Taoist's Dragon Energy and Metaphysics

Dragon Energy 龍氣, Lung Hei (Saamlawnese: Nong Ki), is a word you might hear from Fung Shui or other Chinese metaphysics (玄學) related subjects, such as Taoism and Taoist Magic. However, most people do not know this and can only relate to the dragon as an animal.  You will learn much from this article, which might lead you to read the other articles to strengthen further your understanding of the details and special terms we use. Do not hesitate to click the linked text; they will bring you to many exciting articles with more gems to be discovered.

Dragon is a metaphor; it is a dragon that flies around in the sky and goes down into the ocean, bringing rain to the world, and it will stay inside the ocean. Going back to the metaphysics foundation we have discussed in this blog, the sky, ground, and human 天地人 concept refers to the three dimensions D1, D6 and D8. In the article “Why We Dream” and “Yuen Sun,” we have talked about this cycle; in the article “How Memory Works,” we also talked about how these three dimensions affect how we think, act, etc. Given this basic foundation knowledge, you can see the pattern of a dragon, which is how your Preheaven source, the Yuen Sun, flows into the soul body and puts the energy inside your local body into the heart.

You can also change the Yuen Sun to something else that gives things to your soul body, such as the Celestial Court for the Taoists. It’s a Preheaven source and falls into the “Sky” category.  People can use many different sources as the sky, and the energy from that source that goes to them is the dragon’s essence 龍元 (Nong Xuan). The dragon energy is the energy that manifests from the essence, which will become a part of the ground’s system energy, the soul energy for the human.

Dragon Energy You Can Understand

An example you can understand would be how it works in a company. The boss is the sky, the ground is the company, and the human is the final product created by the company. Let’s say you have a simple business and are the boss. The company is named FruityGo, and we have a few people working for you, selling fruit juice on a little truck as your “office.” The dragon swims from you to the company; the dragon essence would be anything you give to the company, such as your direction, ideas, or even the wealth you invest in. The essence will manifest into everything, so your truck and the people working inside will represent the company's soul. If I were your consultant, I would observe the people’s mood and working attitude, the truck’s condition and the quality of the things inside etc. This shows me dragon energy quality and determines what the result would be like. Imagine your workers are unhappy and grumpy, and the fruits are cut open but not kept fresh, which shows bad dragon energy. If the people working are tired, they might quit soon, which shows weak dragon energy. The team spirit is hyped, and they are passionate about the job, which shows the dragon’s energy is strong and bold.

This metaphor allows you to see the pattern and understand why the dragon energy is important because it affects the outcome or the result of what is being born from the system. In other words, if people always see something is wrong at the outcome stage, it is time to hire someone to check your dragon energy.

For example, your business has an issue; everyone who bought your fruit juice says they are getting sick, and you are still determining why. Then you hire someone to check the dragon energy in the truck. Turn out that something was rotten and kept in the storage, which made everything go bad; this rotten thing that creates a problem is the “evil obstruction” 煞 (Xia) that is in the system, which affects everything that comes out of it. You would need to dissolve and eliminate the obstruction called 化煞 (Whua Xia), and the problem would be solved.

Your Personal Dragon Energy

Your “Yuen Sun” is the source of life; it gives you the PreHeaven energies essence, which goes to your heart in the local energy body when you sleep. The dragon essence that goes to the heart then manifests to become the soul’s energy, which we have explained in the article “Souls and Spirits.” The dragon’s energy can be observed by making a small diagnosis for the soul, and you would understand how the dragon is doing inside the “ocean.” The flesh body is the “ground,” which contains the water inside. Water is the soul’s energy, like a big pool of water inside the ground and becomes the “ocean.”

The dragon energy inside the soul will show in three ways, as explained in the “Soul” article. You can observe yourself and see how your soul is doing today, and that’s how the dragon energy is doing!

First, we will diagnose the neutral soul energies, which relate to your focus, alignment, direction, confidence, and things that connect you to things in reality. Do you know what you should be doing? Do you feel focused? Do you feel like you have a passion for what you are doing? These will tell you how well the dragon energy in the center meridian 中脈 (Jong Maai) is doing. The meridian is a channel through which the soul runs; it is not visible to the eyes or physical.

