FREE Initiation!

Saam Law Immortal Magic 三羅仙法 is what we offered to the Tin Yat Stage disciples. It is a very practical and powerful magic that anyone can learn with no commitment. For those who are busy with their everyday life, kids, or work, this is the perfect solution!

To get started, you would need to follow the following procedure to learn the basics and get yourself initiated to become a disciple first. Everything is free, all it takes is your time, effort and heart!

Here is a blog post on more information about Saam Law Immortal Magic

STEP 1 – Picking a Taoist Name

You have two options. One is to pick a name yourself that start with the word Tin 天. It should be 2 words in total. If you don’t know Chinese, you can think of something you like and search the Chinese word up in google translate, then use that word as the name. For example, you like woodworking, then you might use the word of wood 木 as your name, then your name will be Tin Muk 天木. (We go by Cantonese).

Your second option, which is better, is to e-mail us and have us pick a name for you (which will be also registered into the lineage by us and so it will be MUCH better and more powerful). However, not everyone is ready for a direct contact yet, that is why we offered the “self serve” route for the shy group! Please provide your full name, date of birth, and a picture of yourself to get your registered name.


STEP 2 – Learning 2 Spells

You can do spells in any Chinese dialect, if you want to go with our traditional way then you can learn it in Saamlawnese which is our unique dialect in the lineage. E-mail us for the Saamlawnese version, or you can go with Cantonese/Mandarin on your own.

Heart Spell 心咒:
Saam Noh Ju Cia Jaai Chia Daai Hen Wei Nieng,
Gip Gip Yu Tian-X Lu Nieng Chia Chia Nieng.


This spell must be memorized by heart. We suggest you repeat many times to get it fluent and etched into your heart.

Heart spell is used by saying it in the heart, not the mouth. Remember to close your eyes and focus when saying the spell. This spell Is used to connect to the lineage power source, to draw power for doing any magic work, like an access key to the power.

Master Spell 總咒:
Fu Mong Baai Chieng, Tian Noh Ju Cia, Di Noh Ju Cia,
Daai Noh Ju Cia, Seen Nong Ju Cia, Geem Nong Cian Cia,
Ju Nong Cian Cia, Whuo Le Cian Cia, Baai Hwall Cian Cia, Saam Noh Ju Cia,
Hip Jong Cian Cia, Jong Seen Fu Chia, Nieng Seem Jieong Yeen,
Daai Hen Wei Nieng, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng

This spell should be memorized in the future, but for now you can just read it off paper to use it for your ceremony. However, you should learn to say the words out loud first and get fluent with it.

This spell is to be used for connect to the lineage power source and is used to get support or connection to the lineage’s main power for opening your altar and doing ceremonies etc.


STEP 3 – Magic Basics

You need to learn how to use the magic power, sword finger, and stomping your foot etc. Here is a video that shows you everything you need to know to get ready!

STEP 4 – Altar Setup

An altar is essential for learning magic, it is like having a piece of land to grow your crops. You cannot plant seeds in your hand, and that is why you need an altar to cultivate your magic powers.

The altar consists of 2 levels, the upper deck being the main altar that connects to the lineage power, and the lower deck that is for the landlord deity.

Print or purchase the Sun Paai for the 2 decks. You can use the smallest size if space is an issue. (11x8.5). Frame or tape the Sun Paai up, prepare your table, and start with an incense pot for both decks, fill the incense pot with the ashes or you can also use fine playsand from home depot as well, a pair of red tapered candles for the upper deck, incense, lighter, and tidy up the area!

Purchasing the Sun Paai from our store:

Top Deck Sun Paai

Ground Altar Sun Paai

Print the Sun Paai yourself (11x8.5), red paper:

Printable PDF

Video below to demonstrate everything!


STEP 5 - Initiation

To begin the initiation process, you would need to “open the altar”. See video below to learn how to do so, and follow the whole routine to burn your letter to get initiated.

This letter for the celestial court is in DOCX format, which you will edit the “X” with your Tao Name and XXX with your ordinary name. You can e-mail us for assistant if you are unsure.



The form will be read aloud, and then burnt to submit to the gods.

After this ceremony is done, you are now officially a Tin Yat Stage disciple and your altar is built!

The ceremony will also activate your landlord deity altar, which you would need the spell for it too:

Whuo Fong Tu Di, Seen Tong Jia Nieng, Fu De Xuan Whua,
Chong Nong Whuo Xieong, Fi Nong Yip Yioh, Dien Gwong Whua Xieong,
Tu Di Seen Nong, Chuo Yip Yiou Miong, Wei Wu Chuan Jiou,
Tian Dun Di Nieng, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng



STEP 6 – Everyday routine

Go to the altar and burn incense daily in the morning and evening, follow the video tutorial below!


STEP 7 – Cultivation for Every Month

Every Lunar 1st and 15th, you should be opening altar and doing your cultivation to upgrade your magic power and get a “top up”.  After you have initiated, you should order a set of FU HEAD from us, and this set of FU HEAD will be buried at the bottom of your incense pot as the SEED.

Every 1st and 15th, you will write your own FU HEADs (a basic set of 9) and learn to sanctify them at the altar, so you can take the power from the seed, and put them into your FU HEADs, then consume them (fu water), and let the power soak into you with a 10mins cultivation.

You should also take a look at our “Gods Anniversary” list and pay attention to the important dates. You should also do the same on those dates to get your power pumped.

Here are the FORMS to submit for the ceremonies you will be doing later on. Modify it yourself to make it fit what you are doing.

STEP 8 – How to Write FU

Learning to Write FU in this stage is easy, you would need a writing device which can be a brush pen or a traditional calligraphy brush, ink, and paper. Follow the video below to learn how to write FU and CHICK FU!

Chick FU Spell #1:
Saam Noh Ju Cia, Pie Gwa Ju Cia, Hip Jong Cian Cia,
Jong Seen Fu Chia, Nieng Seem Jieong Yeen, Daai Hen Wei Nieng,
Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng Chia

Chick FU Spell #2:
Ju Cia Chia Nieng Nieng, Seen Fu Hen Wei Nieng,
Nieng Fu Xien Nieng Gwong, Tian Di Jeen Tung Nieng,
Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng Chia


STEP 9 – Apply Magic

Keep learning and using the magic we will be teaching on YouTube and in this website, apply them to yourself and others around you, spread the power of Saam Law Tao everywhere and you will see the more you use the magic the stronger it gets for you!

STEP 10 – Level UP

If you are learning well and having fun, you should consider going up to Saam Law Stage and get ordained. There will be more things to learn, more power opened up for you, and that’s where you should be heading toward for the next step!

For your incense pot, you should be getting a set of these Altar Power FUs to bury them inside for an instant upgrade of power.

At the end we would like to show you how easy it is to do the ceremony and it only take about 10mins!  Here we go!


Ordain today and become an official Taoist!