Secret Power of Cursing, Swearing and Oath

Many people nowadays do not believe in swearing or oath anymore because they only believe in things that physically impact them. Signing a contract is scarier because of the legal consequences, such as if you don’t pay the rent, people can evict you the next day. However, if you use your mouth to say you will promise this or that, or you swear to the sky or the god about this and that, who would know if you lie or don’t keep your promise, it seems like there is nothing that will happen. When people lied and got caught, they often defended themselves using “I swear to god that I didn’t.” It seems like a meaningless thing, or is it not? In this article, you will learn about the power of these swearing an oath and how they impact us. Because of the oath, you will also understand why Taoists take the ordaining ceremony seriously.

Cursing 101

Let’s say you took something like a rock, and you say, “I will curse with this rock that person ABC will not have any good luck again as long as this rock doesn’t break!” What is happening at the back while you do this (not jokingly, but sincerely)? This is a form of magic! When you do that, you are investing your faith into the rock, which means a “God” is being born from the spiritual embryo inside you, and now this rock has a God in it. This god can connect and beam down the power from your Yuen Sun, the main source of power that gives you the power to live a life here. When you say the curse, you are telling the Yuen Sun and this god that as long as the rock doesn’t break, the Yuen Sun will keep beaming power from the above, through the spiritual realm, and into the person ABC to worsen their luck and ruin their future in this world.

Does it work for real? Yes, it does, as long as the person cursing has faith and is sincere about it, but it will drain their Yuen Sun’s power to do the job; while they curse more things, the Yuen Sun output will be greater than what they can support and generate, then it will affect their life at the end. That is why you can curse people, but don’t do it very often and don’t do it for others because the others don’t give back anything to replenish your Yuen Sun. We have explained this in the “dirty magic” article too.

After the cursing, the Yuen Sun from the sorcerer will keep flowing down its resources to the person ABC and help them make what the curse says happens. It cannot directly make it happen, but it will influence the person in various ways. For example, you cursed ABC to have bad luck, so the energy that goes into him will make him do things that lead to “bad luck,” like he will do things to harm himself and end up having bad luck. For example, good luck will be that he can get up and go to work on time. Then bad luck would be that he might want to drink a lot at night and end up with a hangover, then he forgets about work and ends up being late or not going to work. It will not happen directly as your curse say, but it will try to push things that way.

In the common folk’s occult practice, they often do something similar, like writing your name on paper and burning it somewhere. The paper intends to represent you and then die from this world, which carries all the bad luck and energy and dissolves them back to where they came from. It doesn’t work if one doesn’t have faith in the magic or believe it will work because god can only be created when your heart believes in its power. If you don’t have that heart, it won’t do anything.

Breaking the curse is easy. The curse is done on person ABC; then he needs to make a representative, such as a ceramic bowl. He then holds the bowl and says, “This bowl will represent me to absorb all the curses, and the curses will bounce back to the person who did it as the bowl shatters and breaks!”  After you do that, the bowl becomes a “you,” while it absorbs all the curses for you in the preheaven form. Then when you drop the bowl to shatter it, the curse on you will find its way back to whoever cursed you. The curse is then busted.

Oath and Swearing

People in the old days believe in swearing or oath, saying they are making a promise to someone higher above, such as a god or their parents. A good example that you can see more physically is when the parents confronted the child, and he had to swear that he didn’t eat candies before. The parents then said, okay, you swear you didn’t eat candies before, or else I will take away your games. The child agrees and sworn, then that means if the mother found out he did eat candies before, she would take away the games. This is a human-world version of the swearing, but things can get much more powerful than that in the PreHeaven.

When you swear, you also create a god locally; it’s the same thing as when you curse. This swearing must be truthful and sincere, with faith, or else it won’t be legit. This god listens to your “contract” and keeps beaming the power from your Yuen Sun to make it a time bomb with a condition set into it. For example, you swear to be truthful and honest after ordaining the lineage and becoming a disciple. Then when you fail to do so, whatever is on oath will happen to you. It’s the same thing as a curse, just that it has a condition set, which means the magic won’t happen until the condition is met.

