Ng Lui Sin Si 五雷仙師

Ng Lui Sin Si 五雷仙師 (Saamlawnese: Whuo Le Cian Cia) is one of the main gods in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar Sept 15th. This is an exclusive god of our lineage and is one of the nine main gods, which we call the Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真 (Yioh Fong Gew Jin). The energy colour of this god is bright blue. This god is born after the celestial court, and so it is called a Sin Si and not Jo Si. He is closely related to the other five main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si (also called the five ancestor gods, 五祖 Ng Jo).  After the five Jo Si(s) were born, the celestial court opened a new chapter for the lineage, and there goes the Sin Si being born. You should read up on these gods to better understand the background. Read them in the order above so that the story will make sense to you.

Jo Si starts and creates something new; Sin Si helps when something has started, and they are there to give help. Ng Lui Sin Si is the god that helps out in the celestial court and is specialized in making decisions, solving problems, setting rules and bringing solutions to problems. In short, if you face hardship and trouble, always ask him for help.

Ng Lui means five thunders, and thunder is the metaphor for putting down the power from the sky. The sky refers to the celestial court, the power source for a Taoist.

The Five Thunder

The five elements are gold, water, wood, fire and earth. It is a metaphor for describing how energy flows and any event happens in the five phases. It’s a metaphysics rule, and it applies to everything in life. Depending on the intention, putting down more energy of each type would affect the event and make it better or worse. For example, putting more fire into something would make it happen sooner in the physical realm, but is it a good or bad thing for your situation?

Gold energy doesn’t move; it stays still and attracts feelings. The moment one stops, they will have a feeling of wanting to do something. The longer you wait in that stillness, the more feelings will come to you because that’s how the heart gathers its energy.

Water energy flows from the top down; it allows one to invest their time into things, which promotes commitments and urges them to decide on committing.

Wood energy flows from the bottom up; it pumps the motivation and hype one mood, which makes them want to take action sooner.

Fire energy burns energy to create light; it makes people take physical actions and burn off their energy. It creates visible results and destroys the motivation inside, as results show.

Earth energy slowly accumulates and piles up like dust; it is about collecting the fruits after doing something, which requires one to be patient and waits to get their fruits. As they grow, they will expand and get bigger.

When the celestial court beams down the five thunder power on someone, it could be for helping or harming them. For example, if we fire the power at a sorcerer attacking us, we can use a destructive fire thunder which will create physical accidents for him and stop him from physically doing the magic rituals. We can also use the earth thunder on him to destroy his success so that he will lose the money even if he got it from this customer.

We can also use the five thunder power to help someone. For example, someone is sick, and we can use the gold thunder to increase their heart energy to help them pull through the hurdle with more courage and faith in the treatment. We can also use the wood thunder to speed up the internal energy speed of healing so that he can be healed quicker.

Everything in nature goes by the five elements; you can also change anything in nature by tweaking its five elements. This is the power of Ng Lui Sin SI, like the god that can change anything.

Army in the Court

Ng Lui Sin Si leads the five thunder army in the celestial court, like the army that can help you change anything. We call them the celestial troops. You can think of it like sending people to change the situation; how would you command these soldiers to work and create the desired results? Here are some examples.

“Fire Thunder army, chop the sorcerer’s hand so he cannot keep doing magic to harm people!”

“Water Thunder army, flood the villain so he is busy with his problem and cannot backstab me! “

“Gold Thunder army, bring me wealth for this web designing project; I need more ideas on how to make my client happy!”

The army is always at the court waiting to be deployed to work. When we use the power of Ng Lui Sin Si, he will lead his army to work and help us make things happen the way we want.

When Ng Lui Sin Si is going to work, he will often be called the Five Thunder Big General, Ng Lui Daai Jeung Gwun 五雷大將軍. You might have seen this in the FU talismans in our FU books.

Justice and Rules

Ng Lui Sin Si has all the power to make changes to reality and does harm or damage, but what is the main purpose of this god? One main purpose is the power for us to do our job as Taoists, being a peacekeeper in nature. We are supposed to help nature and bring the lawbreaking ones to justice; if we don’t have the powerful gods at our back, how can we fight them and put them to justice?

First of all, rules and justice must be there within the lineage. If there is anyone in the lineage breaking these laws of nature or the rules of the lineage, they will be under the Ng Lui Sin Si’s radar. Sometimes humans cannot control everything or know everything that is happening. For example, a disciple could be doing many bad things at the back while I don’t know about it. They can keep lying and hiding too. What can I do if I don’t know? Well, we have Ng Lui Sin Si doing the job. When a disciple is rotten in the heart and not saveable, then Ng Lui Sin Si will give him the punishments and bring him to justice. Just like the powers could destroy a bad guy doing evil magic to harm people, it would be done to the disciple because they deserve to be crushed. That means if a disciple is so bad and humans cannot control the situation, gods will come and destroy them.

Ng Lui Sin Si is like a law enforcement god; he keeps the rules strict and always emphasizes how to be aligned with the Tao. If a disciple has been out of alignment, he can help to correct and bring them back on track. However, if anyone tries to challenge the system, he will also be prepared to crush them into dust.

Justice outside of the lineage is important too, and that is our job to spot things that need to be corrected or fixed, then apply the Ng Lui Sin Si’s power to the situation. For example, exorcism, fixing energy flow issues, and dissolving obstructive forces that jammed up the Fung Shui etc.,

Protection Power

As we have said, the energy of alignment is very important, and Ng Lui Sin Si is a professional to help you correct your energy alignment. By getting more aligned with the Tao, the evils will hate you and not want to be near you. When facing magic attacks or evil spirits attacks, embrace the Ng Lui Sin Si power, and it will help you block off the threats by giving it a great amount of resistance.

Ng Lui Sin Si has also contributed to the martial art teachings in our lineage and passed on a lot of Chi Kung knowledge, especially those that build up impact resistance powers. It’s not meant to train the disciple to become a street fighter, but the Chi Kung will empower their energy body, making them much more impact resistance against evil magic and spiritual attacks.

The Five Elements FU Paper

Most people think our FU papers are only yellow, but that is untrue. We use yellow as the main colour, but also red, green, white and black. This is also a rule set by the Ng Lui Sin Si, which uses the rules of five elements in the FU paper colour code.

The yellow paper is used to give commands, which is why it works for anything and is commonly used.

Black paper is for the altar to take or absorb something, such as absorbing bad energies, capturing evil spirits, or sucking in wealth energy.

White paper is for the altar to give something, such as giving a bomb to the enemy, giving wealth to help your wish come true, and giving magic power to refill your body.

The red paper is for making something happen in reality. You can push someone to take action and close the deal sooner, you can help someone crash their car sooner, and you can make someone accept your offer sooner.

The green paper brings things into the spiritual dimension, like where our soul is and where the spiritual being is. For example, we can send some powers into someone’s soul and protect them or remove evil magic from their system.

These are the basic rules set for the FU papers. However, the power of Ng Lui Sin Si is that he can work with the rules and make changes to them, like how a programmer can change things by editing the source codes behind the system. Learning from this god allows me also to learn how to work with the magic system and understand our “coding language,” too.

Ng Lui Sin Si is a powerful god who can be a great helper in exorcism, magic battles, or even protection and solving problems in life.  You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this god in the Magic Foundation E-book!  If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!