Jee Lung Sin Si 紫龍仙師

Jee Lung Sin Si, translated as the Purple Dragon Deity, is one of the nine major powers in Saam Law Tao. With lightning, speed, and power, this Deity is the power that pushes things to end, to finish, and to complete the cycle of life. Dragon is a symbol for a connection that goes from the sky and down the ground, bringing the purple power from the pre-heaven, Dai Law Tin, through the roots of heaven, and down to every world and things inside nature’s network of creation. It powers up the world, and helps things grow, mature, and even die. Jee Lung Sin Si and Gum Lung Sin Si are very alike, just that one supplies the golden power, and one supplies the purple lightning power. Together, they passed on the first magical sword to the lineage, which is called Sun Lung Sword Flying Magic, with the left sword finger channelling the golden power, and the right sword finger channelling the purple power, and together, they twist and turn to open up the gate between this world and Saam Law, commanding the power from the heart of Dai Law Tin to swim down into this world, establishing the first altar in this world which holds the true power of Saam Law.

Who doesn’t want to be more productive and less tending to procrastinate? Instead, sometimes we even want time to speed up, especially when we are waiting for Amazon packages to be delivered! We cannot really make time go faster, but we can make things happen faster to shorten the time required on things, or even to reduce any hiccups happening that may slow down everything. Pretend you are in a traffic jam, and it is rush hour again, so you are stuck, just imagine if you could have gotten off work a few minutes earlier, and then you would have been able to drive home without being stuck in traffic. Sometimes it is just a few minutes that make all the difference in life. Sometimes we are stuck in life with something we don’t like, but we have no choice but to stick to it for the time being – such as being stuck in a lawsuit or being stuck with a client who refuses to give up and keeps on demanding something unreasonable, or even a relationship that is just not dying off but rotting away every day. With the power of this Deity, you can push things to finish faster, make them end sooner, and your life will be moving on to a new cycle again. Welcome to the fresh air!

Purple, is the power of the ninth star in the nine-star theory, which also connects to finishing, completion, and concluding of things, like when things are done, dying, and going back to pre-heaven. This can be for good or for bad, depending on how you apply the power. Take fire for example – it can roast a chicken or burn down a house!

Applying the power of the Purple Dragon Deity positively helps us make way and organize the pattern of how things can happen in a better arrangement, making better use of time, and creating a more efficient flow for us to have a better life. For example, if we are trying to plan our week out, there are so many things that we want to do and complete, yet there is just so little time. Not being able to do everything you want is a common issue nowadays, and the to-do list will never seem to end or shorten. What do you do? Ask the Purple Dragon Deity for help! Carry its FU HEAD with you, and let the power go into all things you do, and surprisingly, when you try to plan out your week again, you will find new ways to make arrangements, and things seem to get done much faster and easier than usual. Sometimes it is not that easy, because your issue is rooted in some old bad habits that have been chewing up your time all these years. Once the purple power kicks in, then the medicine also comes, and you will start to realize your problem and be able to accept the flaws as flaws, which leads to the actual cure for your long-term disease that has chewed up your time constantly. Nothing is better than an actual fix to the root cause of the problem, and this Deity knows what you need, and not just a little “trick” that makes you go “wow” for a second and then roll back to your old issues afterward. This Deity offers REAL help, which might sometimes be like a grain of salt for some people too.

When facing difficult situations or even threats in life, we want to fast-forward the timeline and just get it over with. For example, people facing a lawsuit will all be wanting to win or just get it over with. It’s stressful, and no one likes to drag it on, except the lawyers and court. The power of the Purple Dragon Deity can be channelled in, and carrying his FU, it will push you to make decisions or be inspired to do things that will not drag you on and on. You know when you are facing a cop who is trying to ask you questions, people usually say you just answer what is asked, and nothing more. Sometimes people really cannot control themselves and will talk more than needed. The purple power is here to stop you from doing so, and help you reduce the drag! Even if you are not talking to a cop, but instead if someone like a contractor is coming to your house to build a fence for you, some people can drag on and on by telling the contractor more than what they need to know, resulting in hiccups and delay of the project completion. This purple power allows you to reduce your drag, and speed up the process, which results in a more efficient and productive process, a win-win for all parties.

The extremes are needed at times for facing extreme situations. When we are facing some threats to our lives, the Purple Dragon Deity is also like the God of War, who can possess us and help us fight for our lives – by ending the other person’s life. To end and to finish, is to kill and destroy too. When it comes to defending, the best defence is the maximum offence. When you need to defend yourself, make sure you call the power of this deity, and you will see your mindset shifting from being passive to proactive, and from being scared to being brave. Fear doesn’t exist in the purple book; bad guys are nothing but a joke.

Learn from the Purple Dragon Deity, and channel its power down anytime when you need the power to push time forward. Also, do not forget his image as the God of War who can fight and end things for good. He is also like the Mo Choy Sun (Wealth God) who helps you spend your resources, your energy, and your money. Listen to his advice, and you will spend your hard-earned money wisely too. This deity is just so powerful.



You can learn the channelling symbol (FU HEADs) from our e-Book


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