Daily Greetings 101

Daily Greetings 101

Once you join us on LINE, you'll be welcomed into our lineage chatroom, the Saam Law Palace (3LP). This is your go-to place for daily greetings, chats, learning, and even calling out for help in challenging times. Ju Cia Juan will be there to assist you! As a newcomer, let's go over some guidelines for using LINE effectively.

LINE Culture

LINE operates like an instant messaging app, allowing real-time text, audio, and video chats. However, our disciples are spread across various time zones, so live conversations might not always sync up. You can leave messages on the board and tag people to respond later when they're available.

Everyone must use a clear and positive selfie as their profile picture. The name must be fully in the format like the others "Tin X 天 X."

Daily Greetings

Disciples log onto LINE to greet each other in the morning and before bedtime, akin to saying good morning and good night. To greet, find Cia Juan’s altar picture, right-click or long-hold, select “reply,” then type “WLTJ” and send. WLTJ stands for Whuo Liang Tian Juan 無量天尊, translating to "countless gods above." This greeting is directed to the gods through the HQ’s altar.

After the WLTJ, post a sticker to greet everyone in the room, similar to a friendly "Hi!" If Ju Cia Juan is around, you can also say “Cia Juan Gi Jiang!” meaning “Cia Juan, Auspicious!” (師尊吉祥). This shows your respect and makes Cia Juan happy.

Feel free to greet anytime, just as you would enter and leave a physical temple. Every re-entry is an opportunity to bow and greet the gods anew.


You'll notice disciples posting pictures of their altars after greeting. It's a good practice, and if you don't have an altar yet, a selfie works too. Senior disciples send empowerments to the altars presented that day, meaning your altar will be blessed and empowered if shown. Occasionally, Cia Juan might spot signs of threats and provide preemptive guidance.

Stay Aligned, Be Together

Being in sync with the group helps you integrate better into our family, facilitating smoother learning and quicker progress. Remember, being a Taoist means being part of a community, not a loner. When facing life's hurdles, you have the entire lineage's support, so there's no need to struggle alone.

If you haven’t ordained yet, consider starting today. It’s a decision you won’t regret.

Want to learn something cool now? Next lesson, the energy body anatomy is waiting for you!