Secret of the Dragon Gate in Taoism

Dragon Gate Taoism


The dragon gate of Taoism is often searched up and all you can find is a sect’s name, more like a brand name of a company that sells their stuff, but this one sells you into a sect or school of Taoism. Is that really dragon gate? What is dragon gate to be exact? This article will tell you the truth of what dragon gate really is and there is a lot of secrets that you might have been missing out because there are all secrets for the insiders of Taoism and not exposed to the western culture, nor majority of the public.

This is what the ancient people call Sum-Faat心法, meaning the inner secrets, the stuffing, the “inside” of the containers. It’s sort of like a bunch of little chocolate eggs, but what’s really inside? Are we just eating the chocolate?  Wait, how come there is cash inside the egg?  The other eggs might only have caramel or marshmallows, but this one got some cash in it. Different “heart” of an object, it can turn out to be a totally different thing, leading to a totally different result.

Taoism is full of this kind of things, including the way we use words, pictures, metaphors, and even colors as containers. We can show people the containers, but seldom what’s inside, because you get to know the inside when you ordained and learned, prove yourself to the master that you are trustworthy, and you are worth his time, then you get to see what’s inside.That is why most westerners only get to see the "surface" of Taoism and no old Chinese masters even care or want to share the insider stuff, since it's not them who want the westerners to learn it anyway. Back in the old days, even Chinese people who live near the master have to beg for teachings for years to be accepted as disciples, then you go through a few years of chores and daily work to prove you are an honest and good disciple, before the master decide to tell you the secrets inside the chocolate eggs.

What you might hear as the “dragon” or even phoenix, the famous turtle and such, are all just metaphors or containers, and they have nothing to do with the physical animal itself. To be honest, how many westerners or even Chinese today, understand that the fact is, the dragon used in Taoism has nothing to do with the physical animal itself? Yes, there could be a real dragon in the ancient time, but the reason of why people used the dragon to depict or contain a concept, or something else, is not related to the physical animal. Here, we will open you up to the world of wisdom, showing you the Sum-Faat of Saam Law Sun Gung 三羅神功 Taoism, and showing you what’s really behind the word “dragon gate” 龍門.


Truth About Dragon and Dragon Gate

Dragon is a word used in Taoism as a container, just like any other words such as Sunor even Taoas explained in our earlier articles. It’s all nothing but a pattern. If things fit the pattern, it can be used to describe such things. It’s like how we can use the word food in English to describe a lot of things. You can have food that you eat with the mouth or even some “brain food” that you use to feed your brain with. Anything that feeds something and fills it up with goodies, making you “full” and happy, you will call it “food”. As you can see the word food itself can be anything. Even a pencil can be the food of a pencil sharpener. Dragon is also like that, but what exactly is a dragon in Taoism?

In the earlier article of “What is Taoism”, we have talked about what Taoism is really about and what the Tao is about. You can read up the article later, but in short, the Tao of Taoism is talking about the Yuen Sun元神of a person which is your spiritual planetary body. We also have a nice in-depth article on “What is Yuen Sun” too!  

The Yuen Sun is like the boss of your life or the head of your body, it is responsible for giving you essences of life, fuels you to be “alive” and gives you the potentials of your life that allow you to move toward a certain direction in life. If your Yuen Sun cannot deliver its package to you, because of some issue with the soul or other factors such as “luck stealing magic” and such, then you are going to be having “bad luck”. (click links for detailed articles!)

Dragon,(Lung), is one essence that gave birth to a bunch of following essences, and they chain up in one line or unit, to another place, and give it the potential to grow and be born. A great example of a dragon is a male’s sperm that he ejaculates. Don’t get it wrong and think that it’s nasty or disgusting to talk about this, think about it as this is biology class and we are learning about the science of life.

Dragon is the essence (like the Tao), that goes in a line and many followers in that unit, going into another place to give birth to new things there, just like one shot of sperm goes into the female’s vagina and it’s actually one chain of, or one bunch of sperms, going into there and then giving the place a potential of birth, of the baby. In Taoism, we are not talking about the sperm, though, it’s just that this is a great example to start with, so that you can understand the “pattern” of dragon, just like the pattern of “food”.

