Killing People with Taoist Magic

Many people rumour that people can do magic or sorcery to kill someone, and I can tell you that it is true because I almost got killed by the magic attacks I mentioned in the “Tin Yat Article.” However, I didn’t die, so I cannot say they “could” kill me yet. The question is, can magic kill someone, like ticking a magical switch and making them die in sleep or pass out and never wake up again? In this article, you will learn about what life is and how magic can kill people so that you won’t be misled by false claims anymore. You will also understand how killing is made in magic.

What is Life

In many of our earlier articles, we have talked about how the cycle of life works and what is the micro and macrocosmic orbit. In short, it is about your spiritual planetary body (Yuen Sun 元神) feeding PreHeaven energies into your local body, into the heart, and energizing the soul. The soul then fuels you to be focused, think and act. You should read up on the articles on “Yuen Sun,” “Souls and Spirits,” “Why We Dream,” and “the Dragon Gate.” These will help you understand the details.

What we call life is when we are born in reality, to the point that our body is dead, and it marks the end of our life. However, that’s not the end, according to what Taoists believe and know. When we are born, the Yuen Sun pushes its Dragon Essence 龍元 downward and into our local body, which goes into the soul and becomes the dragon energy 龍氣 which runs in our three main energy channels, which we call the dragon longitude system 龍脈.

This flow is from the top down, like a ball dropped from midair and down into the ground. What happens after the ball reaches the ground? The ball will bounce back up. The heavier you throw, the higher it bounces upward, as you can see how this relates to our life. When you die, the wealthier your Yuen Sun is, the higher you can be with your soul, which means you can reach the Yuen Sun. If your Yuen Sun is weak and small, you cannot bounce high enough, so you might bounce up halfway, slowly tap down, and land on the ground after a few bounces. Those who cannot return to their Yuen Sun when they die will be in the “ground,” which is the dimension in which your soul lives, the spiritual dimension D6. When you are alive, the soul is in the spiritual dimension, which we call D6, but when you die, you are 100% living in D6, so you are fully immersed into the world, which makes the world “D9” for you.

D9 is not visible to humans, but it can be sensed sometimes. The physical reality is in D8, and D9 is just the next dimension. To humans, the time in D9 is very fast, like everything is put to fast-forward mode 3x, but to the ghost in D9, they live a slow and dreadful life. The time difference is hard to understand. When humans crash into a D9 world overlapping experience, they might see ghosts or have spiritual encounter symptoms, which we would say they 撞鬼, which means they have banged into ghosts.

Why We Die

You can die in two ways: one is due to the PostHeaven factor, and one is due to the PreHeaven factor. You cannot control the PostHeaven factor because it could come by surprise, like someone crashed their car into yours. However, the PreHeaven factor can be eliminated if you know what it is.

PostHeaven factors are what you can see and interact with in this physical world. For example, you can be killed by the covid virus, the flu you picked up from somewhere, food poisoning, being shot by a gun, a car accident, drowning, or even being bombed by a grenade in war.

PreHeaven factors are what are caused by yourself. It usually manifests from the heart, such as suicide, the decision to take drugs and die from consuming them, or even the decision to pick a dangerous sport and die by “accident,” such as jumping from a high place and dying because the rope just somehow failed and slipped then you smashed to the ground.

Evil magic, spiritual attacks, evil spirits attacks, curses, ancestor revenge, and any sorcery are all categorized as PreHeaven factors because they are from sources in the PreHeaven.

If you are dying from a PostHeaven factor-caused death, then you cannot blame the Yuen Sun for not helping you because it’s mostly a factor in this world, which could not be something you can control. You could be doing your best, but you still failed the test because someone stole your test paper and changed the answers. You can avoid and decrease the chance of dying by these PostHeaven factors by being careful with everything, living in a better neighbourhood, avoiding going out at night or to dangerous places, and taking good care of your physical body. These are done naturally, but I must say that many people don’t do the basics and damage their bodies just because of ignorance. For example, some people keep using the body and not letting it rest, like those who don’t sleep and only know to work, work, and work like a die-hard machine for the company. If you don’t give back to the body, it will fail sooner or later. This kind of death is not that hard to spot or foresee; you can see the problem coming and usually die by the deathbed from sickness, suffering and pain.

PreHeaven factors cause death most unexpectedly, and you might suddenly sleep and never wake up again. This kind of death is what we fear because we don’t know when it is going to come. People usually have these problems starting from heart issues, such as emotional breakdowns, sudden losing faith in themselves, depression, etc. Sometimes it could be being too excited or happy for some excitement, which leads them to do dangerous things with high risk, and then an “accident” will happen, and they will die from it. If you get attacked by evil magic or evil spirits, they could damage the Yuen Sun, which the heart then shows the symptom.

For those who die in sleep, as if they slept and cannot wake up again, we call that a “painless death.” It sounds like a good thing because there is no pain. This can happen for two reasons. Another source in PreHeaven has come in and replaced the original Yuen Sun. The soul got robbed along with the Yuen Sun in one go, which is why nothing can come back to the body and, therefore, cannot wake up again. Another reason is that the person was “dying” in sleep, which means they are going through a slow process while half-asleep and cannot tell what is happening.

Sometimes, people die slowly because the Yuen Sun has run out of power, and the heart is running on its last drop of energy; then, you will see the gradual decline of this person, like they are slowly dying out, like a fading lightbulb dimming down. When this kind of “fade out” happens, it usually means that they have lived the best of their life, and the Yuen Sun is fully utilized, which is a good thing!

For the PostHeaven element, we can die without control because we cannot control many elements here, such as viruses, food, chemicals, etc. However, if we eliminate these factors, we are left with the factor we can improve because it is mostly about the Yuen Sun and us. That makes it much simpler.

