Metaphysics Secrets - Source of Life and Birthday

This article will talk about the importance of birthdays for human beings and also lead to understanding what the birthday of the gods means (the gods’ anniversaries).

Before I learned this from Saam Law, the problem these days, including for myself, is that we start to not care about birthdays. It’s just another day; who cares. We start to make money and get anything we want by bringing out the little magic card; it’s simple. When we were a kid, we looked forward to birthdays because it was the day we could have some toys or something we wanted for the whole year. It’s like the day that your wishes came true. That was the common meaning of a birthday for most people: the day of getting gifts and doing whatever you want, like a day of freedom. When you start to work and earn money, this purpose is not valid anymore. I want a new phone; I can buy it right away. I want to eat a fancy meal; I can do it tonight too!  What’s so special about birthdays? Since we are all like that, think about how your parents or friends would be. They would start to say, “Oh, don’t buy me a gift for my birthday; just eating a meal together is enough.” Or they would even say they don’t waste money to celebrate; they “don’t celebrate a birthday.” Later, the companies used this as a way to socialize. Whoever’s a birthday, they do a little celebration to hype everyone up and make it an opportunity to eat out together. It’s like they do to keep you in the company and feel “home,” while the home isn’t like that.

At one point, I learned from an ex-parent that a birthday is your mom’s day of pain; you should celebrate the birthday by gifting her instead of yourself. I never understood this because my mother just gave birth to me. After all, she wanted to have sex, and maybe I was in an accident too; why do I have to thank her for giving me a chance to come here when I didn’t ask for it? Most people say that your parents must love you, or why do they feed you and give you this and that? I would question them: what would happen if they gave birth to a child without feeding them and letting them die? They care about their face and how people look at them, so they must do it to look like a proper parent. That’s why. When I was “misbehaving” and doing things they disliked, they never hesitated to stop me and let me do whatever I wanted.  When I was a kid, I already thought of dying because if living here was painful for my mother, why don’t I go away and end the game of life quickly? What is the purpose of life anyway? Why do we have to work so hard?  No one introduced me to life when I was born, and my parents never told me what life is about; maybe they don’t even know.

To the parents, birthday parties for the child mean “face.” Because everyone else, including their friends, will do big parties for their children. If you don’t have a good party for yours, you look like a failure in your friend’s eyes. It’s like the party is done for them, not for me, the birthday kid. I always hated parties because it was a chore and faking all day to pretend to be happy or else you were being impolite to others who came. It’s my birthday, but I am forced to put on an act while feeling bored, horrible and tired. You might skip your birthday if you grew up with a similar experience.

However, after Saam Law Tao came into my life, I changed. I am sure after this lesson; you will change too.

What Birthday Means

Why We Dream” discussed the macro and microcosmic orbit cycle between your local bodies and the spiritual planetary body, the Yuen Sun 元神. If you don’t know about that, you should first read the article to understand them.

Then in the article “Dragon Gate,” we discussed where the Yuen Sun is located respectively to our body. It is near where the hot glowing Sun is. In that location, if you look at the dimension of where your Yuen Sun exists, the hot glowing sun is gone, and you will see many Yuen Sun(s) floating around that area like a whole lobby of glowing marble. The whole area that contains all the Yuen Suns in that area is called the 元辰宮 Yuen Sun Gung, which means the palace for these Yuen Suns. This word for Sun is not the same as for Yuen Sun 元神. The word for the planet is “god,” and the other one describes the group of “stars,” and stars refer to the Yuen Sun(s) because they look like glowing stars from far away.

These Yuen Sun(s) floating in the area will spin around on their own while they orbit around in a swirl. The center of this swirl is black, and the stars swirl around it in a way like your washing machine’s blades. It’s like a black hole that sucks things in, but it is just “spinning” around the Yuen Sun(s) to give them movements and keep them moving. The energy that spins everything around is the power of the Dei Law from the outside, which interacts with the sky pillar in the system’s center and creates a spinning movement for everything inside it. You can experiment to simulate it.

Put a rice bowl upside down on a plate with marbles or ball-shaped objects inside. Imagine the plate is glued to the bowl, and the center axis of the bowl and plates are fixed and held by a pillar that runs from top to bottom and is secured to something. The center is fixed, like a pillar or pipe that runs up and down. Then try to spin the plate, the bowl will spin with the plate because they are glued together, and now the balls inside will start to spin and roll around inside the “system.” As you spin faster and faster, the balls will roll and spin very fast to the point that they will be “flying” in the air and bang around the bowl’s inner wall. Take this model and imagine the bowl is a layer of gas or invisible substance that is elastic; the balls won’t bang into it and make sounds or break; they will just be bounced off and keep spinning around. You have now understood the rough concept of how this section of the Dei Law system works.  Our Yuen Sun Palace is in the “Jung Law 中羅” which is the inner and bottom layer of the Dei Law system. There are other layers outside of us too. You can read the Dei Law Jo SI article for more information.

