Daily Rite Cultivation 日常課

The "Daily Rite" is a practice for all disciples, whether new or advanced. Its main goal is to strengthen our basic powers. The more effort and detail you put into the practice, the greater the benefits.

Usually, we do this three times a day. But if you're busy or tired, doing it once or twice is also fine.

Stage One – Learn the Words

Start by reading the rite and getting familiar with the words. As you get better, you can read faster. To understand more, you can also read the translation in the book.


Stage Two – Proper Chanting

Now that you know the words, begin to chant them. Chanting is like singing the words with a special tune, not just reading them out loud.

Saam Law Daily Rite 三羅日常課

Stage Three – Full Ritual

Now, add movements and other details to complete the rite. This means you are fully performing the rite.

Rite Full Demo

Being Consistent is Important

Doing the rite many times a day for a few days is not good. It can make you tired or bored, and you might stop doing it. It's better to do it once a day but keep doing it for a long time. This consistency is very beneficial. We suggest three times a day because it takes only about 30 minutes, and it’s doable for most people. Remember, this is not a race. Doing less is okay if you're busy. The important thing is to keep doing it. The gods value your steady effort and faith, not just short bursts of enthusiasm.

Before moving on to other practices like the altar rites, get good at this rite. Aim to chant clearly, fluently, and maybe even memorize some or all of it. When you are good at one rite, learning the next one becomes easier. Don’t rush to chant a lot each day. Instead, spend time learning and talking more on LINE. Chanting is important, but there are many other things to do in your Taoist journey.