fuk luk sau

Understanding 福祿壽 Fuk Luk Sau Concept

福 Fortune – It's all about the Preheaven energies, kind of like spiritual wealth, that comes from your spiritual planetary body. This is what gives you opportunities, potential, and a clear vision in life. It's like a beacon of hope and happiness, guiding you on your path. Without 福 Fuk, you might feel lost, down, or just going with the flow without your own compass. It's like being stuck in a mess of ideas that don't really work out. When someone passes away, if they're lucky to zip through their ghost life quickly, the Fuk in their spiritual body turns into their wealth in the afterlife. This wealth shapes their experience in the spiritual realm, making it better and more enjoyable. They can even bless their descendants with this Fuk, boosting their lives too.

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祿 Prosperity – The Fortune that comes your way turns into Postheaven energies, or wealth, that gets stored in your soul’s home – the Ghost Altar. Prosperity here means having a hefty balance in this ghostly account, allowing you to turn potential into real action and thought. 祿 Luk is like the savings you've built up, not in a bank, but in your ghost altar, your soul's spiritual base. When you become a ghost, this wealth is crucial. A rich ghost can live it up, converting this energy into a luxurious existence, while a poor ghost might struggle, pushed around or even ending up as a servant to the richer ones.

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壽 Longevity – Most folks think longevity's just about how long you live. But in Taoist magic, it’s different. It's really about how long your “funds” in the Ghost Altar can keep supporting and fueling life. Take starting a new hobby, like photography. One person might lose interest in two months, while another, with more in their ghost altar, could turn it into a lifelong career. It's the same with businesses. Some might give up and go back to a regular job within a year, while others keep their business thriving into their old age. That's longevity – it's about the strength and reserves in your heart, in your energy body. A strong heart means never giving up and always being full of determination.

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福祿壽三星 The Fuk Luk Sau Gods

These three gods embody the concept of Fuk Luk Sau, each representing a crucial aspect of life. When you worship them, it's like tapping into their unique powers to boost your Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity in specific areas of your life.

Struggling to kickstart a business? Feel lost and in the dark? Call on the Fuk God. He's your go-to for opening up possibilities and lighting your path forward. Just remember, reach out to the Fuk God BEFORE you dive into anything. He's there to help you find your way right from the start.

Hit a roadblock in an ongoing project? That's where the Luk God steps in. He's the one who can channel the "wealth" from your ghost altar directly into whatever you're working on. With his help, you'll see obstacles melting away. The key is to seek the Luk God's guidance when you're in the thick of it, right in the MIDDLE of your challenges.

Got a kid who's just picked up a new hobby? If you don't want them to drop it like a hot potato, the Sau God is your ally. He's the one who can instill that stick-to-it spirit, helping them stay focused and persistent. So, when you're hoping for something to have staying power, to last longer than a fleeting moment, it's the Sau God you turn to.

But here's the thing – it's not just about worshipping these gods. You've got to actively engage their powers, which is where FU talismans and magical practices come into play. Think of worship like nurturing a child; you've got to do more than feed and care for them. You need to ask for their help and guide them on what to do. That's the mistake many make: they worship these gods but don’t fully utilize their powers. Now you know better. Get the right FUs, and combine their power with your worship to truly harness the strengths of the Fuk Luk Sau Gods at home!

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三庫 The Three Treasuries

In life, we each have three vital wealth storages, known as the three treasuries: Sky, Ground, and Water. When these treasuries run low or empty, life's challenges seem to multiply. That's where the power of Taoist magic comes in, replenishing these treasuries using the abundant resources from our altars – which are treasuries in their own right.

The Sky Treasury is about the preheaven energies housed in your Yuen Sun, your spiritual planetary body. This is the source of your fortune, offering life's potentials and opportunities.

The Ground Treasury deals with the postheaven energies stored in your ghost altar – the soul's anchor in the spiritual realm. This one's key to your prosperity, fueling your thought processes and overall vitality.

Then there's the Water Treasury, located in the core of your local energy body, the heart. This is where your longevity's at play, giving you the strength to stay focused, driven, and alive.

These treasuries tie back to the Fuk Luk Sau principles we've discussed before. If they're not well-stocked, life can get tough, and that's why it's crucial to tap into Taoist magic. You might hesitate at the idea of 'borrowing' from the Tao, fearing the debt. But it's not like a regular loan. Repaying the Tao is about faith. You don't give back the same thing you received – like a tree doesn't need oranges back, but care, water, and soil. Similarly, you can repay the Tao with offerings, nurturing its growth with your faith.

To replenish your Sky, Ground, and Water Treasuries, you can ask for a special ceremony. In this ceremony, we'll communicate your needs to the gods and burn Fu talismans directly into your treasuries, allowing the gods to refill them. The generosity of the gods depends on your relationship and faith in them. You can also be the one to burn these FUs yourself too.

Now that you know about replenishing, going a step beyond that is to protect and secure the three treasuries, because there are many sorceries and evil magic out there that can steal and loot from other people’s treasuries too!

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