The Taoism Celestial Court 天庭

The celestial court in Taoism is like a “heaven” which is where all the gods and powers are. You can think of it like another world, with a big government structure, which is where all the gods work. However, how did it get started, and is it the same throughout all the sects of Taoism? In this article you will learn about it!

How it Started

First, most of you might think that it is very hard to believe a “court” like how it is in the movies. Well yes, that is fiction, and the real thing is not like that. Everyone can understand what a celestial court is, if I tell you how it was created in everyone’s family, regardless of race and culture.

What goes back to preheaven from this postheaven world? When we do something here, we can see, hear, sense, and so on; everything becomes “memory” and gets absorb back into your heart. Then your heart will dump its energy to the Yuen Sun, which is the preheaven storage. Anything you experience or create in this world, nature keeps a “history” copy of it in the deep nature, it’s like nature is recording everything we have in the heart daily. The similar energy groups together, and they become a “group”, which becomes the “celestial court” of that group.

When gods are being created as how we explained in the other article of “Gods and Statue”, it’s an accumulated heart energy that is what we call faith, which gathers up and became the spiritual embryo, and then it matures up over time to become your god. Since this god is created by the preheaven matter, it stays sin the preheaven dimension too.  Those with the same faith and belief will group up together as one, and there goes the celestial court.

Every family must have some sort of belief and rules in the house, all these agreements in the house are nothing but memory in everyone’s heart. These will also be recorded into their own preheaven dimension zone. Overtime, all these accumulated preheaven elements from the family’s belief and faith, they will form their own “celestial court”, which grouped up all these powers.

Now that you know how the normal people can start their own celestial court, let’s talk about how ours work.

Sun Ting 神庭 - Imperial Court

This is the highest level of the court which is not human-made but it is referring to the court in Dai Law Tin which is the source that we connects with. The best way to explain it is that this is where the real gods are and they are not human-made or made-up by human, they are real beings in the other world. Their court is what give birth to the Tin Ting (the celestial court) for our lineage. Since they have granted us the powers and such when the lineage started, it is impossible for everyone in the lineage to channel to the Sun Ting all the time. Therefore, they created a whole system, a celestial court, and gave it to us as a gift. This celestial court is residing much closer to where we are and is accessible by the disciples easily.

Tin Ting – The Court

The Tin Ting, celestial court, is where all our lineage’s resources are parked. The gods, the records of disciples, the authorizations of this and that magic etc. It is like the headquarter for us.

Instead of a court that is created by human like how it was explained before, this is a combination of both. It is granted and gifted by the gods in Dai Law Tin to us, and we can also input to create our own elements or gods in the court if we need anything on top of what is given.

When you get ordained, your name is being recorded into this celestial court too. That is why the magical powers are granted to you and opened up for you to use. If your name is erased from the record, your magic will not work anymore because no gods will connect to you since your name is not on the record.

The celestial court is not just a Taoism thing, in fact, you can see this in all religion have their own “heaven” or celestial court that groups up all their gods and such. Same or similar idea, and you need to be accepted by this court to be part of the religion or get the help from the gods of that religion too.

In our lineage, the celestial court is closely related to how our altar works. There is also a post on the Saam Ching and Four Emperors which you can read up on, they are also important element of the Celestial Court structure too. Mind you that every sect and lineage of Taoism has their own celestial court, while the names of the gods could be the same or similar, they do not share the same court or powers.

When you ask the gods for help, such as the god of wealth for example, they are all getting the resources from the celestial court too.

If you want to know more details about these, ordain today and start learning!  There are just too many details that we cannot type it all in one post!