Word of Wisdom

God Essence Cultivation (神元功)

Also known as FU HEAD Cultivation, the God Essence Cultivation serves as a profound means for disciples to forge a connection with specific gods, thereby inheriting the magic power that descends from these celestial beings.

First, get the FU HEAD BOOK.

Initiating the Journey

Begin your cultivation with the FU HEAD of Saam Law Jo Si. Following this, cultivate with the FU HEADs of the Ten Main Gods in this sequence: Tin Law Jo Si, Dei Law Jo Si, Daai Law Jo Si, Sun Lung Jo Si, Gum Lung Sin Si, Baak Hork Sin Si, and Bagwa Jo Si. Afterwards, you can cultivate with the LandLord Deity and Saam Ching. These gods constitute the cornerstone of your magic prowess and must be the focus of your initial cultivation.

Phase One: Commitment and Memorization

To embark on this phase, create a chart for daily tracking. You will be committed to this practice for 36 consecutive days. Each day, meticulously copy the FU HEAD 36 times onto paper using a pen or pencil. It's crucial to vocalize the corresponding spell for each FU HEAD drawn. Any inaccuracies are not just counterproductive but can also instill bad habits difficult to reverse later. If a day is missed, extend the schedule by adding 3 additional days. Missing 7 days consecutively requires restarting the entire phase.

Upon completing the 36-day cycle, gather all the papers, hold them firmly in your hand, and recite the master spell while stomping your left foot to submit them to the Religious Court. Following this, burn the papers, thereby transmitting them to the preheaven realm. If burning is not an option, write the symbol of 火斗 as shown in our instructional videos, rip the papers, and dispose of them. This phase verifies your commitment to the Religious Court and opens the gateway for magic power transmission during the next phase.

Phase Two: Intake of God’s Essence

Upon successfully completing Phase One, embark on another 36-day journey, adhering to the same rules concerning missed days. In this phase, prepare a cup of magic water, draw the FU HEAD into it, and then consume this magic water. This act allows you to absorb a fraction of the god’s magic power directly into your Yuen Sun, effectively filling your preheaven magic reservoir.

Phase Three: Integration and Transformation

This final phase is intricate, requiring attentive learning from our video series, as it involves complex movements. Here, you'll be writing the FU HEAD on fu paper, incinerating it, and then preparing a cup of FU water for consumption. This is followed by a sitting cultivation that enables a live magic power transmission from the god. Adhere to the 36-day rule, including the conditions for any missed days.

This final step not only channels the celestial essence into you but also converts it into postheaven immortal energy, enriching both your spiritual and physical existence by replenishing your postheaven magic power reservoir.

*Reading the Tin Yat Magic Guide book will help you understand the terms used in this article (such as immortal energy, essence, pond etc.)

Video Lessons

Here are videos for you to learn all the details you need to get started!

Extra Note

If you find your magic power waning or are recovering from a major spiritual ordeal, you can revisit Phases Two and Three for replenishment and healing. Phase Two refills the foundational magic reservoir within you, while Phase Three distributes these resources to fortify your postheaven self, both soul and physical body.