Tin Yat Magic

Tin Yat Sun Fu 天一神府 Explained

Let's dive into the concept of Tin Yat Sun Fu 天一神府 in your Yuen Sun, your spiritual planetary body. Think of Tin Yat Sun Fu as a special spot in the Yuen Sun dedicated to your magic and Taoism stuff. It's like having a dedicated room in your house for all your magical activities. This place is under the watchful eye of the upper clears, particularly the Sheung Ching deity (Nieong Bwa Tian Juan 上清靈寶天尊).

The Magical Landscape

Tin Yat Sun Fu
Imagine a mountain and a swirling body of water in this space. The swirl above the water is like a doorway to the Tin Yat Sun Fu. The water itself is known as Tin Yat Sun Sui 天一神水, or Tin Yat Godly Water. It symbolizes the magic power you've received from the lineage through the Religious Court. When magic power reaches your Yuen Sun, it turns into rain, feeding into this pool of godly water.

The Core of Yuen Sun

Yuen Sun Central
Diving deeper, right into the heart of the Yuen Sun – what I call the YSC (Yuen Sun Central) – you'll find a cave-like space with more water. This represents your stored magic power, connected to the water near the mountain.

The YSC is filled with root-like veins, and some of these roots have organ-like growths called "bladders." They function like power pumps, pulling water through the roots to fuel related activities.

The Magic Flower

magic flower
When these roots reach the surface, they connect to a huge flower, a symbol of your active magic power. This flower, bursting with energy like solar flares, lights up the Yuen Sun. We call it the magic flower, Faat Fa 法花. It's like a lotus, drinking straight from the water, not relying on the soil above.

fire flower

Your Magic Power and the Yuen Sun

See the connection between your magic power and the Yuen Sun? It's quite visual. If the water at the Tin Yat Sun Fu area runs low, it's a sign your magical resources are depleting. This is your preheaven energy used for magic, and it can run dry if you're not tapping into the lineage's power source – the Religious Court. So, always keep an eye on your Yuen Sun's water level; it's a good indicator of your magical strength and capacity.

Tin Yat Magic

This magic here is for all Tin Yat Stage and above to learn, but you must have read the books "Saam Ching Magic" and "Tin Yat Magic" to be able to execute and understand what's going on in the tutorial. Go ahead and learn if you are ready!

Tin Yat Godly Water

Ask Cia Juan on LINE if you have any questions. Never just learn on your own and be a background-disciple. Real teachings begin when you talk directly to the master and get direct teachings!

Remember to start doing the magic to seal the door, cleanse the house, etc.

The water spitting method is very tricky to do, and it's an "ancient" method that is used because there isn't such a thing as the spray bottle in the ancient time. If you wanted to, you can also opt for a spray bottom, pour some of the magic water into the bottle and mix it with ordinary water, then spray. Some alcohol can also help the water to not "go bad" and you can then store this bottle of magic water on the altar for normal daily use as well.

Sprinkle method with finger is = water droplets. It symbolizes sending the water (god power) into things to give them the essence.(Preheaven magic power, GP)

Spraying method with spitting or spray bottle = water mist. It symbolizes sending the immortal chi to things, giving them the energy. (Postheaven magic power, SP)

At the end there is a fu book that was mentioned, THIS is the book.