Anniversary Worshipping Guide

As believers or disciples, it's important to know how to appropriately celebrate a god's anniversary. We have categorized the tasks into three levels based on difficulty, allowing you to start with the easiest step and progress to more advanced practices at your own pace.

For reference, you should read the believer's 101 and the disciple's magic 101 pages if you need to revisit the basics! Believers are those who aren't yet initiated or ordained but just want to believe and follow!

Level 1

Connect to HQ: Begin by performing the Heart Incense Handsign, bowing, and greeting the god. Express your gratitude and submit your heartfelt wishes and prayers. Take a moment to thank the god for their blessings. You can also visit the website and make an offering to demonstrate your devotion.

Money is a significant aspect of life, comparable to a seed that holds immense potential. When you make offerings, this seed is directed towards the Tao's end, enabling it to grow into a beautiful flower in the future. This crucial action births the possibilities and blessings that the lineage's deities can manifest for you.

Level 2

Build upon Level 1: In addition to the practices from Level 1, offer prayers to praise the god and contribute your heart's energy to their power. Feel free to use any dialect or even Saamlawnese to impress the god further. Prayers can be found in our Prayer of Faith E-book.

Prayers serve as a means to honor the gods and contribute your heartfelt energy essence to their reservoir. This collective pool of powerful essence, situated at the gods' domain, becomes accessible for individuals to draw upon during their "magic work," which includes yourself. Every believer and disciple should feel compelled to contribute rather than solely seek favors and make requests. Hence, it is essential to engage in frequent prayer, particularly on the anniversaries dedicated to specific gods.

Level 3

Enhanced Worship: In addition to the practices from the previous levels, take it a step further. After your prayer, prepare a cup of water. Activate the seven star sword finger technique and infuse the water with magic. Drink the water to receive the god's magical power.

Drinking the water infused with the essence of the gods enhances your connection with them, while also replenishing your energy body with their magical power. This infusion grants you increased strength for your future magical endeavors. Occasionally, a god may favor you and bestow gifts within the magic water. These gifts often manifest as wisdom, good luck, and fortune in your reality.


Boosting the Power: For an extra boost, draw the FU HEAD symbol and add the god's spell to the water. This will increase the potency of the magical power. You can also draw the FU HEAD on offerings such as fruits and flowers. After the ceremony, you can consume these items or gift them to others to share the fortune bestowed by the god. FU HEAD and spells can be found in the green magic foundation books in our download page.

Offering prayers and tributes to the gods brings forth blessings that extend to the food and consumables involved. When you share or gift these items to those around you, you allow others to witness the power of the gods. This act impresses and pleases the gods because it demonstrates your appreciation for their divine abilities and your desire to share their greatness with others. Additionally, it is important to spread awareness of the gods' power through words, explaining their significance, the lineage, and the Tao when presenting the magical food to others.

For Disciples:

If you are on LINE, you will find a photo of Cia Juan's altar. During the anniversary period, a vertical banner of the god will be displayed. This banner serves as a place for all believers and disciples to submit their prayers and messages. These submissions will then be sent to the god on the following day. If you are not able to find the photo, you can also use the photo here to connect to the HQ.

altar at HQ

Virtue Lesson

Celebrating the anniversaries of the gods through worship is a powerful way to nurture and fortify our connection with them. As we invest time and effort in these rituals, our bond with the divine deepens, and the gods become more familiar with who we are. Consequently, their desire to assist us grows, leading to an abundance of blessings bestowed upon us. Moreover, our own magical power flourishes, amplifying our capabilities.

By spreading the teachings of the Tao and sharing the gods' blessings with those around us, we bring immense joy to the deities. It signifies our appreciation for their divine power and the blessings they bestow upon us. The act of extending these blessings to others demonstrates our gratitude and love for the gods. Hence, it is crucial to celebrate their anniversaries diligently, making a conscious effort to mark these significant dates each year.

Remember, by engaging in worship regularly and expressing our care for the gods, we forge a profound relationship that enriches our lives. The more we invest in this spiritual connection, the more we shall receive in return. So, let us embrace the opportunity to celebrate the anniversaries of the gods, strengthening our bond and allowing their divine influence to shape our lives with abundant blessings and heightened magical power.