It is our obligation as Saam Law Taoists to provide the best for everyone who is connecting to the Tao. Jee Sifu and his disciples have worked hard to produce all of the content below for every believer of Saam Law. Nothing is better than sharing; please share these with your friends and family or anyone who might be interested. May the Tao be with you!

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Booklets and Ebooks

You are not dreaming, this is real! We have produced these high quality e-books for everyone to download and learn to use after you have gone through our FREE initiation process! These booklets are done by Jee Sifu and his beloved disciples. If you want to support us to create more quality content, feel free to support us by giving an offering to our Gods!
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Enter Dragongate 9 Deities
CTMB 5 Thunder Book 7 Star book


5 Virtues and 10 Commandments Download
Saam Law Five Virtue Scripture Download
Sun Lung 10 Good Deeds, 8 Must Knows Download
Celestial Master 36 Rules Download
3 Ordains and 12 Wishes Download
Cleansing and Purification Spells Download
Gods and Deities Channelling Spells Download
Cheng Sun (God Invoking) Spells Download
Saam Law Heart Scripture Rite Download
Seven Star Sword Sage Rite Download | YouTube
(Covid-19) Nine Deities Sickness Dissolving Rite Download | YouTube
Three Obstruction Energies Dissolving Rite Download | YouTube
36 Chapters Scripture Download
72 Chapters Scripture Download
Sword of Wisdom Golden Power Zen Scripture Download
God of Wealth Spells, Scripture, and Rites Download
Saam Law Truth Scripture Download
Saam Law Etiquette Scripture Download
Saam Law Prayer of Faith Download
Saam Law Altar Cultivation Rites Download
Saam Law Filial Piety Scripture Download
6 Powers Martial Deity Scripture Download
Daily Rites (Morning, Noon, Evening) Download
White Crane Deity Disaster Dissolving Scripture Download
Audios Download

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