Let’s say you are reading this blog post; then, you can observe yourself and see how well you are focused and aligned with the post. Do you feel very clear about the content’s direction? Do you feel “clicked” with the blog post? Do you have a passion for the content? Do you feel this is very much what you need? The energy runs in the center channel, which we call the center meridian; it’s an invisible channel, like a concept. The more energy you have, the more “active and energetic” this channel is. If you are lost and have no interest, your energy in the meridian is weak, like a pipe with very little water inside.

Secondly, we will diagnose the negative soul energies that generate the thinking power and make you ponder. How do you feel today with your thoughts and mental health? Do you feel brain fog and confusion? Do you feel clear and smart? Do you feel like you have many things in your head and actively think about them all the time?  Do you feel like many ideas are in your head, giving you inspiration and creativity? That shows how much dragon energy runs in the left channel or the Negative Meridian 陰脈 (Yim Maai). Your negative meridian should be super pumped up if you are like me. I have so many ideas in my head now that I want to be put on the page!

Thirdly, you will diagnose your positive soul energies. Condition by observing your energy for the physical body. How motivated are you to take action? How does your physical body feel? Do you feel the urge to take action and move? Do you feel sloppy and sluggish and don’t want to move your body? Do you feel tired and sleepy? Do you feel energetic and want to move around to do things? This will tell you the dragon energy condition in the right channel, the Positive Meridian 陽脈 (Yang Maai). At this moment, I am very pumped and taking lots of action by typing non-stop like a machine gun; my positive meridian is bold and energetic.

You can use this method and diagnose your dragon energy that runs through the three meridians or “channels,” which tells you how the dragon is doing. The three meridians are channels which tell you the health of your three souls. Don’t try to draw or make it physical because it only leads to confusion. It’s a concept, and it is to be understood inside you, and later, you will know how it is used in other things such as medicine, face reading, palmistry, acupuncture, and many other things we do.

The dragon energy tells you about the soul’s health, allowing you to predict the outcome. The action taken by the physical body is all powered by the dragon energy, like the electricity that runs through the cables and into your house, giving power to your appliances. If the dragon energy is not powerful enough, your appliances are flickering or might not even work.

The three meridians are called the dragon longitude system 龍經 (Nong Giang). In our spells, we have a line that says “龍經入靈山,師傳法種令,” which means the dragon longitude system goes into the spiritual mountain (the spiritual world), and the master passes on the magic seed according to the command. This is not about our ordinary dragon energy system but the Taoist’s dragon system.

The word longitude system might not be the best translation, but it also fits the word’s description, which is the system that runs straight down lengthwise, as the energy from Yuen Sun to your soul runs down lengthwise in a vertical manner.

The Taoist’s Dragon Energy

The Taoist’s source is not the Yuen Sun. We still get our resources from the Yuen Sun. Still, we have a new one that provides us with the power we need for doing Taoist magic and overcoming problems in our life that our Yuen Sun cannot deal with. Don’t forget that when we are helping others, we should use the Tao’s source instead of the Yuen Sun, because the Yuen Sun is for helping you for your things, it is your ordinary source, not a cultivated one helping others.

The “celestial court” is the source in the related article. The same concept applies, and now the channel is from the court to you, not from your Yuen Sun to you. The dragon energy from the court will shape your Tao Soul 道魂 (Doe Win). This is easy to diagnose; let’s check your Tao Soul’s condition now!

The neutral soul on the center meridian would give you the power to stay focused, loyal, aligned, and passionate about the Tao. Those failed disciples who lost their hearts for the Tao and didn’t have faith anymore or felt this was not “for them” anymore show that the center meridian is like an emptied channel; nothing is running in the channel anymore. For a devoted disciple with strong faith, the center meridian is strong and energetic, which keeps the system between you and the Tao together.

