Jee Lung Sin Si 紫龍仙師

In our Saam Law Taoism, we show deep reverence to Jee Lung Sin Si (紫龍仙師), or Ju Nong Cian Cia in Saamlawnese. His special day? Lunar September 6th. He's the god with the martial powers, arming us to battle the bads and evils.

Who Needs This God

Honestly, any disciple could use a bit of Jee Lung Sin Si's backup when it comes down to cleansing, casting out spirits, or duking it out in magical duels. Magic's got its pen and sword sides, and when it's time to get down with the sword, you'll want this god in your corner. Not just for the rough stuff, but for those oh-no moments, like accidents or any tight spot, he's your go-to deity.

The God’s Power

Jee Lung Sin Si, our purple dragon deity, packs a punch and zips to your side in a flash, ready to tackle the toughest emergencies. Think of him as the spiritual world's emergency response team—firefighter and cop rolled into one, rushing in to pull disciples out of the fire. Plus, he's a martial arts master, slicing through evil with precision. His purple might? Imagine it as UV light, zapping the nasties clean away. And let's not forget, he's got a knack for turbocharging our speed, giving us that extra edge to zoom through tasks and amp up our game at work.

A True Story

One of our client was trapped in a nightmare, literally. Stuck in a sleep paralysis, frozen, unable to move or speak, with a spirit closing in. This wasn't your garden-variety paralysis; it was a full-on spectral assault. After they reached out to us, we handed over a FU talisman powered by Jee Lung Sin Si. Taped next to the bed, that talisman was a game-changer—sleep paralysis left the chat. That's right, the evil spirit couldn't stand up to Jee Lung Sin Si's might and hightailed it out of there. And it's not a one-off; whenever disciples hit me up about magical emergencies, Jee Lung Sin Si's the first call I make. Urgent trouble? Dangerous vibes? Dialing in Jee Lung Sin Si means you're in safe hands, fast.

If you're intrigued and wish to explore deeper, check out our eBook, “Prayers of Faith”. There is also an eBook on “Gods and Deities 101” for more details. Open your heart to the Tao through its teachings. For those eager to harness the power of Taoist magic, consider getting ordained with us and begin your journey with the Tao.