Why will your Yuen Sun be out of juice and want to “die”? When your Yuen Sun tells you it is time to come back and sucks you back up, that’s when you are “out of time” here and have to go.

Why are you put here, and what is the time for? Just like a game, we have a mission to complete, and if you are done, your game is over. Your Yuen Sun also works like this. It will keep providing as long as you have a purpose in life. Your heart and the Yuen Sun are entangled; if your heart runs out of power, the Yuen Sun also does.

Many people only know they must go to work, make money, and that’s it. When they are older, they retire, and it seems like life is over; there is nothing to work for, no more meaning in life, and they sit and wait to die. Some people are putting all their heart and time into something, and when they die, they also lose the meaning of life and will die soon. For example, someone might feel like space science is everything to them. They lived a lifetime studying this subject and worked for NASA to become an astronaut. One day, he realized that it was all a scam and that many things he used to believe were fake, which would mentally crush him, and he would be completely killed in the soul, leading to suicide or maybe breaking down and dying from pain from the inside out.

Religion is a way to make life longer because even if everything fails or breaks in life, you will still have your religion and work for the trip after death, which will help you hang on for a long time unless you lose faith in your religion!  Your goal in life is never going to end because you are working to work toward a goal afterward.

Magic and Killing Power

Magic is to deploy a form of PreHeaven powers toward a subject, similar to a Yuen Sun that deploys its power to a person’s soul. You can use magic to affect someone’s feelings, emotions, and thinking or influence their actions. However, you cannot use magic to make something physically change or happen by itself. For example, you cannot use magic to make a book goes on fire and burn itself. You cannot use magic to make a dead object move independently. You cannot use magic to generate sound or visuals like someone turning on the speaker or screaming in another room. You cannot use magic to create fireballs or lightning bolts to bomb your enemy. Most of the magic attacks affect people’s hearts and soul body mostly.

Using Taoist magic, we can bomb someone’s Yuen Sun and shatter it into pieces. It could be done, but it won’t kill the person. If the Yuen Sun is busted, it will only turn into particle form in D1, which will turn into Sun Yuen 神元, like little particles in the air. The Yuen Sun regroups and comes together like an undo button when the person sleeps. Things in D1 never die and cannot be vanished, but they can be looted away and taken somewhere forcefully. If an evil god from the PreHeaven, such as your enemy in a previous life, wants to kill you, they could kidnap your Yuen Sun away, leading to you dying in sleep without the chance of knowing what happened.

Using the words “kill” and “death” in magic only means their true meaning in the magic system. Death is when life ends, and the Yuen Sun has stopped giving to the physical body. For example, your magic tells the god you want this person to die. God can stop their Yuen Sun from giving them the PreHeaven energies. As a result, their heart would slowly decrease in power, leading to feelings and thoughts going negative and down. It won’t kill them for real. If you instruct the celestial troop to “kill” this person, they would only destroy the person’s energy and chop their soul, which results in the disconnection from their Yuen Sun to the physical body.  In short, magic cannot be used to kill someone like you would with a knife or a gun; it doesn’t work to create an effect like that.

However, if we use magic to mess up someone’s feelings and thoughts and create internal problems, it could destroy them slowly and torture them to cause death. Many sorcerers are serial killers because they do things to bring people to internal struggle, going crazy and leading to suicide. I have seen someone get attacked by magic and thought he should chew up chickens alive; he went to eat the live chicken (with furs), and how could you not get sick like that? After a few times, he got real health issues and died. Was it the magic that killed him or his soul that went weird and crazy?

Magic for making people blind or deaf, breaking their arms and legs, are not for what they mean on the surface. Some FUs can chop people’s limbs and make them blind, but it is not the physical kind of blind and chopping. Blind means to disable them from having light in life, destroying their vision for seeing their way. A person with no vision in life would be unable to see what to do; he will feel hopeless, lost, and lose the will to live because it seems like there is nothing to look forward to anymore. Chopping the arms and legs correspond to the in and out channels to the heart and into the soul system; it will affect the person in those systems and not physically disable their arms and legs.

I must say that being attacked by magic to be blind and disabled is much more painful than the physical kind. It could torture them for a lifetime and give them lots of hard times while they cannot “escape” from the punishment here. Using a FU to kill someone should be done for a purpose; for example, killing them to end their business, then that means you are cutting off their Yuen Sun resources to them for business and career, which will affect their business potential afterward, leading to their business having no PreHeaven energy support.

There was a time the gods told me, “Oh, this person died already, and the parents also knew.” It was a PreHeaven message, like a dream message but not in a dream. If you take it literally and think that the person is dead for real, you will be disappointed and lose faith in your god very soon. The truth is that this person’s Yuen Sun was cut from him, and his parents’ Yuen Sun(s) were also cut from his Yuen Sun. He would have much less potential going to him for everything he does in this life.  He might still be alive because the Yuen Sun won’t die completely. The center meridian is cut off, but the two others remain. That means this person will still have some soul energy to live with, but he might not feel many purposes and would be losing his faith, confidence, and passion for living. If he might choose to enter trash mode and do nothing but waste his time, doing crazy things he wanted to do just for fun, who knows when the real death will come? Maybe soon. Death doesn’t translate to an ordinary death, but the chopping of the center meridian of the person, which could cause a lot more pain and suffering for them than just an ordinary death.

Get ordained today, become a Taoist and protect yourself and your loved ones from being killed! Magic and sorcery are practiced everywhere; you should not ignore them and become a victim with no power to fight back!  If you have a family already, you should be a responsible father or mother and take care of your family, which includes the power to protect them from these attacks too!