Virtue and Mindsets

Basic Etiquettes and Mindsets

Learning the art of learning might seem straightforward, yet many overlook its importance. With our extensive experience in teaching disciples globally, we've compiled essential advice for those starting their journey with us. Keep these principles in mind, and success is yours for the taking.

All-Time Basic Mindsets

Trust – This means believing for a reason. For instance, you trust the Tao because you see the transparency and depth in Jee Sifu's teachings shared online.

Faith – Believing without needing a reason, similar to how a child trusts their parents unconditionally. Once you commit to being a disciple, place your faith in your master (Jee Sifu) by embracing and following the teachings, showing it through actions, not just words.

Determination – Persist no matter the obstacles. Cling to your trust and faith, and even if they falter, don't give up. Faced with significant challenges, turn to your master for guidance and rescue, allowing them to steer you back on course.

Basic Etiquettes of Communication

Addressing People Correctly

It's crucial to use the correct titles and forms of address to show respect. As a disciple, refer to Jee Sifu as “Ju Cia Juan (紫師尊).” Seniors in the lineage, who joined before you, also have Taoist names, typically starting with “Tin” followed by their name. Address male seniors as “X Cia Hieong 師兄” (senior brother in lineage) and females as “X Cia Jia 師姐” (senior sister in lineage). You'll learn more about these titles as we interact on LINE.

Importance of Greeting

Greeting at the start of a conversation is essential, even online. It fosters a connection, aligning hearts and energies, reducing conflicts, and setting a positive tone. As disciples, greet Ju Cia Juan with “Cia Juan Gi Jiang!” and fellow disciples as “X Cia Hieong/Jia Gi Jiang!” or use a friendly sticker on LINE.

Yin Yang Cycle

Reflecting the Tai Chi symbol's black and white cycle, maintain healthy communication on LINE. Don't disappear mid-conversation; politely inform others if you need to leave. This courtesy ensures no one is left waiting and maintains a balanced communication flow.

We Know You

There's no need to repeatedly mention that you're new or inexperienced. We're familiar with beginners and understand their journey. Instead of highlighting your newness, actively seek knowledge, teachings, and solutions. Asking directly for guidance shows proactiveness and is appreciated by the master.

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