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Booklets and E-books

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Fortune Forecast

New Comer Section

Enter Dragongate 9 Deities
Chinese Metaphysics and Feng Shui
Saam Law Martial Art
gods and deities tin yat lineage initiation


Scriptures - Beginner Level

How to use these scripture books

Five Virtues Scripture
Taoist Altar Scripture
quitting evil scripture Dragon Golden Pill Scripture god of war scripture

Scriptures - Intermediate Level

Nine Gods Sickness Dissolve Scripture
Sword Sage Truth Scripture
Taoist White Crane Scripture Daai Law Life Saving Scripture Jade Emperor Amnesty Scripture
dragon summoning scripture infinite lord scripture treasure scripture
celestial sound scripture channelling scripture


Scriptures -  Advanced Level

Nine Gods Celestial Alignment Scripture Taoist Funeral Scripture and Chant
Five Dragon Bagwa Scripture
Five Poisons Scripture Taoist Tin Law Justice Scripture celestial military scripture


Spell Books

Taoist Sanctification Spells
Consecration Spells soul spells 5 ghosts spells
war spells

FU Books

CTMB 5 Thunder Book
7 Star book dai jee fu
chut saat fu magic incense fu altar protection fu
wealth fu 5 ghosts fu statiue fu
jee mei emperor fu sword sage magic fu martial deity magic fu
dai jee fu secret fu head secrets fu head stroke book
aam Law Jo SI tin law jo si dei law jo si
daai law jo si sun lung jo si gum lung sin si
jee lung sin si 5 thunder sin si white crane sin si
bagwa jo si dragon god gim sing
woh sing
5d god of wealth

Hardcopy FU-only books for :

Dai Jee FU / Chut Saat FU / Altar FU / FU HEADS

FU HEAD Practice Book Level 1

Rules for Disciples

Tin Yat Lineage Doctrine 5 virtues 10 commandments 10 good deeds 8 must knows
sun lung taoist priest commandments celestial court virtue tin ting rules
tin si 36 rules thunder court rules JLG Rules
tin yat commandment of steel

Wallpapers and Screensavers