Taoism Worshipping Explained

Worshiping in Taoism is called 拜神 Baai Sun. It’s a common practice that anyone in Asia will know about, but many also don’t understand it while doing so. Basically, there are many people doing this blindly, such as buying some statues and setting up their own “altar” at home then starting to pray to the statue as if it is a god. Is that actually going to work? This article is all about digging into the truth of how worshipping works; guess what, it’s the same in all cultures.

How it Works

The whole thing about worshipping is ridiculously simple, and yet it works. It is part of our natural ability to worship and a result of that have we created our own gods. No matter what culture, what religious path, it’s the same when it all started. We have talked about what is god in another article, but in this one we will dig into the practice of worshipping.

When you are honouring a god, which involves some kind of daily commitment that shows you acknowledge the gods are there in front of you, that is already a way to worship and commit to the god creation process. The statue or whatever you are putting as a representative of your god, it is acting like a piggy bank, and you are putting in pennies every day – which is your faith, your heart energy. By doing so, your heart energy builds up and becomes a preheaven energy ball at the altar, and there goes a spiritual embryo (Sun Toy 神胎), and with more faith, this will mature up and become your god. Ideally, if the whole altar is safe and free from external disturbance, this is going to work 100% the way it should, and you will have a real god born for you, this is legit, and it works as long as your faith is there, meaning that you believe it unconditionally.

You realized I used the word “faith” and not believe or trust. Faith is like a “hope” feeling with belief, you believe it and hope it will be like so, without question, without doubt, without the need of proof. Faith is like a blind belief, and that’s what you need to create a spiritual embryo and turn it into a god. Without faith, the god will be dead. This is an ability that we have naturally. We are born with the ability to create gods for ourselves.

When we talk to the god we honour and worship, we will often get into situations where we will ask the god for help. That is the time when we withdraw from the investment. It seems like you are losing something because you are “withdrawing”, like taking money out of the bank. However, faith is something preheaven, it is different and actually opposite from the physical world. The more you use the more you have. Therefore, when someone always has things to tell the god at home, and always has things to ask the god to help them here and there, this god will grow up fast and become a very strong god.

Those who just burn incense like a robot and think that they just “have” to do it, those gods are not going anywhere, probably will be dead soon. But those who always go talk to the gods about this and that, then maybe even tell the gods about things they want to VENT about, such as who and who a-ho at work doing this and that to them and so on. The more you talk the more you believe the god is real and the more faith is injected to the god. Then, you often will add “please help me to…” and include what you want the god to do for you, there goes the part where you put the god to work. God will do it for you because you are the one who invested all that heart power. After the god gain experiences and keep working for you, the god will build its power.

How to Worship is Right

The truth is, worshipping is about spending time with the gods, honouring it, making yourself build a relationship with it, putting faith into it, and that’s about it. This can be done in any way if you don’t mind the difference in cultural differences.  You can light a candle, burn incense, turn on a light, just to mark the beginning of a session. Then you get into talking mode and start to tell the god things, and then ask God for some help and blessings, then conclude your session. If you used lights, go turn it off. If you used candles, blow it out. If you use incense, just let it finish. There goes the end of the whole session, and the worshipping is done. Keep doing it daily, have faith in it, and then time will help you make it happen like magic.

Taoist worshipping is like that too, just that our style is like burning incense, chanting spells etc. It’s just the same concept, same idea, yet we are more detailed and sophisticated.

Regardless of religion, worshipping is the investment of your FAITH and turning FAITH into a god. Then this god will be YOUR god. 

In our lineage, the way we do it is like this, but a bit more beyond this. Instead of starting to create a god for yourself, we have gods from the celestial court that were all already there long ago. All we do is channel them down and make a copy of that god during the statue consecration process. That way you are facing a matured god already and growing it for yourself. It’s like someone gave you a whole apple tree and you just grow it from there. While most people start from seed and slowly work from there and up.

The Breed

Even you can make gods easily and I can also make mine, however, the ones that we can channel to in the celestial court is different from what you can make. The breed is the thing here. Yours is created by yourself, the one we invoke and channel down is cultivated in Dai Law Tin and have many goodies stored inside already. It’s much better, much stronger and much more powerful with all that jam-packed ingredients at the back.

Up to this point, you should clearly know what worshipping is in Taoism and in other cultures. Remember the word FAITH, it is the only thing you need to make a god. When you have faith the god will be there, when faith is gone, your god will die too.

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