The Primordial World - Daai Law Tin 大羅天

In our sect, Daai Law Tin 大羅天 represents the primordial world, our source of wisdom, power, and guidance. Imagine this stunning visualization: our current world is just a tiny speck within the Dei Law zone of this vast system! To dive deeper, check out our detailed post for a more comprehensive understanding of this world.

Daai Law Tin
The Origin - Saam Law 三羅

Ever wonder why we're called Saam Law Taoists? It's because of the Saam Law system within Daai Law Tin. This structure is built upon three fundamental "laws" or systems: Tin Law, Dei Law, and Daai Law.

1. Daai Law (Great System): Everything originates here, in a realm of the most original, complete beings – the divines.

2. Dei Law (Ground System): This is where elements from the Daai Law world go after their cycle ends. Think of it like a processor, breaking down and giving rise to various forms of life, including our human world at its base.

3. Tin Law (Sky System): After processing in Dei Law, elements exit through a 'hell' gate and are pulled back up to the Tin Law zone. Here, they're recycled, eventually leading to new life or elements in the Daai Law world. Tin Law also acts as a master server, holding the 'data' of all creation.

These three systems combined – Tin, Dei, and Daai Law – are known as Saam Law, or the Three-System, the foundation of our Tao.

The Celestial Masters

We maintain a direct connection with the divines residing in Daai Law, receiving transmissions and teachings from them. They've authorized us to share these powers and knowledge. They operate from the Sun Ting 神庭 or 'God’s Court', our highest court. The divines who liaise between our world and theirs are known as the Celestial Masters/Tin Si 天師 in our sect.

Understanding how we connected with these higher-dimensional beings might seem complex. There's a fascinating history behind it, which you can explore in our eBooks for a more in-depth look at our lineage's story.