The oath to ordain any Taoist sect or lineage is often done with a condition. For example, they will say that if the person betrays, they will be hit with the five thunders from the above, punished by the gods, etc. As long as they have accepted the conditions, these things will happen by the time the condition is met. It’s just a timed program, like a time bomb!

However, you might question the power of this oath because it seems like you can say something like the thunder will strike them, but they didn’t get that after breaking the promise. That is because you don’t know what the thunder means and what things can translate to in the PreHeaven coding and metaphor. You cannot say that if you betray, you will turn into a cow, that’s not going to happen in the physical world, but it can happen in the PreHeaven code, which means you will turn into a cow spiritually. What happens when you have the soul of a cow? The intention could be that you will always be forceful and pushy, so your attitude will change in that direction, and people might hate you for this. Magic power comes from the PreHeaven; it will affect your soul and not the physical side of life. However, the soul will lead to your physical actions! You can also read our “How God Punishes People” article to learn more about this!

If one has made an oath and sworn to the gods of an occult before but they have quitted the occult already and want to break free from it. They would have to get a new source to protect them because they could not escape without being attacked. The new source would have to contain them so that any impacts coming their way will be handled by the source of the new religion that they are in.

You have made the promise and signed the contract with the god in that occult, they have all the right to kick your butt, and you have no way to escape. Unless you have a new source that says they want to take the shots for you and cover you, you could be free from those attacks. That is also why whenever I know someone went to many religious practices and came back with many problems, I can only suggest they quit everything and ordain to become a Taoist. There is no other way to break the curse and problems besides this route. No one can escape from these things because what’s done is done, and the Preheaven can track you down anytime, no matter where you go because they don’t have the restriction of time and distance in the PreHeaven dimension.

In ancient times, the Chinese would take a bowl of liquor and swear with each other, then after drinking the liquor, they would shatter the bowl on the ground. This is a form of magic too!  For example, they would do it when becoming “sworn brothers.” They would say, “I and XYZ will be sworn to the sky and ground that we will become brothers, share our fortune and misfortunes, be loyal to each other and never betray. If I break my promise, I will have the worse death and XYZ happen to me.” After that, they would toss the bowl to the ground and break it. The whole swearing process is to talk to their Yuen Sun, and then when they drink liquor or anything, it’s a way to put the energy into the soul. Then they break the bowl (which contains the god and spiritual embryo). This action of breaking the bowl will kill the body of the god, which immediately sends the god back to the Yuen Sun to become a “Tin Juen,” as we have explained in the “Investiture of Gods” and “Tao Gaming” articles. Now they have the energy of the oath inside their body, and the Tin Juen (god) is in the Yuen Sun waiting to see when they will break the promise. Once they did, the bomb inside the body would be triggered, and they would get the effect immediately. This magic does work, but it only works if you are doing it for real and have faith in your words. If you don’t treat it like real, nothing will happen since it is faked. To make people put faith in their words, this ceremony would often require more sacrifices, such as dropping blood into the liquor to make people not goof around. Similar things are done for the disciple when they ordain, just that it could be done by distance, so they don’t see the process.

We also tell them upfront about what they should be like when they ordain; it’s posted on the website and written in black and white. If one doesn’t take it seriously, one deserves punishment from the gods. If you want to know more about what a disciple must follow and do, feel free to read our eBooks on the download page. Scroll down to the blue books section and see all those goodies, such as the commandments, doctrines, and rules.

The more you keep your words as a disciple, the more magic power and help you get from the gods. The more you do the opposite, the more you get the opposite effect. This is why honesty and truthfulness are so important.

Ordain today to learn more about these interesting things and inherit the Taoist’s wisdom!  If you are cursed or feel like you have been cursed, welcome to come to us for help because we are experts in handling these situations.