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*As of Nov 18, 2021, the Tin Yat Stage initiation process has been updated to allow more disciples to be initiated and embrace the power of the Tao.

Step 1 - Get Your Tao-Name!

It’s like creating a profile with a name you use online, but this one is a name that the TAO acknowledges you by. Start by the word Tin 天 and you will pick one word for the next in your name. For example 天文 Tin Munn (cantonese).

If you do not know what Chinese word to pick, you can pick a word in your language and translate it to Chinese, for example you chose roses 玫瑰 - it has 2 words, you can pick one of them, now you are Tin Gwei 天瑰.

After you have decided on the name, make sure you know how to say it in Cantonese.

This will be your "external disciple name" for temporary use. Once you have ordainedinto the next stage later, you will be granted a new name picked by the god.

Step 2 – Verify your Name!

Stand near a window or outside, face East, and look at the sky. Put your two palms together at the heart level and close your eyes. Recite the “Small Stage Heart Spell” (小教心咒) to yourself to connect to the Tao. Stomp your left foot 3 times. Bow 3 times.

三羅祖師在此大顯威靈, 急急如律令, 勅勅令

Saam Noh Ju Cia Jaai Chia Daai Hen Wei Nieng, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng, Chia Chia Nieng

Then, bring your palms up to the forehead level, and say the following prayer:

弟子天X 稽首求道,恭請傳承,拜入三羅天師道,為天一教弟子。志心皈命.

Dai Jee Tin-X (your Tao-name) is here to bow and beg the Tao to accept me as a Tin Yat Stage disciple. I bow to connect with my true heart.

This step allows the Tao to know you have accepted the name and truly want to learn. After you are done with the initiation....

You are now officially a Tin Yat Stage disciple and a Taoist of the Saam Law Tao.

Step 3 – Start to Learn

Introduction 101

Taoist Magic is very simple; it’s all about asking the Tao for help. “Tao” is basically the Gods and Deities, which are the “higher powers.” The main God of our lineage, is called “Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師.” He is the God of creation, or you can say the pre-heaven ancient creation force from before time began. There are many other Gods and Deities below him, but we will skip the complex part for now. The main thing is, once you step into this page, you have already connected with Saam Law Jo Si.

Saam Law Jo Si is the creation force of nature, which means no matter what race or culture you belong to, you are still “a part of nature.” You are here, and that is already a solid proof that you have an opportunity to become a Taoist. To be a Taoist, you must find a Tao. Now that you know of Saam Law Jo Si, you already have a Tao, so accept it and take the opportunity, then the next thing is knowing what a Taoist does and how the Tao can help you.

Taoist are connected to the Tao, and they will request the power of the Tao to help them with everything in life. Some examples include: writing an email with better results, sending a resume with better chance of getting a job, selling a product with better sales, making a date successful and happier than expected, and cooking dinner with a bit more inspiration. Making life just a little bit better is better than no improvements, right?

What is that called? Asking the Tao for help and letting the Tao’s power guide your life is what we know as Taoist Magic.

Learning the Magic

The structure of Taoist magic is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Connect Tao Power!

Remember this spell by heart, and practice it daily. It’s like the phone number you dial to reach Saam Law Jo Si. This is called the “small stage heart spell” 小教心咒.

三羅祖師在此大顯威靈, 急急如律令, 勅勅令
Saam Noh Ju Cia Jaai Chia Daai Hen Wei Nieng, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng, Chia Chia Nieng.
Close your eyes, put your palms together at the chest level, and recite this spell in your heart (do not make sounds). Stomp the left foot once after the spell.

2. Request Power!

Bring the palm to the forehead level in between the eyebrow, and then tell Saam Law Jo Si your message/ request. Remember to tell Saam Law Jo Si who you are.

For this example, we will say, “Saam Law Jo Si, Di Ju Tian-X Ki Xiou Kew Doe, Gung Chieng Chuan Xieong, Bye Yip Saam Noh Tian Cia Doe, Wei Tian Ya Jiao Di Ju, Jia Sim Gwei Mieong. You can also say in this in English, “Saam Law Jo Si before me, Di Ju Tian-X is here to request for your power, to keep me safe and protected for the time I am outside working today.” (Do this magic before you leave for work!)

3. Deploy Power!

Open your eyes as if your eyes are the webcam for Saam Law Jo Si, and whatever you see is whatever he can see, and know what you want help with. If you want the power to be deployed on “yourself,” then just keep your eyes closed and stomp the right foot once. If you want the power to be exposed to the outside of you like a shield, then open your eyes and then stomp your right foot.

Whenever you need some extra help, protection, or blessings, just do the magic and modify the message. It’s THAT easy. The pro tip is – the more you use and dial that number, the more powerful it gets, because you are allowing Saam Law Jo Si to know you better. The God is like a chef, he cannot cook the best food for you without knowing your taste. The more magic you use, the more you allow the Tao to know about you, and therefore the magic will become more powerful and effective!

But wait, there’s more!

Yes, there is no free lunch in this world, and this also applies to magic. You have used the magic and got the help from Saam Law Jo Si. What do you do after getting help from someone? Say thank you!

To show appreciation, or leave a thank you message, it is very simple, just simply close your palms at heart level, and say “Fu Cieong Whuo Liang Daai Tian Juan 福生無量大天尊” and bow sincerely with the mindset of thanking for whatever help you have been given. If you want to leave a longer message, pull the palm up the forehead level and say the message, then bow 3 times and that’s it!

Don't forget where the water comes from when you drink, giving back to the "source" which is the lineage and temple here is also very important to show the Tao that you are truly grateful for everything. Giving offerings back to the lineage and temple here should be done to show your heart.


If you encounter something really urgent, or you just need the Tao’s attention right away, the quickest method is to say “Wu Liang Tian Juan 無量天尊” and bow with palms closed at heart level.

*These spells ONLY work if you have completed the whole initiation process!

As a Taoist, you should always remember the basic virtues to live a good Taoist life. Read the “5 Virtues” to learn more about it!

Every month, you can give back to the temple for the help you have been given from the Tao. Your hearty virtue will be acknowledged by Saam Law Jo Si, and you will be blessed even more!

Every morning and night, remember to at least use your heart spell once to connect to Saam Law Jo Si to say good morning, and once to say good night. This is a basic virtue, and it is also what keeps your connection alive! No matter where you are, you can always do that and just say “hello” to connect the heart to the Tao.

The magic you have learned here can be applied to anything in your life, but if you want to learn more, we have something more for you!

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