Secret Power of Cursing, Swearing and Oath

Many individuals today have lost faith in the value of swearing an oath or making promises, as they only believe in tangible and immediate consequences. The act of signing a contract has become more intimidating due to the legal ramifications it entails. For instance, failing to pay rent could result in eviction the following day. Conversely, if someone verbally expresses a promise or swears upon something sacred like the sky or a deity, it becomes unclear whether they will uphold their words or face any repercussions for dishonesty. Frequently, when individuals are caught in a lie, they defend themselves by saying, "I swear to God I didn't do it." This kind of statement may appear devoid of meaning, but is it truly so? This article aims to explore the power of swearing an oath and its impact on our lives, shedding light on why Taoists hold the ordaining ceremony in high regard.

Cursing 101

Imagine you take a rock and earnestly declare, "I hereby curse person ABC, decreeing that they shall never experience good fortune again as long as this rock remains unbroken!" What occurs behind the scenes during this act? Surprisingly, this is a form of magic. By investing your faith into the rock, a spiritual embryo within you gives birth to a "God," who now resides within the rock. This God has the ability to connect and draw power from your Yuen Sun, the primary source that empowers your life. When you utter the curse, you are conveying to the Yuen Sun and the embedded God that as long as the rock remains intact, the Yuen Sun will continue beaming power from above, through the spiritual realm, and into person ABC, intensifying their misfortune and negatively affecting their future.

Does it genuinely work? Yes, it does, but only if the person casting the curse possesses unwavering faith and sincerity. However, performing such curses will deplete the caster's Yuen Sun's energy reserves. As the curses multiply, the output from the Yuen Sun surpasses what they can sustain and generate, ultimately impacting their own lives. That is why cursing others should be avoided, as it rarely brings any reciprocal benefits to replenish one's Yuen Sun. We have previously discussed this concept in the "dirty magic" article.

Following the curse, the sorcerer's Yuen Sun continues to channel its resources towards person ABC, actively contributing to the manifestation of the curse. Although the Yuen Sun cannot directly bring about the exact events as stated in the curse, it influences the individual in various ways. For instance, the energy directed at person ABC might compel them to engage in actions that result in "bad luck," such as self-destructive behaviors or decisions leading to unfavorable outcomes. To illustrate, while good luck could entail waking up on time and going to work, bad luck might manifest in excessive drinking, resulting in a hangover that causes forgetfulness and tardiness or even skipping work. The Yuen Sun strives to nudge circumstances in alignment with the curse.

In the realm of common folk's occult practices, similar rituals are often performed, such as writing one's name on paper and burning it. The paper symbolically represents the individual, allowing their bad luck and negative energy to perish and dissolve, returning to their source. However, such practices only yield results if one possesses unwavering faith in the magic and believes in its efficacy since a genuine belief in its power is what enables the creation of a deity. Without this belief, the ritual remains ineffective.

Breaking the curse is a straightforward process. Since the curse is directed at person ABC, they must create a representative object, such as a ceramic bowl. Holding the bowl, they declare, "This bowl shall serve as my proxy, absorbing all curses. As it shatters and breaks, the curses shall ricochet back to the originator!" By doing so, the bowl assumes the role of "you" and absorbs all curses on your behalf in the preheaven form. When you drop and shatter the bowl, the curse intended for you finds its way back to the one who initially cursed you, effectively nullifying the curse.

Oath and Swearing

In ancient times, people placed great belief in swearing oaths and making promises, often invoking higher powers such as gods or parents. An example of this can be seen in situations where parents confront their child, compelling them to swear that they haven't consumed any candies. The parent might say, "Swear that you haven't eaten candies, or else I will take away your games." If the child agrees and sincerely swears, it signifies that if the mother discovers they have indeed eaten candies, she will follow through with the consequence of taking away their games. This human-world version of swearing carries a certain power, but in the PreHeaven realm, the potential is far greater.

