Bagwa Jo Si 八卦祖師

Bagwa Jo Si 八卦祖師 is one of the most important gods in our lineage. His anniversary falls on the lunar July 15th! He represents the connection and channelling powers, connecting our altars to the preheaven, the celestial court, and most importantly, to any gods we need to invoke. He is like your computer's modem, connecting us to the world of the internet, which allows us to open our altar to all these superpowers in the preheaven. The most important thing is finding the right gods for the right situation. This is the first god you will have at your altar beside the landlord. Once you start the main incense pot, you will already have your Bagwa Jo Si guarding the altar. Most of the time, we shorten the name and call him Jo Si.  He is the highest central power in charge at your altar; every god locally needs to follow his order too!


Powers and Wisdom

Bagwa Jo Si connects the preheaven and postheaven worlds. He leads the celestial troops at your altar and commands them as the “Bagwa Army,” which consists of 8 camps and himself in the center, commanding them to do different things.

Here is what the Bagwa power does:

  • KIN – Connects to the celestial court.
  • DUI – Searches for the right powers for the job.
  • LEI – Activates the power and announces commands.
  • JUNN - Assigning troops with their tasks and missions.
  • SHUN – Command the troops to move to their position.
  • HUM – Put troops into camps and formations.
  • GUN – Guard and secure the local area, protecting and patrolling.
  • KWUN – Deploy the troops to work.

As you can see, he also manages the armies after summoning them down to the altar. If you want to use the armies at the altar, you must use his power to command the armies or else the armies won’t even listen to anyone.

Who Needs His Help

Anyone will need his help if you are hosting an altar in our lineage. This is the main god you should be working with all the time. If you are giving someone a sanctified FU at your altar, then your Bagwa Jo Si will be the one keeping the record of the whole project. Whenever this person needs help, he is the one who takes care of the situation and sends help over.

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