FREE Initiation!

Welcome to the page for those who are eager to begin their journey! Here, you will learn how to get started with the magical power of Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師. We warmly welcome everyone, regardless of their background or restrictions. If you desire more details, feel free to explore the roadmap page.

What is Initiation?

Initiation, known as 入門 (Yip Moon) in Chinese, involves the process of 拜師 (Bye Cia), which translates to worshipping your master/teacher. Worshiping, in this context, means placing your faith and investing your heart in someone or something. To gain entry into the human-created lineage system and establish a connection with your teacher, Ju Cia Juan, you will participate in a ceremony where he will accept you as a disciple 弟子 (Di Ju). Following the ceremony, you will be registered with a magic name 法號 (Whua Hoe) in the lineage system, granting you access to its magical power.

Three Steps to Get Initiated:

  1. Begin by making a small symbolic offering to the lineage, and in return, you will receive a PDF for initiates. You can read this document while waiting for a reply after completing step 2. Pay particular attention to the OATH; if you agree with its terms, you can proceed.
  1. Next, send an email to your master/teacher, Ju Cia Juan 紫師尊, requesting initiation. Use "Request for Acceptance" as the subject line, address it to Jee Sifu, and sign off with your full name. Include a clear and well-taken photo of yourself, your date of birth, and a polite message expressing your desire to become a disciple of the lineage. It is important to show respect, as failure to do so may result in your request being declined. Be sure to also read about "Proper Etiquette."


To Jee Sifu,

Hi, I am John Smith from the USA, born on Feb 1, 1897. Attached is my photo. I am eager to learn from you and humbly request acceptance as your disciple.


John Smith

  1. Once you receive a reply, respond promptly to show your appreciation and follow the given instructions to commence your learning and cultivation.

Please watch the instructional video provided and take a suitable photo for your initiation. We kindly request that you avoid submitting pictures of pictures or selfies taken in mirrors. Instead, follow the video guide to take a clear and presentable selfie. Acceptable aspect ratios for the photo are 3:4, 16:9, and 1:1, and it must be in .jpg format. Please refrain from using filters, stickers, or any artifacts/props that obstruct your face. The photo should resemble a formal business portrait, showcasing your true self.

After your initiation, address Ju Cia Juan as "Jee Sifu – Ju Cia Juan 紫師尊" instead of "Jee Sifu." Remember, faith is paramount. Failure to uphold a sincere heart will result in the loss of all magical power, as you will have severed your connection with the divine. The stronger your faith, the more potent your magical abilities become.

You have the option to ordain at any time, even before finishing the PDF lessons. When you decide to commit and become a Taoist, you may proceed with the ordination process. By ordaining, you affirm your dedication solely to the Saam Law Taoist path, renouncing other spiritual practices, religions, or magical traditions. If you wish to maintain your existing paths, it indicates that you are not yet ready to ordain.

Disciples in the Tin Yat Stage can seek guidance via email, as they will not receive direct teachings through our LINE chat app like other disciples. Ju Cia Juan will only respond to those who demonstrate faith and respect, while showing willingness to learn, accept teachings, and avoid resistance or arguments.

You are also encouraged to join our FORUM, where you can engage in discussions and continue learning. To gain approval, register using your disciple name and provide a genuine photo of yourself. Enjoy the interactive experience!

All disciples in the Tin Yat Stage should remember to return during Chinese New Year, Ju Cia Juan's birthday, or the lineage's anniversary to express greetings and make offerings. Failure to appear on these important dates for a year will be considered a sign of giving up, indicating a loss of commitment and connection to the lineage. In such cases, the disciple will be removed from the lineage.

Please make a note of these significant dates and ensure your presence by sending greetings via email, making offerings, and so forth. Ju Cia Juan's birthday falls on Feb 27, while the lineage anniversary is on Lunar March 28. Chinese New Year is observed from Lunar 1st to the 15th.

As a disciple, it is crucial to respect the lineage, the Cia Juan(s), and the gods. Show your trust, faith, and determination through loyalty, commitment, and appreciation.

Note: After providing free initiation for a year, we have learned and adjusted the procedure to further enhance the experience for our audience. The beginner package now includes additional magical teachings. The previous method, released before Dec 7, 2022, is no longer valid. If you come across promotions elsewhere, such as YouTube, please refer to the most updated version to ensure the effectiveness of the initiation process.

Heart Spell 心咒:
Saam Noh Ju Cia Jaai Chia Daai Hen Wei Nieong,
Gip Gip Yu Tian-X Lu Nieong Chia Chia Nieong.

Master Spell 總咒:
Fu Mong Baai Chieong, Tian Noh Ju Cia, Di Noh Ju Cia,
Daai Noh Ju Cia, Sin Nong Ju Cia, Gim Nong Cian Cia,
Ju Nong Cian Cia, Whuo Le Cian Cia, Bye Hwall Cian Cia, Saam Noh Ju Cia,
Hip Jong Cian Cia, Jong Sin Fu Chia, Nieong Sim Jieong Yin,
Daai Hen Wei Nieong, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieong

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