Practical Newbie Magic Guide

This is a list of posts in the Disciple Blog put into an organized list so you can learn from step one and progressively go through the different amazing lessons. Many disciples would eventually be overwhelmed by the huge number of posts and not know where to begin or which one to learn first. Therefore, this list is made to make everything clear and easy to follow.

The list below is for PRACTICAL magic learning only, with no theories if not related to the magic work. The "break" point marks the posts in bundles so you know where to stop learning for the day if you are tired. Give yourself time to digest!

ASK QUESTIONS ON LINE, and you will learn more!

FIRST - Start with the Practical Magic Lesson #1

  1. Writing Your First Taoism FU
  2. FU Anatomy 101
  3. FU Transformation
  4. Power Life of a FU
  5. Details of First FU Talisman
  6. Building Your First Altar
  7. Opening Altar 101
  8. Sanctifying FU at Altar
  9. Chick FU at the Altar
  10. Purifying FU Part 1
  11. Purifying FU Part 2
  12. Purifying FU Part 3
  13. Purifying FU Part 4
  14. Using Spells in a Flash
  15. Portal to the Religious Court
  16. FU WORK Prepping Upgrade
  17. Perfecting the Chick Ling
  18. Court’s Header and Footer
  19. Writing Air FU
  20. Chick Ling Application in Air
  21. RC Footer Application in Air
  22. Saam Ching RC Application in Air
  23. Stamping with Hand Seals
  24. Chick FU Spells
  25. Hoi Gwong Spells
  26. Chick FU with RC Upgrade
  27. FU HEAD Homework
  28. FU HEAD Chick-FU
  29. FU HEAD Cultivation
  30. Divination Cup Activation
  31. Statue Opening FU Prep Work
  32. Statue Opening - Consecration
  33. Home Protection FU
  34. Blessings FU
  35. Stamps Upgrade
  36. Bells Upgrade
  37. Printable FUs
  38. One FU for Everything
  39. God Invoking Ceremony