The negative soul on the left, the negative meridian, gives you the power to think, learn, or understand things. Do you feel you want to learn? Do you understand the content of the Tao? Do you have the desire to learn more? Do you feel the attractiveness of the Tao’s teachings? If you feel like being a quiet disciple is fine, sit at the back and do nothing but greet 2x a day, then your negative meridian must be dried. A good disciple who loves learning and keeps learning daily would have a strong negative channel with lots of energy inside.

The positive soul on the right, the positive meridian, gives you the power to act and do something in physical reality. Do you take any action for the Tao? Do you practice your magic and spells? Do you do chanting and such daily? Have you been doing your rituals and such? Do you apply the Tao’s power and teachings in life? Some poor-quality disciples only show up occasionally but never use the Tao’s power; it’s like they just became a member, and that’s it. These people have no energy in the right positive channel, and you can see that the channel is like a dried pipe. A good disciple with a strong positive channel would be taking action and applying the Tao’s teachings to everything, always using the magic and practicing daily!

These three elements combine the dragon’s longitude system 龍經 of your Tao Soul. According to the two lines of the spells, it means putting the Tao Soul into your ordinary soul and combining them, allowing the magic seed to be delivered. The dragon energy in the Tao Soul can determine the lifespan of a Taoist, which is how long they will stay as a Taoist and when they are about to die.

For example, I can diagnose a failed Taoist, and you can see how this works in practical application.

There was a disciple he had been learning for a few years now, and suddenly, he started not to show up often and stopped burning incense for some days. It shows that his right positive channel is weakening because the actions are decreasing. What caused the channel to weaken? The left negative channel is the problem. It’s like saying why the fire is dying because the oil it burns on is running out. Therefore, we know this disciple's desire to learn was weakening, and he didn’t find the Tao’s teaching attractive.

I tested him and asked if I could offer him some free lessons exclusively for them. Would they want to learn? He replied, “No, not now.” He makes excuses to tell me he is very “busy” and says he is “low in energy” now. I also learned that he is still working for the company he used to work for as a chef, so his physical health is fine since his job is very physically demanding. He is not working part-time but full-time, five days a week. How can he say he is low in energy if he can work for the other company and not feel exhausted? He was feeling the energy of his Tao Soul in the left negative channel!  That means his negative channel is dying too. What will cause that?

The center channel is what is left, and if the center channel is weakened to a certain point, it can no longer provide energy to the left channel. Therefore, I can already see that his heart for the Tao is the problem. Loyalty and faith are decreased or dying, which means he no longer believes in the Tao. What is the cause of the loss of faith and loyalty? Did he find another religion better for him? No, that was not the case. Did he have something else that pulled him away? No, that was not the case. If there is nothing from the outside, it must be something from the inside. Turn out that he was doing too many bad things, which broke his promises to the Tao, and because of the bad things he has done, such as lying and betraying the Tao, the gods have decided to cut off their powers from him, not wanting this disciple anymore. The gods want to kick him out so he has no more power coming from the source, the celestial court. 

If he wanted to save himself, he could have begged the gods with an apology and repented. He could have done something to get the source connected to him again. However, this disciple didn’t care and just decided to be a betrayer. Therefore, the gods decided to execute this person fully and finally gave me the official notice and told me to kick him out completely and officially, removing him from the lineage and the Tao’s system.

With such bad virtue, this person would fail in anything because his virtue to the gods killed his Taoist life. This will be like a virus that will also damage his career, marriage, and life. He is also teaching his Yuen Sun the same pattern, which means his life potential will stop flowing down soon. He is a person who makes mistakes and causes trouble but is not willing to take responsibility to accept his fault and take action to fix the problem he has caused. He doesn’t keep promises or live a life with honesty and truthfulness. Not even a friend would like him after knowing his true self because this person is a selfish villain.

Ordain today to learn more about this amazing metaphysics and Taoism knowledge. There is much more to learn, but you can only benefit yourself once you get ordained and connect to the SOURCE. You can see dragons on our Taoist outfits and magic tools; now you know what they are referring to and what they mean. Even if you have 100 dragons on the robe, it doesn’t mean you will have 100 reptile spirits helping you. It’s all about bringing in the power from the Celestial Court to you.