Spiritual Embryo in Taoism – Sun Toy 神胎

Spiritual Embryo, Sun Toy 神胎 (Saamlawnese: Sin Toy) is a special term used in Taoism, but it is something everyone can understand after reading this information-packed article. I would explain it to all my disciples and newcomers very easily.

The word embryo 胎 is referred to an early stage of development for the birth of animals or plants. This stage starts after fertilization. What is a spiritual embryo, or precisely the Sun Toy? Sun 神 is the god; it’s the embryo of a god. Read more about this in the article “What is God.”

God is created from the heart in your energy body. Three phases take place. First, you would need to have faith generated by the heart, which means you believe you can create it without needing any evidence. Then, you need to have the desire, which is when you “want” to create it. Last, you would need hope and vision, which is the vision of the future from this creation, like the result of what you want to achieve.

For example, you believe you can create a piece of music that makes people feel joyful. Then, you have the desire and want to create it.  At last, you have the vision that this music will make people very happy after listening to it. These three elements combined will give birth to a spiritual embryo in the preheaven dimension immediately, and it would look like a ball of light that floats in mid-air in dimension one, which we call D1. You might ask, “wow, so we are creating these embryos daily?” Yes, it is a very natural thing that we do daily!

The spiritual embryo looks like a ball of light which floats in mid-air in the preheaven dimension, and they are like little satellites which help to connect the creation to your heart and your heart to the Yuen Sun. They are like little gods that stick around things in your life to help them get more energy from your Yuen Sun. Since the preheaven dimension has no restriction of time and distance, no matter how far away these embryos are, they can get the energies from your Yuen Sun in a split second, like our internet cables with fibre optics!  Imagine you can put on a special goggles and see the preheaven dimension that overlays our world in reality. Looking around your room, it might be filled with little orbs!

Spiritual Embryo Anatomy

As we have mentioned earlier, three elements create the spiritual embryo. We call them the Sun Yuen 神元 (Sin Xuan), Sun Ling 神靈 (Sin Nieong) and Sun Gwong 神光 (Sin Gwong). It is kind of like the three souls that we have explained in the Souls and Spirits article.

The Sun Yuen is like the essence that creates the god; it is the neutral property and has the power of your heart, which falls in the D5 category. The more faith you have, the more you believe or love it, and the more Sun Yuen this god has. The Sun Yuen will affect the size and appearance of the god. A strong god would be gigantic, while a weak god would be like a tennis ball.  This theory goes to the Yuen Sun too. If I soul travel to someone’s Yuen Sun and the planet is very small, it means that the Sun Yuen in the planet is very weak, which translates to the person, in reality, might be losing faith in himself or his life.

The Sun Ling is like the god’s soul; it is related to the negative D2 property, which is generated from the amount of desire and attraction power. If something is very attractive or interesting to you, then the Sun Ling will be very strong. Let’s say you created a god embryo from making art. At first, this art is attractive to you; then the Sun Ling would be very strong. After five years, if the art is no longer attractive to you, then the Sun Ling will decrease. The Sun Ling would give the god power to move, pushing the god to do things. Just like how the planets orbit and motivate the world inside to get lively and active. If I soul travel to a person’s Yuen Sun and the place looks dead and lifeless, it means that their Sun Ling is dying out, affecting their moving forward and might be very stuck or dreadful. A good Yuen Sun with lots of Sun Ling would push the person’s life to move forward quicker, with more achievements daily, and as a result, the person can get more productive and efficient with things.

The Sun Gwong is like the light of the god, which radiates from the “ball” we were talking about. It relates to the positive D1 property, which helps the god output its power. Imagine a star in the sky that is giving off its light. The more light it can give off, the more power it has to affect the postheaven reality. This is generated by the vision of the person who creates it. The more that person visualizes and envisions something, the more light the god will generate. If I went to someone’s Yuen Sun and saw that their planet is bright and vivid, it means that their Sun Gwong is very strong, which means that this person should have a good vision of their future.  If I see the planet is dark and gloomy, their vision is also very gloomy, and they might not even see what they are living a life for.