Now that you know what the pattern of dragon is, let’s look at your Tao in Taoism, which is the Tao of your life. The dragon is the essence that passes down from the Yuen Sun to another place, which is to you here and gives birth to you, and so you grow. The dragon gate is the doorway that opens up the door between the two sides – you and your Yuen Sun, which is the soul in dimension 6. In order to passes through dimension 6, you have to open up the dimension 5, which is actually the “doorway” to your soul here. In dimension 5, there is a lot of forces pushing downward because energy keeps flowing from 1 to 2 to 3 and downward to 9. In order to “open the gate” going backward in the stream, it’s hard and there is a lot of resistance force, just like trying to swim upstream in a river or walking backward in an escalator. But it’s not impossible.

As you can see, opening of the dragon gate is the opening of your soul body, and to be exact, it’s about opening and strengthening the bridge between you and your Yuen Sun, being able to connect the two and let the dragon flows down, meaning the essence from the Yuen Sun to come down, into your physical life or body here. It’s really that simple.

If you compare it to our sexual organ and sperms example, the dimension 5 is the entrance of the vagina, and it’s a doorway to the “yin” world, the inside of the universe of where things are being born. There is a doorway that is always closed, which is the vagina, and now the penis have to go in and connect into the yin world, in order for the essence to flow in, or the dragon to go in and give birth to new life. That is not easy if you look at our Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) because we are also not connecting well with the Yuen Sun all the time since we are born and not attached to it anymore. The Yuen Sun only beams energy to us once a while and we beam things back by distance when we sleep. At the same time, we are not attached to it, and the Yuen Sun can be sending you a bunch of essences that got lost in the mid-air because your soul is weak (which is the middle agent that delivers the package to you).


What is the Benefit

Now you might want to ask, what is the benefit of cultivating Taoism and all these things to get the “dragon gate” opened and flowing? Do we need to get into sexual activities and all that?

Please make sure you understand that doing Taoism cultivation does not require you to be involved in sexual activities, but it does not restrict you from having sex. Making love with your partner is a natural thing done in a relationship or to make babies, and it’s natural, it’s okay to do. However, doing Taoism or cultivating the Tao of your life, is about your own Yuen Sun, the spiritual planetary body and you.   

A side note here for your enjoyment – if you get into a sexual intercourse with someone that has a very bad or contaminated Yuen Sun with tons of “crap” on it, you can also get your own Yuen Sun contaminated and invaded by their Yuen Sun’s pollution too. Having sex with someone in this world is a reflection of your Yuen Sun and their Yuen Sun also having interaction and “mixing” or “exchanging” elements as well. Therefore, going for prostitution, buying sex, sex party, or orgy and things like that is not a wise choice in Taoism’s perspective, because you are taking the risk of having your own Yuen Sun being “F”’d by another Yuen Sun, getting more than what you could have imagined from just a few minutes of what you call pleasure, leading to a long-term consequence that can affect your future deeply, it’s not so worth doing. We treasure our Yuen Sun because it’s like a farm that we have been cultivating all these years, and if we want our farm to “blend” and “mix” soil or even crops with another farm, we better choose a good one and not just go around and mix with any farms! 

The benefit of cultivating your “dragon gate” or building that bridge to your Yuen Sun is all about getting all your potentials you can from your life, and securing your potentials of all sorts, not letting it be stolen, damaged or contaminated by any other sources.


Getting Rich and Wealthy?

Most people will think that getting connected with your Yuen Sun means getting all your potentials in life, then it must mean that you will turn mega-rich or at least all your financial issue will be gone soon because you will be a superman very soon, right? How about winning the lottery and getting a jackpot or something like that?

Calm down, calm, calm down.

Yuen Sun does hold your potentials, but they are all “pre-heaven” energies and does not translate to lottery winning, money, career and all that pot-heaven matters. However, they can translate or convert to these if they are used for the subject. It’s like electricity from the power plant itself is the pre-heaven matter in the Yuen Sun, and it holds all the potentials for your appliances at home. But you still need to get the power lines hooked up and then have appliances at home to plug them into the socket, in order for your appliance to work and show their final powers.

