Welcome! You have come to this page because you are interested in learning! If you have landed here by accident, you might be sensing the signal from our gods; give yourself a chance and don’t miss out on the great opportunity to learn Taoism and Taoist Magic!

Our content for the public is beyond massive. We have many informative blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, and eBooks to enjoy. However, you are still not a disciple or a Taoist, so you are here. Let me make it simple for you; there are two ways to begin learning for real.

  1. Free to begin, initiation.
  2. Ordain and become a Saam Law Taoist.

The first route is for those who are unsure and want to “try” or might not be ready for the big commitment. Upon initiation, you will become a disciple of the lineage, with some powers granted to you and a PDF for you to learn from. You remain a Tin Yat Stage disciple until you decide to proceed to the next route.

The second route is for anyone ready to begin their journey for real and has decided to commit. You are also initiated upon ordaining, making you a disciple of the lineage and a Saam Law Taoist. You get two PDFs as a starter guide and, most importantly, direct access to our LINE chatroom for direct learning. You will also be granted the most powerful magic in our lineage in this stage, which you can read about in our detailed blog post. It makes a HUGE difference.

For more details:

Tin Yat Lineage

You get into a sect or a lineage to have a relationship built between you and the group and your master. Once initiated, you will call Jee Sifu, Gum Sifu and Yee Sifu your Cia Juan(s) 師尊. It makes you a disciple (Dai Jee/Di Ju 弟子). A disciple follows the lineage’s doctrine and rules, inherits the guidance and teachings, and supports the lineage as a way to give back.

Saam Law Tao

Being a Taoist means, you have submitted yourself to the Tao; it is a relationship built between you and the gods of the lineage, which allows you to be connected to the celestial court and access the power source given to the Taoists. Upon ordaining, the gods will also give you three treasures, the Tao 道, Ging 經and Si 師. The Tao gives you the way to work toward cultivating to reach the Taoist’s heaven, Daai Law Tin when you die. The Ging is the methods and knowledge you can use to solve problems and deal with hurdles. The Si is the master which guides you and helps to correct you when you are off track.

Read these and review the posts for more details to understand our main gods and lineage’s background. If you have anything you want to inquire about, don't hesitate to contact us by email.