Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師

Saam Law Jo Si 三羅祖師 (Saamlawnese: Saam Noh Ju Cia) is the main god in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar Sept 3rd. This is an exclusive god of our lineage and is one of the nine main gods, which we call the Jade Seal Nine Gods 玉封九真 (Yioh Fong Gew Jin). The energy colour of this god is sparkling golden and whitish yellow.

If you can “zoom out” from our world and go beyond all the galaxy and space, going to the most ancient dimension and world, you will see that our world is just one of the many worlds inside the Dei Law system of nature. Take two rice bowls and place them on the table with their bottom touching each other. The bowl on the bottom will cover up some space and fill the space with darkness; the top is like an exposed bowl. Take a ping pong ball or something that size and put it between the two bowls; now, you have built a mini model of the Saam Law system. The bottom is the Dei Law zone. The top is the Tin Law, and the ball is Daai Law. Together, they are called Saam Law; Saam is three laws or three systems.

Read up on Dei Law Jo Si, Tin Law Jo Si and Daai Law Jo Si (read in order) to understand how the system of Saam Law works. In this post, we will introduce the god, Saam Law Jo Si, who represents the power of Saam Law.

There is another “version” of how these three Laws are called in traditional sects: Saam Ching, the three clears. Tin Law, the Upper Clears; Dei Law, the Jade Clears; and Daai Law, the Ultimate Clears. Saam Law Jo Si is the power before Saam Ching, which gave birth to Saam Ching. In some sects, they might name him Hung Gwun Lo Jo 鴻鈞老祖, while some sects might call him another name like Fau Nai Yuen Chi Tin Juen 浮泥元始天尊, meaning the Lord of time when mud is floating (like a metaphor for the time when a world has not yet been created). However, that is not the name we go by here because the world isn’t like that, according to the teachings from my teacher in Daai Law Tin.  We go by the name Saam Law Jo Si.

Talking about my teacher, many people questioned the source of the lineage because they could not find anything on the internet about it. Why don’t we talk about this here? My teacher, Saam Ling Sifu, has instructed me to reveal the truth here, so here we go!

Contact with Saam Law Tao

Like an alien contact, someone reaches out to you and bam, you got the connection, and alien technology is all yours!  How great, if that is how things are like in reality. I wish it were that easy!

I was born in the early 80s, and you can imagine how much I have been through in my life as a Taoist. First, people on the internet question my lineage’s legitimacy for three reasons. One is that they purely don’t understand Taoism at all, which isn’t a problem because that is why I am here. Second, I have had a bad history on the internet with a bad mouth, bashing religions or scam cults openly, creating enemies that want me dead. I have been threatened physically many times too. Who would have expected that to happen when they were doing crazy things during their “brave era”?  I just wanted to bust the scam cults because I was a victim, but I created trouble for myself later on, boo. The last one is because there are always trolls on the internet. Even people teaching English on TikTok will get trolled and get bad comments, rumours or even physical threats; it’s scary. I am no different because I am in the hotspot, and my English wasn’t great, which contributed to many communication and PR issues in the past.

I started my Taoism journey when I was four years old, and I have been through training in different sects. Long story short, I had gone through the “traditional” sects’ teachings and achieved a certain point of mastery already when I was in my 20s. This is uncommon because no one gets to this point so early, which is why many people would want me to be out of the game too. As the saying goes, kill the tiger before its fangs are out.

During my 20s, I ran a local temple with my wife, and we helped people to solve spiritual cases while teaching martial art as a side dish. It was tough, and not making money, we almost bankrupted and went homeless at one point.  It was scary when we saw the bank account was down to only 200 dollars, and the rent for the home plus the temple was over 6000 CAD per month. It’s not easy to run a temple, and the magic from the traditional sects isn’t working to help me sustain myself in life. I don’t want to be a millionaire, but at least give me enough to survive!

The money issue packs much stress on us, but the most devastating is the magic attacks attacking us, and we must fight back to save our lives constantly. Some competitors always want us out of the market or some enemy’s revenge; it’s exhausting and draining our life rapidly. We have tried using all the magic we have learned, and these attacks just kept coming back, and it felt like it would never end. Up to a point, we have melted down and gone skeptical about our magic, too, because if this so-called traditional magic works, why couldn’t we have some peace for once? We have gotten hopeless, and during the night, we were begging the above for help, and suddenly there was a huge breakthrough for our magical powers. We have gotten the power to soul travel to our spiritual planetary body, to other worlds, and so on. It’s like a big discovery that opened up many new opportunities, including the special vision that allows us to see or even interact with things in the preheaven worlds. We wondered if we had gone crazy or something. Later, we started using all the new things we had learned and discovered to fight back in the magic battles, and you guessed what?  It worked wonderfully!

After a while, we got connected to a god who came to our rescue during another intense battle, and at that point, we were named Tin Yat Lineage because we no longer used, practiced or taught the things from the other sects anymore since they were useless to us. Fast forwarding a bit, we went through many extraordinary experiences in the other worlds, including the god’s worlds, which led us to the encounter with our ultimate path, Saam Law. Our teacher from the Saam Law world has reached out to us and said that I was trying very hard to search for the truth, and it is rare to see such achievement in a young person. He asked if I wanted to be ordained and offered me the opportunity with a test of faith.

