What is God 神 In Taoism

Gods, Sun 神 (Saamlawnese: Sin) are commonly misunderstood as a superstitious belief. Understanding the concept behind it is important to appreciate how Taoist wisdom can decode nature for us. In this article, I will use a simple and easy-to-understand way to explain this concept to all newcomers and my disciples.

A little girl has gotten her birthday gift, a little bear which she calls BEHBY. She believed it would always be her friend and be there to help and protect her. How would a plush animal “help” you in reality? No one knows, but she just believed it like it was real. We all know how to do this when we are a kid, and we start to lose this ability as we grow up and get more “educated” by school and society. As we get less “naïve,” we become more distanced from our natural powers, including the power to work with gods.

The moment she decided to give the bear a name, she had already started a relationship with it. A name is used as a code to call someone or something and as a connection medium. Once BEHBY gets its name, it can be connected to the girl anytime. It has built a line from her heart to BEHBY’s heart. This line kept them connected, but BEHBY was still very new and weak because it was just an ordinary plush toy at that moment.

Since then, she started to talk to BEHBY and play with it like it was her friend. She would put BEHBY on the chair and sit beside her while she does her homework or plays with her puzzles. She will hug it to sleep and cover her with a blanket like a real person. Every day she will bring BEHBY around and talk to it and make expressions with it like it is responding to her. Her mom told her something; she would bring BEHBY out and make expressions to answer for BEHBY. Very soon, BEHBY has turned into a family member, and she now feels this BEHBY is already a part of her life. It just feels different, like it is alive now. You can look at it and feel happy or sad; sometimes, it will give you a feeling or a message. It’s weird, and adults would say that kids always imagine things. However, the adult was wrong; the BEHBY is alive because the spiritual embryo has matured into a God.

When the heart is invested in something, it will accumulate and grow with time. Faith will make it grow, and eventually, it will become a god, which means it can return energy to you when you need help.

Whenever this girl does her homework and gets stuck, she would put BEHBY facing her and say, “BEHBY BEHBY, what do you see? Homework is so hard! You do it for me!” Eventually, this has become a little song she “chants” all the time, and it magically does the job most of the time; the hard homework will become easier, and she can solve problems much faster than without BEHBY around. She can no longer do homework without BEHBY; it is so powerful and has become her religion! She just got her BEHBY’s homework spell created while not even realizing it was magic!

BEHBY is big, and she cannot bring it to school to help her on tests. She stared at BEHBY and started talking to BEHBY about the school, the teachers, the annoying kids next to her, and everything that happened in school. She told BEBBY about the test and wished she could bring BEHBY to school and help her with the test. She looked at BEHBY, and it smiled at her (a feeling), then she dropped a pen, which made her pick it up. In a flash of light, there was an idea!  How about creating a BEHBY representative? She designed a special signature of BEHBY on the paper with that pen; it was a double B that connected especially. She asked BEHBY, “Do you like this symbol as your signature?”

BEHBY smiled at her, and she continued to design a few more and asked BEHBY again. There were a few BEHBY disliked and some it liked, so the girl picked one out of the bunch and decided this would be BEHBY’s symbol or signature.

She took an eraser out of the pencil case, and somehow, the idea of writing the symbol on it flashed into her head. She wrote the symbol on the eraser and showed BEHBY it. A very happy feeling radiated from BEHBY; oh, mine, this is awesome.

The next day, the girl brought the eraser to school. She would put the eraser before her during the test as if BEHBY was there. She felt the BEHBY power and did very well in school. It was like a confidence boost, and many answers just flashed into her head immediately! Sometimes she would touch the eraser and talk to BEHBY in the heart, and she would immediately get answers. It was amazing and magical.

This BEHBY just got its FU HEAD, spell, and statue; what else needs to be added? She created very mature magic without knowing it was magic. BEHBY is the god she created, and because of the faith she has put into it, the heart that was invested into it, the god became powerful and can give back to her. As she interacts with it more and more, the god will become bigger and stronger.

Death of the God

The girl grew up, and it’s her 6th-grade year, and all her friends in school are trying to be “adults” and getting mature. People started to talk about boyfriend and love, playing “adult” things and getting less childish. She also learned about science and logic, and many “stupid things” that kids do no longer interest her. Her BEHBY gets less love daily, and she started to talk to her friends on the phone more than to BEHBY. The glowing light on BEHBY has started to fade, and she feels increasingly disconnected from BEHBY. Soon, she started to put BEHBY on the shelve instead of on the bed, and BEHBY would never get to sit with her at the dinner table anymore. She no longer needs BEHBY for schoolwork because her friends would laugh at her for doing that. Her mom also scolded her for being so kiddo and making herself like a fool by putting BEHBY on the chair. Mom said that she is grown up now and should act like an adult, don’t be so childish and make a fool of herself.

