Ng Lui Sin Si 五雷仙師

In our Saam Law Taoism, we hold Ng Lui Sin Si (五雷仙師), or Whuo Le Cian Cia in Saamlawnese, in high esteem. His day of honor is the lunar September 15th. He's our powerhouse deity, dishing out magical strength for life's gnarliest challenges. "Ng Lui" translates to five thunders, a magical metaphor signifying the zapping of power straight from its source. And why five? It's all about syncing with the five phases of events!

Who Needs This God

Got a situation that's too hot to handle on your own magical steam? Need an extra oomph to ensure your spells don't just fizzle out? Ng Lui Sin Si is your go-to for tapping into the power pool of the Religious Court. When it comes to exorcisms and magical showdowns, there's no room for maybes or mishaps. Call on this deity and his celestial squad for a guaranteed win. Stuck in a rut or facing a tough spot? Ng Lui Sin Si is the divine push you need to break through and find solutions.

The God’s Power

Ng Lui Sin Si isn't just any deity; he's a veritable force of nature, arming us with limitless energy and a mighty army from the Religious Court. Picture him as a war god, but more like a generator of unstoppable force, propelling us past any obstacle. The five thunders correspond to the elements—metal, water, wood, fire, and earth—each playing a critical role. Metal sharpens our connection and focus; water mobilizes the troops; wood sets their mission; fire powers up the assault; and earth recalls the forces or drags the baddies back to court. In exorcism sessions, invoking Ng Lui Sin Si and his forces is essential for tackling the tough stuff.

A True Story

There was this epic magical clash that dragged on for what felt like forever, leaving us drained from the endless counterstrikes. Thankfully, Ng Lui Sin Si and his legion were on our side, supplying fresh forces so we could keep up the fight way beyond our own limits. Had we relied solely on our own altar's resources, we'd have been toasted by week one. But with the divine backup, we outlasted the sorcerous foes, winning against the odds with fewer folks on our side!

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