Taoist Pure Energy vs Ordinary

18 March, 2023

Taoists cultivate “pure” energy because they practice Taoist magic which requires this pure energy for the magic to work and get stronger. The purer you are, the stronger the magic gets.

Taoism FU Biggest Misunderstanding

15 March, 2023

Beware of all the false information out there about FU Talismans, read to educate yourself and stay away from the hoax and scams. Know about what FU is and how to spot the bad ones.

Taoist Wealth Magic Quick Guide

15 March, 2023

A short and quick lesson on Wealth Magic in Taoism, how to get started and learn to boost your luck to bring in more wealth for your right now.

Taoist Tips for The Desperate Ones

15 March, 2023

Feeling down, depressed, hopeless, or going through a big challenge in life, going through hurdles in life and seeking help?

The Truth of Taoist BiGu 辟谷

12 March, 2023

BiGu/PiGu 辟谷 is not about fasting or not eating grains. That is a big no-no. Learn about the truth of Bi Gu and why you should do it  or HOW you can do it properly.

The Magic Effect of Cutting Your Hair

12 March, 2023

Getting a haircut? Might as well use it with Taoist magic to make it a magical action. You can use this to cut off connections with bad people, sorcerers and magic!

Taoist Magic with Flashlights

10 March, 2023

How to use a flashlight as magic tool for doing Taoist magic? A real lesson from a Taoist master. This is not fiction, but real magic you can learn to improve life!

Essential Taoist Magic Body Code 101

09 March, 2023

Learn to use the body codes for Taoist magic and connect to the celestial court with these methods when doing the daily rites cultivation.

The Timeless Taoist Magic Spell

09 March, 2023

How to do a Taoist magic spell in a flash without memorizing Chinese? How to cultivate the spells to make them more powerful? How to increase the magic power for the spells?

Taoist Magic Smartphone and Camera

08 March, 2023

Taoist magic can be done with a smartphone and camera, which allows you to send things to heaven directly; this is a serious lecture, not a joke. See how it works and start learning.

Ordained Taoist Three Treasures

08 March, 2023

Learn about the three treasures of an officially ordained Taoist, what makes them special and why you shall ordain. How to cherish these three treasures and make the most out of them?

Talking to the God in the FU Talisman

08 March, 2023

Learn to fully utilize the god's power in your FU Talisman, learn to talk to the god and maximize the help you can get from a Taoism FU.

How to Learn Taoist Magic Spells

08 March, 2023

Chinese spells in Taoist magic is hard to learn for non-Chinese, because you don't know the way to learn. With this method, you will have no problem learning any spells.

Why do We Need a Tao?

07 March, 2023

Why do you need a TAO? What is a TAO? How can TAO be so important for a normal person and what makes you a real Taoist? How can Tao change your life?