The swirl in the middle is called 開元紫陽 (Koi Xuan Ju Yang), which means the purple sun that opens up the beginning of time. The thing in the middle look like a black swirl but is formed by some purple energy that groups and radiates out the dark purple light, which gives the whole place a dark violet colour. Imagine our space now is black; the space in the yuen sun palace is dark purple. The Yuen Sun Palace is the space with all the Yuen Sun, but the area of the whole system created by this purple sun is called the 開元紫陽神府 (Koi Xuan Ju Yang Sin Fu), which means the “god’s home of the purple sun that opens up the beginning of time.” It might be a bit overwhelming to imagine this right now, but it is one of those “confidential” things you are not supposed to know as an ordinary human being. Return to the article after a while and reread it; you might get it when you are meant to.

If you go into the center of the swirl, it will enter the sky pillar zone, which is the pipe or channel that runs up and down through the whole system of Dei Law to Daai Law above it. At the entrance of the sky pillar, a strong beam of energy forms into all of the light in the center of the pillar at the very top. This ball of light floats between the entrance of the sky pillar and the Daai Law world on the top. This golden ball of light is called the 元始金陽 (Xuan Chia Gim Yang), which translates to the golden sun at the beginning of time. This sun is not our ordinary sun, but the sun that was born when the Dei Law system was born. It creates a lot of “gas” looking energy that covers the whole Dei Law system like a coat; this golden dust-looking energy is called 元始祖氣 (Xuan Chia Ju Ki), the original creation energy at the beginning of time. The purpose of this golden dust energy is to block off the Dei Law from its external elements in Daai Law Tin’s space and also to give it a wall so things inside can be contained and have the energy to move.

When Saam Law Tao first came to us, there was a special thing that was granted to us called the 紫金正陽 (Ju Gim Jieong Yang). It translates to the sun that aligns with the purple and golden sun. It is like a Yuen Sun but not a Yuen Sun. This thing resides in the PreHeaven dimension near our world. It serves as a “satellite” that bounces the signal from our world to the purple sun, the golden sun above, and Daai Law Tin, creating three points of transmission to reach up to where our source is in the Daai Law Tin world. If you are all lost, no worry; read the blog posts on our nine main gods, and the puzzle pieces will fit together soon. All these special terms were once on our first version of the lineage’s Sun Paai 神派 (the lineage’s signage on the altar).  This is why we called this our PreHeaven Lineage Network signage 先天法脈神牌. After the Celestial Court was born, we changed to a second version of the Sun Paai, which doesn’t mention these things above but has the nine main gods and such on it only. It simplified the Sun Paai and made it easier for everyone.This is the birth of the version 2 Sun Paai which we call the 後天法脈神牌 PostHeaven lineage network Sun Paai (lineage god signage).

Let’s go back to the birthday subject after knowing all these secrets…

When you are born, your Yuen Sun will have an initial location, marking the first day of connection to your local body. This is like zero-ing a scope or resetting your digital measuring ruler. It sets everything to zero and begins the chapter for the year. After a year, when it is your “birthday” again, the Yuen Sun will return to the zero point and restart a new chapter.  You might think that it is so hard to get an exact date and time for the “actual” birthday, and how can that ensures the Yuen Sun will match up with it without any flaws or offsets?

Please note that the Yuen Sun is not a physical planet, so it doesn’t work like physical things. (Including physical planets). The Yuen Sun will mark its zero based on what you believe to be your birthday. When you set a day for yourself as a “birthday,” the Yuen Sun will change and use that as an official date (and time). Your heart tells the Yuen Sun when the birthday is, not the calendar here. If you want, you can change your date and time of birth too. Just remember to change your passport and everything related to it, and start using the new one instead of the old one. You have to believe the new one and disbelieve the old one. That way, the Yuen Sun will change for you and set that as the new date of birth. A birthday for you is like the first day of the new year; it sets the foundation for the whole year and tells the Yuen Sun what you want for this year, so it can help you make those come true.

Some people need to know which calendar to follow and celebrate their birthdays, the lunar or the normal calendar. As we have said, it doesn’t matter; you can choose one and go by it. As long as your heart knows, then it is good. If you want, you can use the lunar and normal calendar and do two celebrations, one being the main big one and one is a booster that comes in later. You have to decide which is the main one you go by; then it’s all good. Birthday sets the zero-ing point for a new chapter in life, and it happens once a year, like a chance for you to get a new chapter started, telling the Yuen Sun what this chapter is about and what you want to happen.

A Proper Birthday Celebration

For your birthday, it is like the first page of the chapter, which is the day you want to tell your Yuen Sun what you want to happen this year so that the Yuen Sun can set a direction for you and guide you. Making birthday wishes is a way to do that, but you must wish for something reasonable. For example, I wish to become a millionaire this year, which might be impossible. However, a wish is to give the vibe and intention to the Yuen Sun; it will understand what you mean and give you something similar or related to that wish. If you want to be a millionaire but cannot make it happen in the end, the Yuen Sun might lead you to do something that will help you become one later or make it more possible for you to become one. You might suddenly want to invest in stocks or do business instead of working for other companies etc. Who knows what the Yuen Sun will guide you to make that dream come true? Maybe push you back to school and make you want to study harder, or maybe you would ditch your friends because they are dragging you away from this goal. You might be unable to relate, but the Yuen Sun is trying to help you.

