Saamlawnese - the God's Language

Saamlawnese 三羅話, is a dialect that speaks the Chinese words out in a way that is very similar to and a mix of Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, and whatever you can think of that is in Chinese-dialect. Well, it’s none of that. It’s a dialect taught by the gods of our lineage, and is what the gods and deities use when we communicate with them by spells, chanting scriptures, and such.  In short, it is a godly dialect, and is specially used by Saam Law Taoists.

Knowing Chinese does help to learn Saamlawnese, because it is used to “read” the words. However, you don’t need to know the words in order to use Saamlawnese to chant. It’s about the intention of why you are doing the chant, for example your intention is to cleanse your heart, then you do a Jing Heart Spell, that’s good enough. The sounds you make is what Saamlawnese is about, like how you have to type the right word on the keyboard, it’s a password, the words must be right.

Why Saamlawnese?

Benefit of Saamlawnese is that it simplifies the Chinese learning experience tremendously. For example, Mandarin has 4 sounds to a word, and Cantonese have 9, and who knows which one have more. Saamlawnese will combine many similar words into one same sound, so you can say that instead of learning 9 words in different pitch or tone, it’s one word for the same group that are similar or alike. That cuts down your learning time a lot. Since you don’t need to really know the word meaning when you chant, you just need to recognize the word and has the impression of that sound in your heart, then it will be good enough.

The key point is, using Saamlawnese shows respect to the gods, the lineage and yourself as a Saamlaw Taoist. You might not know Chinese before and it is too much to learn a whole new language now – but at least you and all of us plus the gods here speak the same language now, Saamlawnese. It’s so auspicious, so together, so harmonized. It shows unity, loyalty, and togetherness!

How to Start Learning

Saamlawnese is very easy, you just learn it by following along and chanting some spells with my audios. Such as the Jing Spells, Guardian Spells, or even a scripture. Like baby learning how to talk, they don’t ask you what this means and what that means. They copy, they imitate, they try and laugh. No baby feel they are wrong when they speak in “their own dialect” that they just “copied” from the parents. You should be like that too. Don’t go AIYA~, OUCH~, UH~, SH*T, and keep stopping yourself or feeling you just said a wrong word. Instead, keep going, keep trying, you will adjust, your mouth will learn, your heart feels, and it will polish into the final form as time goes on. Just keep doing it.

As you keep trying, you will find yourself repeating a lot of similar words / sounds. Xieong, Cieong, Yea, Yi, Saam, Noh, Seen, Nong, Gew, Jiao, Jiou, Chuan, Xuan, etc. That’s right, it’s just like that, you see those words repeating are not even like 100 of them in total. It’s not as hard as you think. Learning a language, you need to know the meaning of each word and how it is written plus its sound – Saamlawnese you don’t have to. All you need is learn the sound and it is good enough for now.

When you are a pro in Saamlawnese, you should be able to pick up any PDF here and chant, because you know all the sounds and the way we chant already. That is enough for you to use all the magic content already. If you want to be in the engineer level, then you can dig into the words and meaning later on when you are retired. It’s not important for now.


There are many melodies and rhythm for chanting, and you can only learn that by listening to my demo, chanting and singing along with me, and it will soon be in your blood. We have also made some English songs for disciples to sing, so that they can kind of get the melodies in a song first, then apply that to the chanting, which makes it easier!

Knowing music definitely helps, but knowing too much music will also put you into a “note reading machine” and that kills your learning ability in Taoism. Remember to learn with your HEART and not the brain. To do so, you need to stop thinking, don’t process, and JUST DO IT to learn like a baby would. You will love this tip when you really see the benefit of it later. Trust me one this, I have seen too many smarties failed because they all think they know it all in school.

Dragon Sounds

Sometimes in singing/chanting, you will hear we "drag" the words like Xieong-ah... Noh-na..... Nong-aw.... this is called "drag sound" 吊音 in Saamlawnese. It is used to add energy to the words and also to set the word's property such as making it positive, negative, etc. Drag sounds starts from just knowing how to add the "ah~" to later knowing the eh, aw, oh, etc.. Then, you will learn to use the internal chi to output the sounds, and it makes the whole experience totally out of this world. It combines internal energy work and chanting together, making you super sweaty after a session of chanting, bringing out SO much power.

There are single drag, double drag, big drag, long drag and other types of drag sounds. Usually you can see the single drag in spells like added an "ah" after every word. Double drag add an "ah" after every 2 words. Big drag is often in a one one two pattern, and long drag is a killer that most people cannot do. It's all hardcore stuff, and you learn them in Sun Lung Stage and beyond. Tin Yat and Saam Law Stage, you are good just reading the words itself and make sure the sounds are right first.

The Pitch

We also chant in high pitch. medium pitch (the sound you talk with), and low pitch. It has to do with utilizing the 3 darn tin(s) that generate different powers inside your body, and it is not just about the sound itself. To cultivate and achieve the high and low pitch is not easy, and it requires daily cultivation just like a singer needs to learn how to sing properly.

Pitch determines where and how the sound/energy goes. To reach up "high", you use high pitch. To go in deep, you use low pitch. Ok, that's too much for newbies.

Getting Started

I suggest you should at least start by initiating(free). Once you are a disciple, the gods know you, then you learn their language. Isn’t that more “make sense” to you? 

To learn, you can visit our download page for the PDFs and audios. It’s all there for you to enjoy and learn. I suggest you start with Cleansing and Purifying spells, and chant the Heart Scripture. They are very easy to start with, and are very enjoyable when you get it right.

What's next to read? The FU and different script!