Taoism Gods and Deities Anniversaries

Our lineage celebrates the anniversaries for these gods and goddesses in the list. For every first day of the lunar month, we would celebrate the anniversaries that are in the month by performing a ritual to submit our letter, prayers and offerings. For disciples who have passed the baby stage, they would also be getting their FUs empowered and consumed as a form of magic power building practice.
You may also submit your offerings to worship the gods and goddesses via our web store. It is a great virtue to show your appreciation to the divine to strengthen your connection with them.

Visit the Worshiping Guide and learn what to do!

神明寶誕 Gods/Goddesses Anniversary Date
農曆 Lunar Date
大羅祖師 Dai Law Jo Si 正月初一 Jan 1
神龍祖師 Sun Lung Jo Si 正月初三 Jan 3
五路財神 5-Directions God of Wealth 正月初五 Jan 5
七星劍聖 Seven Star Sword Sage Deity 正月初七 Jan 7
玉皇大帝 Jade Emperor 正月初九 Jan 9
上元一品賜福天官 Sky Emperor Official  正月十五 Jan 15
厠神娘娘 Washroom Deity 正月十五 Jan 15
門神戶衞 Door Guardian Deities 正月十六 Jan 16
天皇大帝 Sky Emperor 二月初一 Feb 1
太上老君 Elder Lord 二月十五 Feb 15
包公大帝 Bao Judge 二月十五 Feb 15
九天玄女 Jiu Tian Xuan Nu 二月十五 Feb 15
地羅祖師 Dei Law Jo Si 三月初六 Mar 6
媽祖娘娘 Mazu Goddess 三月廿三 Mar 23
天一三羅神龍教開山 Tin Yat Lineage Anniversary 三月廿八 Mar 28
千里眼順風耳 Super-Eyes and Super-Ears 四月初七 Apr 7
紫微大帝 Ji-Mei Emperor 四月十八 Apr 18
地皇大帝 Ground Emperor 四月廿八 Apr 28
天羅祖師 Tin Law Jo Si 六月初九 Jun 9
和合仙師, 沖開仙師  Woh Hup Sin Si, Chung Hoi Sin Si (God of Harmony and Separation) 六月初九 Jun 9
上清靈寶天尊 Upper Clears Ling Bo Tin Juen 六月廿二 Jun 22
六壬仙師 Luk Yum Sin Si 六月廿二 Jun 22
關聖帝君武財神 Guan Yu God of Wealth 六月廿四 Jun 24
金龍仙師 Gum Lung Sin Si 七月初五 July 5
床神 Bedside Deity 七月初七 July 7
八卦祖師 Bagwa Jo Si 七月十五 July 15
中元二品赦罪地官 Ground Emperor Official 七月十五 July 15
齊天大聖 Monkey King God 七月廿五 July 25
雷聲普化天尊 Lord of Thunder Salvation 八月初五 Aug 5
八仙 Eight Immortals 八月初八 Aug 8
文財神 God of Wealth for Income 九月初一 Sept 1
三羅祖師 Saam Law Jo Si 九月初三 Sept 3
紫龍仙師 Jee Lung Sin Si 九月初六 Sept 6
五雷仙師 Ng Lui Sin Si 九月十五 Sep 15
觀音娘娘 Guan Yin Goddess 九月十九 Sep 19
六神武聖Six Powers Martial Deity 十月初一 Oct 1
天醫仙師 Celestial Medic Deity 十月初七 Oct 7
下元三品河厄水官 Water Emperor Official 十月十五 Oct 15
和聖大神尊 Woh Sing Deity 十月廿九 Oct 29
太乙救苦天尊 Lord of Salvation 十一月十一 Nov 11
白鶴仙師 Baak Hork Sin Si 十二月初九 Dec 9
九天司命灶神 Kitchen Deity 十二月廿四 Dec 24
玉清元始天尊 Jade Clear Yuen Chi Tin Juen 十二月廿九 Dec 29