The Five Courts of Saam Law Tao: A Comprehensive Guide

Taoism is a category of religion with many individual sects with their own unique and exclusive system. Some uses similar names, some are completely different. In Saam Law Tao, our system goes by a structured power system that is both intricate and profound. This system is made up of Five Courts, each serving a unique purpose and function within the lineage. In this article, we will explore each of these courts and understand their significance for disciples and believers who are looking to ordain.

1. God's Court (神庭 - Sun Ting)

God's Court, or Sun Ting, is the highest level in the power structure of Saam Law Tao. Located in the most ancient realm before the existence of time, within Taoist Heaven (Daai Law Tin 大羅天), God's Court is operated by the highest gods. These gods are committed to supporting our lineage by transferring resources and powers to the Celestial Court.

2. Celestial Court (天庭 - Tin Ting)

The Celestial Court, or Tin Ting, is one step closer to our physical world but still remains quite distant. This court was created by the gods in God's Court and gifted to our lineage. Serving as a repository of knowledge and power in its purest form, the Celestial Court is akin to a bank or master storage. It is situated in the preheaven dimension, corresponding to the physical location of the sun. This court receives resources directly from God's Court.

3. Religious Court (教庭 - Gaau Ting)

The Religious Court, or Gaau Ting, is closer to the human world, located in the preheaven dimension about where satellites are. This court is a channel for disciples to access power and modify the system to their needs, such as creating new codes or translating magic into different languages. The Religious Court receives resources from the Celestial Court and is accessible to ordained disciples through heart spells (HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5).

4. Altar Court (壇庭 - Taan Ting)

The Altar Court, or Taan Ting, is the personal altar that disciples build in their homes. It serves as the primary source of power for practicing magic and is the first line of defense in times of need. The Altar Court is highly personalized, allowing disciples to customize it according to their preferences.

5. Heart Court (心庭 - Sum Ting)

The Heart Court, or Sum Ting, refers to the body as an altar, with the heart as its center. It is the fundamental altar that disciples use, especially before establishing a physical altar. In emergencies or when the physical altar is inaccessible, the Heart Court serves as the ultimate lifeline.

The Interplay of Courts in Practice

For most disciples, the Heart Court is the starting point. When additional assistance is needed, they can draw power from the Religious Court. The use of Celestial Master's Consecrated Tokens (CMGs)allows disciples to further empower the Religious Court with the power of the Celestial Court, significantly amplifying their magic.


The Five Courts of Saam Law Tao form a hierarchical structure that facilitates the flow of divine power and knowledge. For those who wish to immerse themselves in the practice of Saam Law Tao, understanding these courts is fundamental. Whether you are a disciple or a believer looking to ordain, the Five Courts offer a pathway to spiritual empowerment and transformation.

If you are inspired to take the next step, consider getting ordained or explore the CMGs section to harness the power of the courts in your spiritual practice.