Having the Yuen Sun being able to connect into the “dragon gate” and into your soul, is like having the power lines built to connect to your home’s exterior. It is important because it will then allow the potentials to be delivered to your home. After this is done, you will still need to have your own appliances, and plugging them in properly, in order to have your final results. In Taoism, you have to connect to your Yuen Sun to get your potentials in the form of this Pre-Heaven energy, but you still have to work and do your part in this physical world to have the power injects into what you are doing, for a bigger potential success and result to come. If you use all the powers coming down to you on an oven, your oven is going to give you lots of bakery and such, given that you use the oven to cook. If you use the powers coming down to power up your computer, your computer can do a lot of things given that you have installed a lot of things into it.

There is a lot of people who just want to have a surprise gift from the sky, and instantly get rich for doing nothing. That is not going to happen, and it’s not even what Taoism or Taoist magic is about.

There are many people who cannot even get their potentials, and maybe you are the one too. See this pattern and see if it fits you?

You tried hard to work on something, and you have a lot of time dedicated to this, but somehow it just didn’t happen to success or even come true. Or you kept doing business just like the others, but how come you just cannot get something like the others? Even for a YouTuber who might be producing videos just like some other big channels, and they don’t get viral but the other guy did even his camera and sound sucks? You can be selling good bakery that is delicious, and you put a smile on your face all the time for best customer service, but how come the other store that is full of grumpy workers and crappy food can sell better than you? There is the difference.

There is a bunch of people who are doing it wrong physically, such as the wrong marketing strategy and methods, and that is not the Yuen Sun’s fault, but some physical skills that are lacking. However, there are people who do have the physical skills and did things the way it should be done already, and things just cannot happen properly and accordingly, how come? That’s mostly because your potentials, your Yuen Sun, is not doing well.

Cultivating the Tao, the Yuen Sun, the dragon gate, whatever it is, ensures your hard work here in this world is not wasted, given that you did do your part well. Everyone must work hard, and work “right” in order to get success in life. Your success might be to have a good stable job that pays you’re a few grand a month, while the other guy got a job that pays him millions, why is that so, and why can’t you be like them? 

Life is all about making decisions, and also about where/who you are connected to. There are things you can choose in life that can make your future better. For example, doing better in school and such can have a better chance of getting a better job in general. If you skip class and don’t go to school, your report card is going to be all red and your resume will be ugly, who will want such a person to work in their company? However, there are things you cannot control which shapes your future too. There are some rich kids who are born in a family that is mega-rich, he might not even have to study in school, but just play and chit chat all day long and there goes a millionaire on the market holding a few companies at the age of 22. This is the kind of things you can’t really control or compare yourself to because we are all born differently.

If you are doing what you can do and you get to get what you planted for, having a stable life, that is pretty good already. You want a better future, or a better paying job then works toward it and get yourself upgraded in order to get there. At the same time, you could be working your butt off and upgraded a lot, but you just don’t get to see the results of all that hard work. You will then need to work on your Yuen Sun.


Guarding the Dragon Gate

guarding the dragon gate

How to protect your dragon gate or the Yuen Sun? Guard it! Just like guarding your house, your car, your bank account, it’s all about the same. In order to guard something, you need the proper power that can secure and protect what you are trying to guard. To guard your Yuen Sun and making sure your Yuen Sun can flow to you nicely, you need a special path that teaches you how to do that, and also giving you the power that can allow you to do that. Human themselves are not born with this power, and cannot reach their Yuen Sun at will. 

You need to cultivate in Taoism, in a lineage that is dedicated to doing Taoist magic, such as ours. Make sure that you are not entering a “martial art school” that calls themselves a “Taoist” sect because if you want to learn in that school, you are learning the martial art, an art for fighting, and not an art to even touch your Yuen Sun or any pre-heaven matters. Know what you are shopping for before you enter the store. As we say, you plant for apples, you get apples. There are no oranges from an apple tree. If your life is spent on martial art doing kung fu and fighting-related practice, then that is what you are heading toward the success of. You gain your success in martial art, not Taoist magic and touching your dragon gate or Yuen Sun.

If you are looking for a Taoist lineage to learn Taoist magic, because you want to fix up your life, secure your potentials, protect and guard your own dragon gate… Tin Yat Lineage and their Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic will be good for you. 

Ordaining and becoming a Taoistis easy, and you don’t even need to go to China or travel anywhere, because it’s now done by distance, and taught by distance. As long as you want to learn, we are here for you.