Learn About Your FU Talismans

All our FUs are shipped within the same week. In most cases, we write the FU on the same day of order if order is submitted in the morning, and then they will undergo the ceremony of Chick FU (sanctification) in the afternoon. We will ship all the packages out the door between 1pm-5pm. We only ship on weekdays since the post office do not work on the weekend.

Your FUs are packed with care, included a letter and instruction for using the FUs. However, if you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us by email anytime. We welcome questions and would be super happy to provide you with personal assistance.


Expected Delivery

No tracking for most FU and CCG orders because they are shipped by lettermail with CanadaPost. Expected delivery is 2 days for domestic mail, 4-6 days for USA, 6-10 days for International. In our years of experience, longest wait time would be 3-4 weeks in the bad times like during the covid outbreak. Common wait time for international mail to Hong Kong is about 1-2 weeks.

If you really want tracking, e-mail us for special order.


All packages are carefully packed inside an envelope and you will see a letter with instructions inside along with the letter of certification so that you know this is sent out form the HQ and handcrafted by Jee Sifu.

package of fu

At the back of the envelope is a seal for protection, which ensures none of the energy outside of the envelope is going to penetrate or stick onto the FU package, ensuring your FU 100% power and zero impurities. When you open the package, read the instruction and activate it to unlock the FU's power.


Folding FU for Carry

All the FUs for carry are folded into a triangle and packed in a red packet by default. If you want them to be not folded, you can unfold the FU carefully or you can email us and leave us a note so we can ship your FU unfolded.

Thanking the Gods

When you have witnessed the powers from the FUs, don't forget to thank the gods by doing an offering on our website. This allows you to express your heart to the gods above which keeps the blessings flowing down to you again and again.