How We Ship Our FUs

FU Talismans Handcrafted Your FU Talismans are handcrafted by Jee Sifu. All FUs will undergo their own FU sanctification ceremony (Chick FU 勅符) at the headquarter altar for the best possible power for you.
FU Certification
You will get a paper like this in the package. There is the personal signature of Jee Sifu, 2 stamps, and the letter, which is your proof of Tin Yat Genuine FU Talismans.
FU Talisman shipped
There goes the FU being sandwiched inside the letter, and the letter into the envelope, with stamps and your address etc.
FU Talisman online
After double checking everything, we will seal the letter and stamp the back with another stamp to give it the final protection and seal (magic seal) which ensures the magic power is sealed inside and not to be exposed until the user opens it.

When You Get the Package

Please treat the FU with respect, and carefully open the envelope from the back, take the letter out and you can see the FUs inside. If you see any damage during the transportation process, such as water damage etc, you can let us know by e-mail.

After all FUs are confirmed in good condition, you can put the FU in a pile and clamp it between your palm. Close your eyes, and bring the palm up to your forehead. In your mind, say: "Saam Noh Ju Cia, Daai Hen Wei Nieng, Gip Gip Yu Lu Nieng" 三羅祖師大顯威靈,急急如律令 and stomp the left foot 3x. This will activate the FU and confirm that you are the end user of the FU. If the FU is for someone else, you can add a message after the stomping and say this is for XYZ. This is to tell the god inside the FU that the FU has been received by the person requesting it and it can now begin to work. It is what you do to open the "seal" we put on the FU to prevent the power from being used before the FU is in your hand.

Any questions about your FU, don't hesitate to email Jee Sifu directly.

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Folding FU for Carry

FU Talismans for carrying could be folded into a triangle for carrying. Here is a video that demonstrates how to fold it properly. But we also recommend you buying the FU TAG and use them as a carrier.

 For disciples, here is the FU folding with spell:

If you want to become a disciple, too, feel free to ORDAIN.

What to know how your FUs are made? Read the post (video included) on the FU Sanctification and Dragon Dance ceremony.