We create these god embryos every day, and they stick to things around us in the local area, but once they are fully attached to the objects or things, they would mature to become a god. The embryo part is when it is still inside your energy body. Once it goes out of your energy body, it is no longer an embryo but a complete god in the local area’s preheaven dimension.

We create gods daily, all connected to our Yuen Sun, the spiritual planetary body. Once the local gods die for whatever reasons, such as the object being destroyed or trashed, the god will return to you and go to your Yuen Sun when you sleep. The god that went to the Yuen Sun will become a god in the sky (the Yuen Sun), and that is why the Yuen Sun is also like your personal celestial court because it contains all the gods inside!  These gods that have ascended from the postheaven world to the Yuen Sun will help you by empowering the Yuen Sun’s world, which gives you a better future.

Sometimes these spiritual embryos do not have a body because it is born for something non-tangible. So they will be floating in random places like where you have given birth to the idea, or they could follow you around, sticking to your energy body, hovering around like little moons around you. Sometimes when I make diagnoses for others by soul travelling, I can see some people’s energy bodies with a lot of little white orbs flying around like little moons around a planet; these are the spiritual embryos that are floating around them because they don’t have a physical body to attach to yet.

Spiritual Embryo in Daily Life

One of the best examples of how the spiritual embryo is used is like when we buy a gift for someone. Let’s say it is your teacher’s birthday, and you are about to buy him a gift!

First, you have faith and believe this gift will bring your teacher a good year.

Secondly, you desire to do it and want your teacher to have better health.

Thirdly, you envision that your teacher would consume the gift and become healthier so that he can have a happier life.

The spiritual embryo was born with the three essentials even before the gift was bought. This embryo hovers around your energy body and awaits the gift. You ordered a box of ginseng through amazon, which will be delivered to your teacher tomorrow!

Once the ginseng has arrived and your teacher opens the box, the spiritual embryo from your energy body will immediately snap to the gift in a flash. The preheaven has no time and distance, so it is instant!  As long as the gift is there, god will be there. This gift can be consumed, allowing the god’s power to be consumed, but it can also be placed at home! While the god stays with it and keeps beaming the power from your Yuen Sun to your teacher’s home to help your teacher improve his health. This is already a form of magic that we can do without being in any religion.

However, many people are heartless and fake these days. That is why gifts are no longer “working” as blessings because the people gifting are not truthful. They might be just regifting something they don’t want, or they just felt like it was a social pressure which forced them to buy the gift. Even worse, they have bad intentions and wishes, which gave people an EVIL GOD instead of a helpful one.

Spiritual Embryo in Taoist Magic

You will learn something called a Sun Kuet 身訣, along with your heart spells when ordained. You do a series of movements with the heart spells to create a spiritual embryo for doing magic work.  This is not your ordinary spiritual embryo!  This doesn’t connect to your Yuen Sun but to the lineage’s celestial court, which is why it can do magic!

The god created from this embryo sticks to the subject you are directed to and can become a god that sticks to it and do whatever you want it to do. For example, you can send a god to your friend by distance and have the god protect them while they are on a trip. Without using the Sun Kuet to create the embryo, you do magic by using the gods from your body and projecting the power outward, like a water spring out of a hose. Sending the god to the subject is like giving a tank of water to someone, which they can use later when needed.

We can do magic that only requires real-time work, like cleansing negative energies or exorcising evil spirits, without the Sun Kuet. However, if we need the god to stay somewhere for a job to be done later, the Sun Kuet method must be used to create the embryo for making the specific god. The Sun Kuet is a body-movement code in our lineage’s system. When you do the code, the god would know that you want to create an embryo for the magic work. When the work is done, the god sent out will “die” and return to the celestial court to report their duty. All these will be kept in the record of the Jade Emperor’s book, which will tell the gods how much power you are using. If you use a lot, the gods will give you more reinforcement in the next lunar 1st or 15th when you consume the FUs!

Ordain today to become a Taoist to learn how to create your magical spiritual embryo!