagine if you can see the spiritual side of things now, like when someone is telling a lie, their face doesn’t show it, but their energy is all popping out above their head showing you their evil plans, what will life be like in such a world? 

Here we are all just seeing the physical world and so we can say “who gives a shit” to this and that kind of cultivation, it’s so vague and non-solid, it’s so abstract, no one cares. But when you can see the soul, the Yuen Sun, and all the “invisible” things, how will you be able to ignore them? Life in Dai Law Tin can be very different for you, because everything is viewed in all perspectives and not just on the surface, not just the physical side, but also the spiritual side, the deeper side. If you are trying to lie to your wife, she might see the truth by looking at your spiritual side, uh oh.

Dai Law beings do not die from old age, yet you can trip over something and get your head busted, or eat some kind of weird stuff and get yourself killed... you just don't get "old" and die from aging. That is also why they are call immortals, because they do not age after they get to their mature state.


Da Luo Tian and Saam Law Sun Gung

How do we know all these things about Da Luo Tian / Dai Law Tin? First off, it is new to us (Jee sifu and Gum Sifu) too. It was discovered when we got in touch with the Saam Law powers and inherited the power and wisdom of Saam Law Sun Gung.  There are some Taoist sects that do mention something like the Da Luo Tian, but it’s not the same thing as what we are describing here. Same name, different things behind. This boss is not that boss!

In Saam Law Sun Gung, we cultivate to make life better here first, solve problems and improve things for our present life. After that, we aim to prepare for our after-death. The life beyond this life.

Every religion has their “heaven” or “place to go” after death, and so do we. Our goal is to go to Dai Law Tin 大羅天, which we believe is the original world where everything started.  We are connected to this place, because this is where we got our power and wisdom from in this lineage. Without the guidance and teachings from Saam Law, there would not be all these things in our lineage today. 

People outside might not be able to witness this place we call Dai Law Tin, but you can witness what it has passed on to us. By looking at the knowledge, the wisdom, the power of our Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, you will be able to see and witness the existence of Dai Law Tin and the Saam Law system. Without connecting to it, there will be no Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功.

There are “people” who we connect to, who are inside this Daai Law world, but we do not “pray” or “worship” to anyone there. Unlike most religious paths who worship some kind of “beings”, we do not have that practice in our lineage. In fact, you should take a look at our “Gods and Deities” article to understand more about our higher powers and what we are doing with our statuesand altar.

Not everyone will believe all these things about Dai Law Tin and such, just like not everyone will believe that there is a heavenor a paradise of some sorts from other religions. Again, it’s all because we cannot see it physically, that’s why we do not believe something exists. At the same time, you can take a look at things like time, heat, love, and even the magnetic forces, all of which exist without a physical nor a visible form. Why do we believe in these things? When you get ordainedand learn in our lineage, you will be nourished and soaked with the wisdom of Saam Law, and you will prove it to yourself. Not everyone fits the same path, and that is why it is all about making your decisions and choosing where you want to go.

What is the purpose of life?  

Saam Law knowledge has taught us – life is about preparing. You prepare yourself when your are still a child, by going through education, you prepared yourself to get a job. When you are an adult, you prepare yourself to establish your own family. When you have a family, you prepare for your next generation and things after you die. If you take a step back, zoom out, why are we born here? The answer is so simple – because we are born to prepare for the next destination. Have you chosen your next destination yet? Ordainand inherit the wisdom and power of Saam Law Sun Gung, and get your life reconnected and reunited back with nature!