god of fortune

You've likely heard of Choy Sun 財神, the famous God of Wealth. However, many people are mistakenly seeking his aid. They wish for a better income, to win the lottery, or just to become rich within the year. If this sounds like you, then it's time to rethink your approach!

Understanding True Wealth

Firstly, let’s clarify what “wealth” truly means in a magical context. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just about money. Wealth, in essence, is about PreHeaven energies. This is akin to the energies your spiritual planetary body (Yuen Sun 元神) endows you with daily. When you're rich in this energy, your life’s quality improves significantly. Imagine being super productive, accomplishing a lot in just a couple of hours, feeling fantastic and energized about the week ahead. Now, compare this to someone who spends their morning aimlessly scrolling through TikTok. Clearly, there's a difference.

PreHeaven energies, while invisible, are as perceptible as the heat from a fire. When your PreHeaven energy thrives, opportunities abound, time quality elevates, and your soul feels revitalized. This energy brings clarity, focus, and overall improvement in life’s pursuits.

The Varieties of Wealth Gods

In our sect, we worship eight major Choy Suns, each specializing in different forms of aid and blessings.

  1. 文財神 Munn Choy Sun (God of Wealth for Income) showers you with fortune, opening up opportunities, enhancing potential, and bringing clarity to your life. (Ask for his help BEFORE you do anything)
  1. 武財神 Mo Choy Sun (God of Wealth for Spending) guides your expenditures towards fruitful outcomes, helps manage your time effectively, and deals with investment-related decisions. (Ask for his help when you are making decisions or investments)
  1. 五路財神 Ng Lo Choy Sun (Five Gods of Wealth for the Five Phases) strengthens you in every endeavor, supporting you from initiation to fruition. Helping you focus, commit, ponder, physical execution, and collecting the fruits at the end. (Ask for his help when you are about to put your hands onto the matter and work on something)
  1. 地皇財神 Dei Wong Choy Sun (Ground Emperor God of Wealth) infuses your altar with power and resources, safeguarding it and rejuvenating the energies expended. (for disciples only)

Worshipping the Wealth Gods

Worshipping these gods involves heartfelt prayers and offerings. Physical offerings, like food, are beneficial. Chanting prayers is not just a ritual; it’s a way of expressing faith, pleasing the gods, and forging a lasting bond with them. You can find their prayers in the “Prayer of Faith” Ebook!

Seeking Assistance from the Gods

To solicit their assistance, utilize magical methods associated with them, such as FU talismans or specific incantations. Remember, the gods can't help from afar; you need to create a conduit for their powers to reach you. Acquiring a FU talisman is a straightforward and effective method for this purpose.

In conclusion, understanding and properly worshipping Choy Sun goes beyond mere requests for material wealth. It’s about connecting with the divines and enriching your life in a holistic and spiritually fulfilling way.

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