welcome disciple

Introduction to Learning

If you're exploring Taoism and Taoist magic, or just curious about what it's all about, you're in the right place. Let's start with the basics to ease you into this fascinating world.

What You'll Learn

Learning within a Taoism sect is a unique experience, far different from studying Taoism's history through books or online sources. Think of Taoism as an umbrella category for religion, under which various sects reside, each like a distinct business in the same industry. These sects operate independently, with their own systems, resources, and visions. Choosing a sect means immersing yourself in its specific Tao. The teachings of each sect are exclusive; you won't find them in schools or general literature.

In our sect, which practices Saam Law Tao, you'll delve into its wisdom, philosophy, and practical applications. The theoretical aspects are enlightening, but it's the practicality of Taoist magic that's truly transformative. This magic is applied to daily life to enhance its quality, solve problems, and overcome challenges. We focus on practical teachings, steering clear of fancy jargon and complex methods. It's about learning and applying the real essence of Taoism, not just its historical context.

By becoming a disciple, you gain access to our sect's power source and system, like connecting to a company's server. This access allows you to harness powers through methods like incantations and FUs. Without being part of the sect, you can't tap into this system, rendering the magic ineffective, similar to a phone without a network connection.

Highlights of Our Teaching Approach

Our teaching emphasizes practical wisdom and theories applicable to daily life, including incantations, FU magic, and spiritual self-defense techniques that you can use immediately. We avoid abstract, poetic instructions, opting instead for direct, straightforward, and organic teachings. It's like learning to cook from a seasoned chef – hands-on and practical, not just theoretical. You don’t need to ponder deeply; simply embrace and follow our teachings, and the results will follow.

Your Two Options:

1. Initiation – Become a sect disciple and learn independently with the materials provided. This is the 'newbie stage,' where you receive direct power transmission. You can harness this power using a heart spell.

2. Ordaining – Not only do you become a disciple, but you also join as a Saam Law Taoist. You're invited to participate in our LINE chat group for an immersive learning experience. This marks your official start, giving you access to the Religious Court's power from above. You'll be equipped with three heart spells!

If you want to know more about the stages, read more on the "Roadmap" page!