You should start the day by showing the Yuen Sun what you want to focus on this year and what you want the Yuen Sun to help you achieve this year. Your ACTION shows the Yuen Sun, not by thinking in your mind. If you want, you can write a letter to the Yuen Sun and burn it, which can relay your heart!  You can also buy yourself a gift that resembles the idea. For example, if you want the Yuen Sun to help you do better with blogging, you buy yourself a new keyboard; the Yuen Sun will understand your intention and give you the energy to help you type better blogs later.

You can buy yourself a new coat or jacket, and the intention is that you want protection from the Yuen Sun for safety on the street. You can buy yourself a cup and intend to do better in school. Drinking allows things to enter your body that goes into your soul body, affecting your thinking power and making you smarter and more intelligent. You can get yourself a new pair of shoes with the intention of better luck because shoes protect you as you walk on the road, just like luck is a road, and you are walking it throughout the year.

Birthday Wishes and Gifts for Others

Now that you understand how it works for yourself, giving birthday wishes and gifts to others, such as your friends, relatives or even your master, such as me, will be much more meaningful. It’s their birthday, the first page of their chapter. Do you want to appear on that page to make yourself important to them? Then show up to them and greet them as soon as possible, which puts you at the beginning of the chapter! That is why some people need to say happy birthday to their friends or loved ones when the clock ticks to 12 o clock because it is the earliest they can do it!

What is wishing? It is to give your heart to the other person, giving them a spiritual embryo through faith. This spiritual embryo will be delivered to them when you say the wish, and it will allow your Yuen Sun to connect with their Yuen Sun, giving help to them to make the wish come true. What is the easiest way to wish someone? “Happy birthday!” That’s already a wish, isn’t it simple?

A simple wish is minimal; you can think of more details and elaborate. If you are out of ideas, think about what happened to the person in their previous year, what they need, what they want, and what will be good for them. Then wish them something that relates to that. Deliver your wishes through a gift that symbolizes it, like a representative in physical form, which they can keep or consume, or both. Things they can keep at home will influence them from the outside, affecting their “inside” and giving them the power to think or feel differently.  Things they can consume, such as food, will affect their outside, which changes how they act and execute tasks in life. In other words, consumables like food and beverages affect how they do in the physical dimension(D8), and the things they can keep at home will affect how they do in the spiritual dimension (D6).

For example, someone had a rough year dealing with villains and betrayers. Then you can wish them a good year with all the villains gone, and maybe the betrayers will be smashed by a car or something. You can symbolize it by gifting them a little toy that uses a hammer to smash on some monster’s head, which symbolizes how they can smash the villain. You can also use a punching bag or something to symbolize the same idea. The punching bag is the villain, so that you can punch it anytime!  Remember that the gift should make them happy; if you cannot make that happen, it’s not effective. The gift doesn’t need to be expensive because the value comes from the heart, which shows how much you know them and their needs. The more you can touch their heart, the more they will feel you know them well.

If someone gifts me a diamond that costs a few grand, I won’t be happy because it is a meaningless stone. I don’t care if the gift is $10 or $10m; it’s not about the money value but the actual value that comes from the heart. It makes me happy to see that person knows me and is hearty-connected with me. This sets a good relationship, the heart, and not money.

The God’s Anniversary

Now that you know what the human birthday means, the god’s anniversary is the same. There is a list of gods’ anniversaries for our lineage, and if you are a good disciple, you should always check it every two weeks to ensure you know who is the next one on the list and prepare for it.

The gods are happy when they see your FAITH in them. Prepare a letter to the specific god and show you care for this god. We have a default letter for all disciples, but this is the minimum you can do. If you care, you should write your version instead and put down what you wished this god would help you for this year (from the anniversary date this year to the next year’s anniversary for this god).

Write down what you wished god to help you with, how god can help you better, and what you have faith in god for. You can also gift the god something that resembles the intention too. For example, if you wish the god will give you protection, you can burn some “jacket” for the god (paper offerings), which resembles their “coating” on you to protect you. If you wished for more wealth from the god, you could burn the gold and silver ingots (paper offerings). You can burn these things to show the gods what you want and get creative by drawing things to relay the message.

If god has not received your wishes and gift for the anniversary, it’s like their page for this chapter is started without you, which means they don’t see the need to prepare to help you this year. Remember to leave a good impression in the god’s heart and make sure you celebrate its anniversary!

Read up on the nine main god’s posts to understand more about the details of the complex things we talked about in this post and know how we came to know all these amazing secrets of nature!

Our 9 main gods: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.

Ordain today to learn more and build a connection with the gods. Remember to celebrate your birthday, and don’t forget to do the same to people who are important to you. It is a natural way to help each other by sending gifts and wishes!