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  1. Free Initiation: This option caters to those who are unsure or wish to dip their toes into the realm of Taoism without immediate commitment. Through initiation, you will become a disciple of our lineage, granting you access to introductory materials and bestowing certain powers upon you. As a Tin Yat Stage disciple, you can explore our teachings and philosophy before deciding to advance further.
  1. Ordain and Become a Saam Law Taoist: For those ready to embark on a genuine and committed journey, this is the recommended path. By ordaining, you officially become a disciple of our lineage and a Saam Law Taoist. As an ordained disciple, you will receive two comprehensive PDF guides to kickstart your journey. Additionally, you will gain exclusive access to our LINE chatroom, providing a direct channel for immersive learning. Notably, this stage also grants you access to the most powerful magic within our lineage, a subject thoroughly explored in our detailed blog post.

For more in-depth information about Taoism, initiation versus ordination, and the structure of our lineage, we recommend exploring the following resources:

  • "What is Taoism": Delve into the essence of Taoism and gain a comprehensive understanding of its principles and significance.
  • "Difference between Initiation vs Ordain": Learn about the distinctions and implications of each path, aiding you in making an informed decision.
  • "Lineage Structure E-book": Discover the intricacies of our lineage's structure, helping you navigate the dynamics between disciples, masters, and the wider community.

Within the Tin Yat Lineage, we foster a strong bond between disciples and our esteemed masters, Jee Sifu, Gum Sifu, and Yee Sifu. Upon initiation, you will address them as your Cia Juan(s) 師尊, and assume the role of a disciple (Dai Jee/Di Ju 弟子). As a disciple, you will embrace and uphold the lineage's doctrine, benefiting from their guidance and teachings. Additionally, by supporting the lineage, you contribute to its growth and prosperity as a means of reciprocity.

Becoming a Taoist entails establishing a profound connection with the gods of our lineage, effectively aligning yourself with the Tao. This spiritual relationship allows you to access the religious court and tap into the divine power bestowed upon Taoists. Upon ordination, you will receive three treasures: the Tao 道, Ging 經, and Si 師. The Tao serves as your guiding path, enabling you to cultivate and reach Daai Law Tin, the Taoist's heaven, upon passing from this realm. The Ging encompasses the methods and knowledge essential for problem-solving and overcoming obstacles. Finally, the Si represents your master, who will provide guidance and help correct your course whenever needed.

To gain a deeper understanding of our main gods and the lineage's rich background, we encourage you to explore the following topics:

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