When someone swears, they create a localized deity, much like when they curse. This oath must be genuine, truthful, and accompanied by faith; otherwise, it will hold no legitimacy. This deity listens to the "contract" established during the swearing and continues to channel power from the individual's Yuen Sun, creating a time bomb with a predetermined condition. For example, if someone swears to be truthful and honest after ordaining into a Taoist sect, any failure to uphold this promise will result in the oath's consequences manifesting. It operates similarly to a curse, but with the added element of a condition that must be met for the magic to take effect.

Oaths taken during the ordination process of Taoist sects or lineages often involve conditions. For instance, it might be stated that if a person betrays their commitment, they will be subjected to the punishment of the five thunders from above or divine retribution. Once they accept these conditions, the specified consequences will befall them when the condition is fulfilled. This functions like a timed program, akin to a time bomb.

However, you might question the potency of such oaths, as it may seem that stating something like "thunder will strike them" doesn't materialize when the promise is broken. This discrepancy arises because the true meaning of thunder and how it translates in the PreHeaven coding and metaphor remains unknown. You cannot assert that betraying the oath will physically transform someone into a cow, as it won't occur in the physical world. However, in the PreHeaven code, it might signify a spiritual transformation into a cow. With a cow-like soul, one's disposition could become forceful and pushy, leading to animosity from others. Magical power originates from the PreHeaven realm, influencing the soul rather than the physical aspects of life. Nevertheless, it is the soul that governs one's actions in the physical world. To delve deeper into this concept, you can refer to our article on "How God Punishes People."

If an individual has previously made oaths and sworn to deities in an occult practice but has since left that path and wishes to break free from its influence, they must establish a new source of protection. Without such a source, they will be vulnerable to attacks. The new source must shield and absorb any impacts directed their way, thereby freeing them from further harm. That is why when I encounter individuals who have engaged in multiple religious practices and subsequently face numerous problems, I can only suggest that they renounce everything and ordain themselves as Taoists. This is the only path to breaking the curses and resolving the issues. No one can evade these consequences because what has been done is done, and the PreHeaven realm can track you down at any time, irrespective of your location or the passage of time, as it is not constrained by such limitations.

In ancient times, the Chinese engaged in a ritual involving a bowl of liquor to solidify oaths. After swearing to each other, they would drink the liquor and shatter the bowl on the ground. This, too, is a form of magic. For example, when becoming "sworn brothers," they would state, "XYZ and I swear to the sky and the ground that we shall become brothers, share our fortunes and misfortunes, remain loyal to each other, and never betray. If I break my promise, may the worst possible fate befall both XYZ and me." Subsequently, they would throw the bowl to the ground, breaking it. The entire swearing process involved communing with their Yuen Sun, and when they consumed the liquor or other substances, it served as a means to infuse the energy into their souls. Breaking the bowl, which contained the deity and spiritual embryo, killed the deity's physical form, causing it to return to the Yuen Sun and become a "Tin Juen," as explained in our articles on "Investiture of Gods" and "Tao Gaming." The energy of the oath now resides within their body, while the Tin Juen (deity) remains in the Yuen Sun, awaiting the moment when they break their promise. Once that occurs, the internal time bomb will be triggered, and the effects will be experienced immediately. This form of magic does indeed work, but only if it is approached earnestly and with unwavering faith in one's words. If one treats it as mere pretense, nothing will happen because it is merely an act. To ensure people take their words seriously, such ceremonies often involve additional sacrifices, such as adding drops of blood into the liquor to discourage frivolity. Similar practices are carried out during the ordination of disciples, although in some cases, the process may be conducted remotely to conceal the details.

We provide upfront information about what is expected of disciples, which is available on our website and detailed in written form. If one does not treat these guidelines seriously, they deserve the punishment meted out by the gods. If you wish to learn more about what disciples must follow and do, I encourage you to peruse our eBooks on the download page. You will find valuable resources, including commandments, doctrines, and rules.

The more faithfully one adheres to their words as a disciple, the more magical power and assistance they receive from the gods. Conversely, deviating from the path and being untruthful yield the opposite effect. Honesty and truthfulness hold immense importance in this context.

Ordain today to learn more about these interesting things and inherit the Taoist’s wisdom!  If you are cursed or feel like you have been cursed, welcome to come to us for help because we are experts in handling these situations.