At that time, we called this teacher Saam Ling Sifu. He asked me if I was willing to give my life to them for being a Taoist. How did that sound to you? Like I have to suicide to become a Taoist? I was given a night to think about it, and with some fear, I answered, “yes.”

Turn out it was a test of faith; what he meant was that I would be taken care of by them since they have our life in hand, so they can make changes and help me smoothen out my life and deal with problems etc. It is the true meaning of being ordained. I was relieved and happy at the same time! If I need to die now, it is better than suffering here anyway. After the ordaining process, my wife and I became Saam Law Taoists, and we were given three things to start with; heart spells, FU HEAD and the connection to the god, Saam Law Jo Si. Saam Law Jo Si is the first and main god of the lineage, which acts as the power source for everything.

After ordaining into the lineage, I have to sit down in front of the computer and type about 20-30 pages of notes daily to learn from my teacher in the other world. It was intense, and I am proud of my keyboard for surviving those tortures. After typing, I would read and revise, then confirm with the teacher, followed by reading it over with my wife, who is now Gum Sifu. It was an intense and insane amount of learning daily, hours and hours of learning, practicing, and note-taking. This era went on for a few years, non-stop. At the same time, we were granted a lineage from the teacher. They gave us a new lineage named Tin Yat Saam Law Sun Lung Sect, a Saam Law Taoism sect. While learning, I also get to “level up” and get more powers opened up for me as I have achieved certain stages in learning. I also transitioned our disciples to the new system, teaching them what I had learned and bringing them to a new era. 

Some people would ask, “How do you know they are real gods and not evil spirits tricking you into a trap?”

I also had that question in mind, and they said, “you will see with results, we will lead you to a brighter future, and you will see the results yourself. Evils will drain you and give your problems.” After 5-6 years, we have witnessed dramatic and rapid changes in our living standard, lineage growth in content and the fact that we are no longer in the money-stress zone. We are not rich, but at least we are financially free, which is a dream for many people already. In just a few years, they have given us much guidance and teaching and helped us achieve so much in life; I cannot thank them more and tell people how powerful this Tao is. If this is an evil trap, please don’t let go of me and keep me in it. I am fine. I have tried other “older” sects that don’t work for me but only give me problems. I have chosen what works for me, and I am proud to pass it on to those who also have faith in the same path!

For those still skeptical about our lineage, look at all the content we have presented, and you shall have a clear answer in your heart. I don’t think any scammer or fraudster would care to be as passionate as me to release so much exclusive content and spread the knowledge of the Tao. There are blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos if you want freebies, and eBooks and online lessons if you can afford to pay. It is fine not to believe, but not okay to insult and slander us because it is indirectly attacking our gods and saying that our gods are also scammers. I would not tolerate this and will fight till the end to bring these trolls to justice.

I have to admit that I could have been better before the teachings of Saam Law were brought to me. I had a bad mouth, and my fingers typed with words that attacked people. However, I have learned and changed after my teacher corrected me and brought me back on track. I am grateful to be given a chance to change, and I hope everyone can also look at the lineage’s content with an open mind.

As the lineage matures and I mature in the lineage, there are many changes and upgrades to the lineage’s system. One of the best upgrades was the celestial court being granted to us, which serves as a system that we can hold onto in the human world and keep building our system on top of what is taught. It allowed us to create new gods, magic and other things in the lineage if we needed to. At the same time, it allows power to be accessed and cultivated more easily, opening up the path for more believers who need an easier way to start their journey.

Saam Law Jo Si is the main god, and he can clone himself into many other forms; with a different profile, he will become another god for us. As we have said in the Jiu Tian Xuan Nue, Mazu Goddess, and Guan Yin Goddess article, they are all created from the same god’s power, Saam Law Jo Si. If a person feels too overwhelmed with so many gods, they can also choose to believe and connect with one god, Saam Law Jo Si; it works for everything too!

Saam Law Jo Si is the first god you can connect to when you are ordained or initiated into our lineage. You will have a heart spell, which allows you to connect to him by dialling his phone number. After the heart spell is said, stomp the left foot to signal that you want to send the message to the god, and there goes the connection is open!  You can also learn to draw his FU HEAD, which is the god’s signature. Anything signed with the FU HEAD will become the god’s object like the god has signed it. As long as a disciple has faith in the god, with the heart spell and FU HEAD, they can channel down the power of Saam Law Jo Si and apply it to any situation.

Saam Law Jo Si is a powerful god who can help you with anything, and he is always there for you! You can learn about the FU HEAD, prayer and spells of this god in the Magic Foundation E-book!  There are also many scriptures from him on the download page. If you want to start with one out of the many, I suggest the Heart Scripture! It helps you to align your heart with Saam Law’s alignment and correct your energy flow to flow with nature! If you want to learn how to use his magical powers, get ordained today and become a Taoist to begin your journey!