There was a day she was having a hard time with homework and couldn’t figure it out. Out of frustration, she took BEHBY out for a try again, which no longer works. BEHBY was just like an old worn-out plush toy sitting there, doing nothing. She thought she had imagined things before; it’s not real. Faith is gone, and god is dead. BEHBY have no emotions or expressions from then on because the heart is gone, and there is no more interaction between them anymore. This foolish girl has just killed her god and broken her magic. Thanks to her parents, who taught her to grow up and act more adult. The spells for homework, the eraser with the symbol, and the BEHBY plush toy all got killed by her own heart.

As the saying goes, it is there if you believe and have faith in it; it is not there if you don’t believe. God is born from the heart and killed by the heart in a flash.

When we were a kid, we created many gods without realizing it. The robot toys, Dragonball figures, superhero figures, plush toys, whatever you loved and thought would be helpful and fun to play with. The toys and figures are just a body for your heart to invest into; the essence from your heart will create the god and shape into the body to become whatever god you want. If you want batman, it will become batman. If you want a ninja turtle, it will become a ninja turtle.

Gods in Religions

The gods in most religions are like that too. Someone comes up with a figure or profile, tells people about the story, makes people believe in it, and then invests their faith in it with a ritual or physical practice. As people keep investing in the god, the god will get stronger and eventually become a real god like BEHBY.

For example, this village believes in the God of the Sun; they named it Tai Yang God. After they had gotten people to believe in it and started doing things to invest in the god, they built temples, statues, and many other things for it. Soon, the god will return them with “magic” teachings to fulfill their wishes. For example, people wanted the Tai Yang God to be able to go to their homes to give protection. The leader of the temple then got a message from God. Somehow he just got the idea of making a symbol and putting the symbol on a cloth, then telling people to hang this cloth at home then the god will be there. Everyone does it, and it worked!  There are more copies of the god and more places with portals connecting to the main god!

Gods are created by a human so that they can help humans who need help in reality. The difference between religions and the BEHBY style of god is that the religions will not give up and lose faith in their gods because they have more people to support the belief. People can organize religion better and not let it die. A self-created god would die easily because you don’t know what you are doing, and you would get “adult” and lose interest in those things. If you can only hold faith in BEHBY for a few years, the religion can do it for many generations, hundreds of years; imagine how big the god is compared to yours?

That is the difference between a cultivated god versus a baby-level god. It’s not the same level in terms of power. The cultivated gods also contain everything it has created for humans, such as magic, symbol, spells, etc. If you have a copy of the god at home, you can also use the same communication method to work with the “copy” of the god and get help from it. For BEHBY, the girl would have to cultivate the god from scratch, and who knows when she would have enough power to know these magical methods? The religious ones might have many people working together and building a complex system of god in a few hundred years. What you got today could be the fruit of many years of investment.

Our Gods in Saam Law Tao

I strongly suggest you read the articles on the nine main gods of our lineage in order. It would give you a good understanding of our gods and our lineage’s background. From there, you can also learn that we have gotten our lineage from another higher dimension called Daai Law Tin. These gods or higher-level beings are not human-created; they are real people in another world, like “aliens,” you might call them. The gods we got when we first started were a copy of their highly cultivated gods. These gods have been cultivated for more years than our planet’s history. How can we compare that to the BEHBY-style gods?

The nine main god posts in order: Dei Law, Tin Law, Daai Law, Saam Law, and Sun Lung Jo Si. Then Gum Lung, Jee Lung, Ng Lui and Baak Hork Sin Si.

In short, there are two types of gods that we talk about. One type is real beings from other dimensions, and they are not human-created gods. Another type is what humans can create. Both are gods, and the human-created ones are also real and alive in their dimension. If you can go to the PreHeaven dimension by soul travelling, you can also see these BEHBY gods. However, alien gods exist, and they are there to pass down their wisdom and powers to us. When they teach human beings, they will teach us how to create our gods based on their cultivated ones as a seed, which is how all religions started. You worship the one’s human created, not the alien-type. The alien type might pass on the knowledge and seed to us so that we can have a starter copy of their gods.  However, even without their help, humans can create god without learning it from anyone because that is part of what humans can do. It is our natural ability!

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